A.J. Castellitto
If I were a killer...
By A.J. Castellitto
February 16, 2019

"Trump leaned in close to Coons, who calls himself "a practicing Christian and a devout Presbyterian," and laced into the Democratic senator...."He was in his face about it," said one person familiar with the exchange. The person described Trump as extremely "worked up."

"He saw a Democrat in the room, a Democrat who's known to be a person of faith, and he was like, 'Why aren't you speaking out about this?'" ...Rarely has Trump been so vocal about abortion when the masses aren't watching, this person said."

This is just a hypothetical story
Of someone, let's just say it's me
I'd gain acceptance for my murderous ways
By stalking a defenseless prey...

What a wretched society we've become – the blood of pre-born innocents is on our hands.

Too many individuals, both within the church and on the outside, have completely disregarded the Biblical, traditional belief that the act of sexual intercourse is a special, sacred union between husband and wife. Such a standard is now mocked and ridiculed as outdated, old-fashioned, and unrealistic.

A correct, scriptural understanding of the precious gifts bestowed by our Creator exalts the sanctity of a life born of a loving union as one of the most essential and miraculous events in all of human experience. Regrettably, the sacred is tainted by the secular. The purposeful termination of life in the womb vividly reflects the emotionally damaging and spiritually damning consequence of a demonic social standard intent on devouring our youth.

Supreme Court would agree to hear my case
And find me innocent of crime
Holding public rallies to incite sympathy
Creative actuality

In 1973, the tragic verdict was reached in the Roe vs. Wade case, which established the legality of pregnancy termination via medical procedure (abortion). This was a devastating verdict that set a sweeping death precedent. The 'wisdom' applied by a few court justices have sealed the fate of over 50 MILLION unborn lives over the past four decades.

Supporters for the sanctity of life lamented the shocking decision,

"The sweeping judgment of the U.S. Supreme Court...is a flagrant rejection of the unborn child's right to life. The Court has chosen to ignore the scientific evidence regarding the unborn child's human growth and development during the first six months of life...the Court has failed to justify its opinion on theological, historical or scientific grounds. ...no Court opinion can change the law of God prohibiting the taking of innocent human life." -Statement of the Committee for Pro- Life Affairs (NCBB) January 24, 1973

If I were a killer
I'd smile just like the boy next door
If I were a killer
I'd say I do it for the poor
If I were a killer
You'd bring me victims more and more

One of the most appalling developments related to this shameless abortion horror are advocacy efforts that promote carrying out this dreadful procedure on a live baby outside the womb. The pro-murder camp has expanded their bloody crusade by endorsing the infanticide option for cases in which babies are born alive after botched abortions.


It was right on the heels of the Kermit Gosnell trial, that Alisa LaPolt Snow, a lobby for the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, actually testified against proposed legislation (H.B. 1129 – Infants Born Alive Act) that would grant abortion survivors the same legal rights and protections as other children. Snow lamented that such a bill 'inserts politics where it doesn't belong' and 'attempts to interfere with a woman's ability to make her own personal medical decisions.'

If I were a killer
I'd hide behind a doctor's door
If I were a killer
I'd scrape you off my office floor *

When the life of a defenseless newborn hangs in the balance, should a physician have the freedom to play judge, jury, and executioner?

The envelope continues to be pushed as rational conservatives, alongside society as a whole, repeatedly come up on the losing end.

However, we are on the right side of this issue, both in God's eyes and a majority of the American people. Let's continue to make a bold stand for life!


* Words in italics by Ben Huggins of Galactic Cowboys as featured on their anti-abortion track, "If I Were A Killer," which was released in 1993 (Geffen).

© A.J. Castellitto


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