Michael Gaynor
D.C. without Laura Ingraham radio: deceived, dreary, depressed
By Michael Gaynor
October 1, 2010

The Obamas don't deserve free public housing in the District of Columbia, but Ingraham, a genuine resident of the District of Columbia, deserves a D.C. radio station to carry her program so she can explain why to D.C. listeners BEFORE Election Day 2010.

David Frum:

"As part of some dumb reformatting decision, the AM 570 station in Washington D.C. has moved Laura Ingraham off the morning 9-12 slot she so brilliantly fills.

"The Washington Examiner explains:

'While sports enthusiasts probably were excited when Dan Snyder's Red Zebra Broadcasting switched talk format WTNT (Freedom 570) to SportsTalk 570 on Monday, talk radio lovers may be noticing a void. The swap pulled Laura Ingraham off the air in Washington.

'Phil Boyce, president of programming at Talk Radio Network, which syndicates her program, said not to worry. He expects Ingraham's voice will be on the airwaves in the area again in several weeks.'

"Sorry — this will not do. Laura Ingraham is an indispensable voice in the conservative conversation, and the capital needs to hear her in the days leading up to November 2. Laura delivers a unique combination of a strong right-wing message, leavened with humor and humanity. She reminds too that not all of conservatism's talkers need to be men. Washington's other main talk station, AM 630, listen up: You need Laura. We need Laura. Let's get this done."

Frum is absolutely right about this.

Laura Ingraham is a national treasure. Ingraham is simply the best, the brightest and the boldest of the television and radio personalities who cover politics on a daily basis.

Team Obama has to be delighted that she's currently not on the air in the District of Columbia, because SHE IS DELIGHTFULLY EFFECTIVE.

That's MORE reason for putting her back on air in the District of Columbia NOW instead of dawdling.

Ingraham's latest book, The Obama Diaries (her latest no. 1 best seller) reflects the wit and wisdom that Team Obama does not want communicated to voters.


"It is hard to think of a more self-important president than Barack Obama, and harder to imagine a press corps more willing to prop up his outsize ego. They have created a mythic image of Obama as redeemer — a secular savior virtually beyond reproach. The Obama mythos has been shaped by the repetition of the various superlatives used to describe him: brilliant ... a phenomenal listener ... calm under pressure ... a master communicator ... empathetic ... a uniter, not a divider ... works tirelessly for the American people. They have exalted him above all others. "This deification of the president is one of the biggest con jobs in American political history.

"Beneath that elevated chin and that purposely furrowed brow is a man who I believe is truly worthy — worthy of satire, that is. Such arrogance and pomposity screams out for ridicule.

"The satiric diaries bring the Obama reality show into clear and frightening focus: the titanic egos ... the devious plans ... the stunning incompetence.

"As we suffer under the rule of Obama, it's easy to get depressed and discouraged. But before you reach for the Paxil, I want to suggest another path. Take the time to see this president and his administration for what they are: buffoons. Whatever your political bent, put your feet up, and allow our president to fulfill his campaign promise to bring us together: together in hysterical laughter!

"I wrote this book because I believe we are at the crossroads of history. In my other books, I warned about the liberal elites who are amassing more and more power over the American people. With the rise of the Obama administration, I fear that we have reached what may be a tipping point, and that we risk a future in which average Americans have less power over their lives than their parents had. Since Obama was sworn into office, Americans have been mobilizing to fight his agenda. With so much at stake, it is important to see all the issues in context, so we can truly appreciate the unprecedented power grab that is taking place.

"If you really want to roll back the Obama agenda, you must understand who Obama truly is and the motives behind his ruinous policies. Oh, and by all means, feel free to have a laugh at his expense. After all, you've paid for it."

We've paid for it and future generations will pay greatly for it too.

And we ARE "at the crossroads of history."

There's no time to waste in returning Ingraham to the airwaves in the nation's capitol.

Full disclosure: In 2008 a contract dispute with Talk Radio Network resulted in Ingraham being stopped from doing her radio show and I protested that too.

I wrote in part:

"Laura Ingraham isn't the only awesome advocate for traditional American values and morality, of course, but she is (1) the classiest, (2) the best and (3) the total package.

"The bad news is that the Talk Radio Network (TRN) is still brazenly barring Laura from doing her show and foolishly trying to forcefeed Monica Crowley, a conservative blonde, but no Laura, the brilliant former law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas who not only took The Laura Ingraham Show to Iraq before The Surge, but then braved the wrath of MSNBC Hit Man Keith Olbermann and his ilk by dressing down the leftist media on The Today Show for biased Iraq coverage.

"Locking out Laura is bad for (1) Laura, (2) Laura's audience, (3) TRN and (4) America (not in order of importance)."

"...God made Laura telegenic as well as terrific, but Laura's preference is to do her radio show and continue the conversation she began with her listeners seven years ago.

"[Washington Post's Howard] Kurtz asked me by email why I had 'taken up the cause.'

"I replied: 'Because I've admired Laura's intellect, insight, courage, principled advocacy (and wit) since the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and when I find something objectionable, I'm inclined to write about it."

Since then, I have more reason: Ingraham was the first tv/radio personality to interview ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief (in October 2008).

The Obamas don't deserve free public housing in the District of Columbia, but Ingraham, a genuine resident of the District of Columbia, deserves a D.C. radio station to carry her program so she explain why to D.C. listeners BEFORE Election Day 2010.

© Michael Gaynor


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