Michael Gaynor
No "major kudos" for Sean Hannity until the ugly truth about Obama is fully known
By Michael Gaynor
May 23, 2012

To spare America unimaginable pain, Hannity must not be vain and let former ACORN/Project Vote insider MonCrief explain

In 2008 Sean Hannity did his best to stop Barack Obama from being elected President.

Obviously the liberal media establishment was effectively a part of the Obama campaign and Hannity's best was not enough.

The good news is that now Hannity is trying to stop Obama from being re-elected President.

The bad news is that he's trying to do it by showing that he was right last time and doing what he did before.

Success depends upon concentrating on the ugly truth about Obama that was not generally known on Election Day 2008 and the key is not in Obama's 1995 autobiography, published a year before Obama ran for and won an Illinois state senate seat, but in the Obama presidential campaign.

For days Fox News and Hannity hyped Hannity's "special" titled "The Real Barack Obama," primarily based on President Obama's 1991 autobiography, Dreams From My Father.

On May 17, Hannity promised an "eye-opening look at the president's autobiography" that "reveal...his controversial political decisions and shocking personal secrets."

Fortunately, Ed Klein has been concentrating on why Rev. Jeremiah Wright has not been center stage since he became a potentially politically fatal problem for Obama at the National Press Club in 2008 and Hannity had the good sense to give Klein a platform "to reveal shocking details from his interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright."

Those ""really are shocking!

"Regarding his meeting with Rev. Wright, Klein told Hannity, 'It wasn't what I expected to tell you the truth because the guy who I met did not look like the guy on the videotapes ... He was very quiet, very polite, very measured, and talked about his academic credentials, very proud of the fact that he had a Ph.D., and answered all my questions ... there was no sense that this guy could go off the deep end.'

"Hannity asked why Rev. Wright is suggesting that they tried to buy his silence in 2008. Klein explained, 'He feels that he's been turned by the Obama campaign into a pariah and that everywhere he goes people who recognize him come up to him and say how could you do that, how could you say those things on the platform in your church? And I think he wants to set the record straight.'

"In another piece of audio, Rev. Wright talks about a phone call he had with candidate Obama following a speech in Philadelphia. He asked the Reverend to meet him at a secure location, rather than meeting him at his home like he usually would. Klein says he has the Secret Service logs showing that he did show up.

"In the audio, Rev. Wright can be heard saying to Klein that when he and Obama parted ways, '[Obama] said "you know what your problem is?" I said what's my problem? "You have to tell the truth." I said that's a good problem to have.'"

That is significant because it shows how Obama plays fast and loose with the truth and lies for politically purposes, as he successfully did in the last presidential debate in describing his relationship with ACORN.

At her blog, Pamela Geller enthusiastically promoted the Hannity "special" with excerpts from Fox News Insider:

"Tonight at 9p/ 12a ET, Sean Hannity sits down with a panel of contributors and experts to discuss the real Barack Obama and what his own autobiography reveals about his controversial political decisions."

"Pamela Geller, American blogger, author, political activist, and commentator: 'The American people are the object of a campaign of disinformation and there's a war in the information battle space, in the war of ideas. They're painfully and abysmally unaware. My book 'The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America,' honestly the majority of that book was written late 2007/ 2008. It was all out there and here we are four years later, the warnings were all there and we're witnessing the poisonous fruit of his egregious both domestic and foreign policy and there's a reason. So we have to give major kudos to Sean Hannity because really he's been singular in this in exposing the subversive and dangerous allegiances and alliances Obama has. And it's breaking every day."

Yes, Geller was a Hannity guest on the "special."

No, Hannity doesn't deserve "major kudos" until he becomes effective at exposing the ugly truth about Obama.

As Yoda said: "Do or do not. There is no 'try.'"

But not even Hannity has done what needs to be done to "expos[e] the subversive and dangerous allegiances and alliances Obama has."

Yes, Hannity did the right thing by sharing his stage with Klein.

But Hannity has yet to put ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief on his television stage and, unlike Hannity's usual guests, MonCrief can really expose Obama's "subversive and dangerous allegiances and alliances."

Fox News conributor Jehmu Greene could say plenty, but don't expect that obamaton to do so.

Moncrief is ready, willing and able to tell the truth about the Obama-ACORN-Project Vote relationship and if it becomes general knowledge before Election Day 2012, Obama will be a one-term President.

Will Hannity be effectual this time?

For America's sake, he better be!

Another Hannity guest, Erik Rush, commented: "Extraordinarily uninformed — The establishment press for the most part, what a lot of folks call the mainstream media, has been, for whatever their reason, they did not do their due diligence, whether it's because they're complicit or whether it's because they're just incompetent. They like Obama. They're ideologically aligned with him and they let a lot of things go that folks should have known. As far as his upbringing and associations, his vision for America, it's not the vision that he speaks to wanting to have for America. It's basically a very hard-line Socialist vision that he has for the United States, and that has been well concealed because he doesn't want people to know ... It's been a very, sort of, perfect storm of confluence and events that have allowed him to get as far as he's gotten without people knowing these things."

This isnghtful opinion is right.

MonCrief can prove it right.

Yet another Hannity guest, Deneen Borelli, political commentator and black conservative: "I really think if people had done some basic research, they would've known that a) the man is a radical, and b) that he has a problem with the Constitution. He doesn't think the Constitution goes far enough for government to redistribute wealth and I have a problem with that. So, these are big things really that people really could've found out on their own. They would've known where his policies were — that he's a big government redistribution kind of guy and those policies are not helping our country."


MonCrief knows that Obama is ACORN's guy and what stealth socialism is all about.

To spare America unimaginable pain, Hannity must not be vain and let former ACORN/Project Vote insider MonCrief explain.

© Michael Gaynor


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