A.J. Castellitto
Rand Paul (is right on Saudi Arabia, ISIS, and for the most part, healthcare) revisited
By A.J. Castellitto
July 5, 2017

"Will our assistance bring an end to Saudi Arabia's history of promoting hatred of America and Israel throughout the world?" – Rand Paul

Rand is speaking truth and shining a spotlight on our follies and sins, in real time!

Our Christian brethren are being slaughtered by vicious savages that we have empowered. Forget Russia and the Left, this is THE story.

"I think that by selling Saudi Arabia more arms, we further the arms race. We encourage more arms to be bought on both sides of the arms race. I think that there's evidence that Saudi Arabia has been involved with terrorism. One of the leaked emails from Hillary Clinton was her saying that 'my goodness, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS in Syria – we need to do something to get them to quit funding these radical groups. So there's a lot of evidence. There's even evidence going back to 9/11. Sen. Graham – Bob Graham – said that he thought that there was from the 28 pages and other evidence that there was a great deal of evidence pointing to Saudi Arabia's government actually being involved in 9/11." – Rand Paul

Unfortunately, with Trump at the helm, it's business as usual. When our friends are our enemies what does that say about the folks pulling our strings and calling our shots. Control of the geopolitical and global landscape is not serving our best interests.

As for our current healthcare situation, so far the plans on the table fall way too short. Americans don't want to be mandated to accept a welfare level of care.

Do we really need more than 50% of the nation's population on Medicaid? In essence, that's what most of these proposals amount to.

"I'm for letting every individual in the market join a co-op or a buying group and then they would be part of a large group, they'd be protected against pre-existing conditions. But they'd also be able to get a cheaper price. ...But this only works if you free up and get rid of the mandates and regulations. Because you have to legalize inexpensive insurance." – Senator Paul

We don't want the state determining who lives or dies. We want intelligent and responsible solutions that will not overwhelm our current systems.

We can't open our borders and promise the world without first destroying what's left of this 'land of opportunity.' Reckless, fiscally unsound solutions that ensure government dependency are the dark side of utopian realities.

They can have their gods and their governments, but leave Ours alone!

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