A.J. Castellitto
The subtle and sinister origins, rise and acceptance of a one world pagan religion
By A.J. Castellitto
January 11, 2018

Pagan, neo-Gnostic, New world ordered state sanctioned religion is upon us disguised as secularism, science and political correctness. The influences of Carl Jung, Alfred Kinsey, Freemason's and their 'great work,' etc. are making great headway in our current day. The saddest part of all is how today's citizenry, from generation to generation, are made receptive and ever pliable toward this reconstruction of the global landscape, even here in the states. This is how indoctrination works. The irrational, the absurd, and the downright dangerous becomes the accepted...

"A successful conspiracy is one which is so in tune with the faith and aspirations of its day that it offers to men the fulfilment of the ideals of the age. It is an illusion to believe that dangerous or successful conspiracies represent no more than a small, hidden circle of diabolical men who are manipulating the world into ruin. Such groups often exist, but they only exist and succeed because their plan and hope is closely tied to the public dream and the faith of the age. If the threat were only from small circles of hidden men, then our problem would be easy. Then, as Burton Blumert has observed, "if we only unmasked the conspiracy, all our problems would be solved, but if the trouble is in all of us, then we really are in trouble." Rushdoony was not one to let the obvious escape the reader, so he added this sentence: If tomorrow the secrecy were stripped from all conspiracies, and their goals revealed, most people would merely say, "Well, isn't that what we all believe?" and go on with their daily lives."



There is a great 'must watch' teaching series from Reformed Christian preacher Dr. Peter Jones who sheds a major light on the origin and rediscovery of pagan thought. If you want to know what's truly going on you need to check it out...

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