Bryan Fischer
Bill Kristol dead wrong: the repeal is the insult to our troops
By Bryan Fischer
December 31, 2010

Columnist Bill Kristol is often right, but in his upcoming column for the Weekly Standard on the repeal of the ban on sexual deviancy in the military, he is dead wrong.

Kristol urges social conservatives and other patriots to just get over their resistance to the normalization of homosexuality in the military. He agrees with those who say that conservatives ought to just "cool it." The troops can handle it, he says, and he likewise agrees with those who say it's a "massive insult to our military" to think otherwise.

What Kristol has wrong here is that the troops have already been insulted, big time, by the short-sighted, pandering politicos who ignored their legitimate objections and imposed this change in policy on them against their will.

In other words, the military has been insulted by the repeal itself, not by the reaction to the repeal.

According to the Pentagon's own survey, 62% of active-duty service members who responded indicated that allowing open homosexuals to serve is going to be problematical. Virtually none indicated that making the change will improve the effectiveness of the military or that it is necessary.

Almost 25% of survey respondents said making the change would prompt them to think about leaving the service altogether. Less than 30% said that sharing an open bay shower with folks who have same-sex attractions would be A-OK.

Three of the four heads of the branches of the military publicly opposed the change, with Gen. James Amos of the Marine Corps saying quite directly it would compromise "unit cohesion" and "combat effectiveness."

Over 1,600 retired flag officers have added their signatures to a letter saying the same thing Gen. Amos said.

All this was simply waved aside by politicians pandering to the gay lobby instead of doing what is best for America and her national defense.

In other words, the military has already been insulted, by the shameless weaklings who are stuffing this disastrous policy down the throats of service members over their common sense objections.

The troops can't possibly be insulted any more than they already have, Mr. Kristol, and it's time we all recognize that.

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