Michael Gaynor
Of course Obama shill Chris Matthews is savaging Romney and rooting for Santorum
By Michael Gaynor
February 16, 2012

Conservatives who are concerned that Romney is not conservative enough or was not conservative soon enough would be wise to realize that Team Obama, including the liberal media establishment, prefers Santorum or Gingrich to become the Republican nominee and that's because they want OBAMA to win.

Obama shill and NBC and MSNBC star Chris Matthews stopped savaging Mitt Romney long enough to offer a cover story on why the liberal media establishment, including Matthews, is rooting for genuine conservative Rick Santorum.

Matthews to Steve Schmidt, senior strategist for the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign: "Steve Schmidt, my friend, you talk to a lot of Republicans out there. Are they aware that the media is basically rooting for Santorum out of sheer fear of the ennui, the boredom that will set in if it looks like Romney locks this thing up? At the moment he locks this thing up, we face a long, dull summer of Mitt Romney."

Schmidt: "I think it's pretty obvious when you look at the coverage of the race where most of the reporters are, where their rooting interests are so far in the race."

The same liberal media establishment that facilitated President Obama's election in 2008 is determined to "vindicate" their judgment by faciltating his re-election.

Presidential candidate was a young United States Senator with no executive experience.

Team Obama would rather face Santorum than Romney.

Santorum is a legislator with executive experience. In 2006, when he ran for re-election to the Senate, Santorum lost by the biggest margin of an incumbent Senator in Pennsylvania history.

Romney is different. He has enormous executive experience and great success in both business and public affairs in solving big problems. He made a great fortune as the head of Bain Capital and he took on the daunting task of transforming the Salt Lake City Olympics from a looming disaster into a splendid success. He not only effected that transformation without charge, he contributed a million dollars to the cause.

In politics Romney took on the kind of challenges a lesser person would avoid. He challenged Ted Kennedy for a United States Senate seat from liberal bastion Massaschusetts in the 1990's. In this millennium he won election as Governor of Massachusetts and restrained the ovewhelmingly liberal and Democrat Massachusetts legislature. He became a candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination and, recognizing and respecting the need for unity in running against either Obama or Hillary Clinton, withdrew from the race when it became apparent that war hero Senator John McCain would win it.

Gingrich's personal baggage guarantees that he would not only lose to Obama, but allow the Democrats to retake control of the House of Representatives and stop Republicans from retaking control of the Senate. Like Monica Lewinsky, Callista Gingrich is not First Lady material.


Like Gingrich, Santorum is a Washington insider. Unlike Gingrich, Santorum doesn't have the kind of personal baggage a successful challenger to Obama can't have. But what is desperately needed now is a conservative executive with demonstrated turn-around skills and that's Romney, not Santorum. Plus Romney and his wife Ann have led admirable person lives and we should not be having Santorum explain why his wife lived with an abortionist more than forty years her senior for six years before finding him and then why he came to trust his wife but somehow stopped trusting Obama after he enthusiastically endorsed him in 2008.

On February 1, 2008, Santorum publicly declared:

"In a few short days, Republicans from across this country will decide more than their party's nominee. They will decide the very future of our party and the conservative coalition that Ronald Reagan built. Conservatives can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines in this election, and Governor Romney is the candidate who will stand up for the conservative principles that we hold dear.

"Governor Romney has a deep understanding of the important issues confronting our country today, and he is the clear conservative candidate that can go into the general election with a united Republican party."

Santorum was right then. It appears that personal ambition has skewed his perception since.

Politico's Dylan Byers noted the idea that the media is rooting against Romney is not simply a Matthews notion, but was distressed that the media was being outed.

See http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2012/02/chris-matthews-media-is-rooting-for-santorum-114500.html:

"John Heilemann, an MSNBC contributor and a frequent guest on Matthews' program, made a similar argument about the media's preference for Newt Gingrich last month, and the idea that the press is secretly rooting against Romney has been frequent fodder for mediaites who are themselves rooting against Romney.

"But what argument is being made here? It seems to me that this is just another way of saying that Romney doesn't generate much enthusiasm among voters, a point easily proven in the polls. The risk of crediting that argument to the press is that it gives the impression that the media's coverage of Romney has somehow been driven by an ulterior motive — an impression many reporters out there on the trail would probably take issue with."

Liberal media bias is a reality of which conservatives have been aware for many years.

Conservatives who are concerned that Romney is not conservative enough or was not conservative soon enough would be wise to realize that Team Obama, including the liberal media establishment, prefers Santorum or Gingrich to become the Republican nominee and that's because they want OBAMA to win.

We need to support the person most likely to beat Obama, because waiting four more years is not something America can afford.

Romney is that person.

© Michael Gaynor


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