Curtis Dahlgren
Dreams or nightmares? Cancun, record cold, and other scary news
By Curtis Dahlgren
December 14, 2010

God is dead, the professors said,
At least the God of Judgment.

But an atheist's laugh is a poor exchange
For a Deity offended [and
Consequences unintended!]
— Robert Burns (paraphrased)


The Roman Empire (world government) could be revived either by unabated Political Correctness — or a backlash against it! Here are some of the "scariest" headlines and happenings of the past couple weeks:

- Congress reconvenes, coldly.

- Republicans and the President "talk."

- U.N. convenes "climate conference" in cold Cancun, Mexico.

- Record early December cold and blizzards; Metrodome collapses.

- Three local high schools have bomb threats and a hostage situation.

- Woman bites man (Wisconsin wife bites off husband's tongue).

But the "scariest" headline of all was this one: "Printing problem halts production of $100 bills." OH NO!! What's going to become of us? By the way, they reattached that man's tongue, but I worry that if he had a potty mouth, his body might reject it. But enough jocularity. The signs of the Times (and the zeitgeist) are too serious to conclude this column with satire.

Here in the Banana Belt of the Upper Peninsula, it's just another typical winter, but did you hear about the weather in Britain and on the Continent? No wonder the U.N. "conference" wasn't held in Copenhagen this time!

I think the UN IPCC is inadvertently proving that there is a God who still controls the weather and the sea levels. After "bitter cold" in Denmark and a record blizzard in the Eastern U.S. during the last conference, record lows have been set in Mexico and southern Florida (wonder what the temperature is in Haiti where people are dying of cholera?). Of course, even if the seas suddenly started dropping, the enviro-mentals would say "SEE, SEE — it's global warming, er — climate change." Shoot, they not only want to "talk" about the weather, they actually claim to have the power DO something about it!

In case you haven't heard what that conference is REALLY about, it's all about a "global tax" purporting to "save the planet" but in actuality is an excuse for a "global" aparatus (bureaus) to redistribute "reparations" to the Third World.

The fact that our President is gung-ho for Cap-and-trade and other green global schemes could make him a de facto Emporer-of-the-world. That's laughable, but also ironic for a kid who grew up hating British colonialism and alleged American "imperialism."

Today's forecast for the upper Midwest calls for 20 below zero wind-chill factors. Even if that happened during every international "climate conference," the delegates would pick themselves up as if nothing had happened and plod on ahead on snowshoes. Because the "weather" isn't really the issue anyway!

[I think if there were to be "international taxation," the proceeds ought to go to people in the Northern lattitudes who can't afford to heat their homes. People in England have been hanging out in libraries or riding trains all day to stay warm! They're probably praying for global WARMING!]

In all seriousness, though, if you don't have a back-up stove or fireplace, what are you thinking? You people need to get "educated" on the phony topic of "climate change" and its related SCAM-AND-TAX conspiracies. For example, go to or and take the time to open your eyes before you read. "Reading" isn't just a form of mental exercise to keep your mind occupied, but the purpose of reading is to learn a few things.

By the way, I'm heating my home this year with junk mail from Health and Human Services bragging about the "new HealthCare law." I wonder how many trees Kathleen Sebilius has killed sending out propaganda?

Lord Monkton monitored the Cancun conference and compiled a summary of the humongous "report" issued by the U.N. Here's just one excerpt (posted at WattsUpWithThat):

Propaganda: The Chairman's note contains several mentions of the notion that the peoples of the world need to be told more about climate change. Here, too, there is a parallel with the EU, which administers a propaganda fund of some $250 million a year purely to advertise its own wonderfulness to an increasingly sceptical population. The IPCC already spends millions every year with PR agencies, asking them to find new ways of making its blood-curdling message more widely understood and feared among ordinary people. The Secretariat already has the advantage of an uncritical, acquiescent, scientifically illiterate, economically innumerate and just plain dumb news media: now it will have a propaganda fund to play with as well. [end of excerpt]

Please forward this column to your entire mailing list, for their own good. I must take a break and post this now, or it will become too long to read.


P.S. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in the White House when the decision was made to extend the current tax rates. What were they thinking? Is it just another head-fake to the right as a ploy? Is the President just trying to shake the "socialist" label by throwing us a bone? Or did he really have a come-to-Jesus moment?

The scariest line I've heard lately was the President's comment that raising taxes during a recession would be a bad idea "according to all the economists I've talked to in the last couple of days"!

Maybe he hasn't even bothered talking to a real economist until the LAST FEW DAYS,eh?

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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