Michael Gaynor
Is political correctness stopping Megyn Kelly from exposing the lies that made Obama president and calling a spade a spade?
By Michael Gaynor
July 14, 2014

It's wonderful for Kelly to expose Pelosi, and better for her to expose Obama Administration lies, but Kelly needs to prepare for the future by looking back at how President Obama got elected and exposing the lies that made it happen.

A factor "actively contributes to an accomplishment, result or process" (www.thefreedictionary.com/factor).

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly calls his show "The O'Reilly Factor" because he wants to be a factor.

A file is "[a collection of papers or published materials kept or arranged in convenient order" (www.thefreedictionary.com/file).

Fox News's Megyn Kelly apparently calls her show "The Kelly File" because she keeps materials in convenient order.

Kelly should be as big a factor as possible.

She should use her files, legal acumen and prime time spot to scrutinize the lies that made Obama President, what the late Paul Harvey would refer to as "the rest of the story."

Listing "misrepresentations" by the Obama administration is not enough!

On July 11, 2014, Kelly's show was exceptional.

Kelly took a deserved victory lap on her show for calling out House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on her false description of the United States Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision.

Kudos to Kelly for calling out Pelosi, the media and Politifact.

At her weekly press conference the day before, Pelosi had said: "Really, we should be afraid of this court. The five guys who start determining what contraceptions are legal. Let's not even go there."

That night Kelly explained that the case had not involved which contraception methods are legal, but whether some corporations must pay for them through their employees' health insurance plans, and sarcastically harrumphed: "I've seen the media rush to clarify Ms. Pelosi's misleading remarks ... Oh, no, I have seen none of that, except on Fox News. When you've got somebody in such a powerful a position as Nancy Pelosi, in a position to influence so many people on such a platform, come out and tell blatant falsehoods, there should be some fact-checking. Where is PolitiFact on that? Where is the mainstream media calling her to account?"

Pelosi retreated. "She misspoke," spokesperson Drew Hammill claimed. "Obviously the impact of the court's decision is not to make these four contraceptive methods illegal – i.e. no longer allowed to be sold."

PolitiFact's "ruling" (www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2014/jul/11/nancy-pelosi/nancy-pelosi-says-supreme-court-five-guys-who-star/):

"[Pelosi]'s sweeping claim was a misstatement, her spokesman acknowledged to PolitiFact. The Hobby Lobby decision didn't turn on whether certain types of contraception should be legal, but rather on the question of whether certain corporations could decide on religious grounds not to pay for specific types of contraceptives in employee health insurance plans. Experts say that there are solid legal precedents that would keep the Supreme Court from actually banning forms of contraception outright.

"We rate the claim False."

False it is. There's no doubt about it.

But Kelly needs to call out other liars above Pelosi, and prove it, as she did against Pelosi. To whom much is given, much is expected.

During her memorable victory lap show, Kelly addressed what she called the Obama Administration's "leadership, credibility and trust" issues, discussed the "latest whopper" and spoke of "misleading, intentionally or otherwise."

Is political correctness keeping Kelly from calling a spade a spade?

"To call a spade a spade": "to call something by its right name; to speak frankly about something, even if it is unpleasant. (Considered offensive by some. Use only with discretion.) Well, I believe it's time to call a spade a spade. We are just avoiding the issue. Call a spade a spade. The man is a liar" (http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/call+a+spade+a+spade).

The man elected and reelected President of the United States in 2008 and 2012 is a liar, and a guest on Kelly's show, former President George W. Bush speech writer Marc Thiessen did not mince words:

"People are being knowingly lied to by their elected leaders."

"President Obama's signature initiative was sold on the basis of a lie."

"The President of the United States lied to the American people about the nature of a terrorist attack."

"These are big, big things."

They sure are. They are critical parts of President Obama's plan to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Kelly needs to direct at President Obama the same passion that you she directed at Pelosi.

Both of them are liars, and President Obama is the more dangerous one.

Moreover, Kelly needs to show that President Obama lied to win election, not just in pursuit of the implementation of his agenda and his reelection. After all, he wasn't an honest fellow until he was inaugurated.

Kelly thinks that politicians in both major political parties lie and she's right.

But that's no excuse to tolerate any lies, especially presidential lies, and especially the lies of a President who apparently thinks any lie he tells for domestic political purposes is justifiable because he's on a mission to fundamentally transform the country and telling the truth might thwart him from fulfilling that mission.

Kelly satisfied herself during her show by showing that history has shown that President Obama was not "the anointed one" and a "different politician" who would change Washington for the better.

That's not good enough!

To avoid future Obamas in the White House, the voters need to learn how President Obama lied his way to the White House.

Sean Hannity, Kelly's predecessor as host of Fox News's 9 PM Eastern time weekday slot, tried to stop President Obama from lying his way to the White House by reporting on his relationships with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and ACORN, but not enough voters got the message.

Kelly highlighted the following Obama Administration's "misrepresentation after misrepresentation," including:

1. President Obama's repeated false assurances that if Obamacare was enacted, "you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan."

2. Former presidential spokesman Jay Carney's false assertion that "[t]he single adjustment that was made to those [Benghazi attack] talking points was changing the word consulate to diplomatic facility."

3. That shameless "No, sir. It does not. Not wittingly" answer to Congress in response to a question as to whether the NSA collects "any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans."

4. Attorney General Eric Holder's demonstrably untrue statement that the potential prosecution of the press was not "something that [he had] been involved in or heard of, or would think would be a wise policy."

5. President Obama's mind-boggling assurance to Bill O'Reilly that there was "[n]ot even a smidgeon of corruption" in the IRS.

6. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's pledge to keep the "five white men" who joined in the majority opinion in the Hobby Lobby case from "determin[ing]" "women's lives" (the give Justices had not sought to do so and one of them – Clarence Thomas – is black, as Reid should know).

Kelly, who has a sense of humor and tries to keep her show entertaining as well as informative, inexplicably left out the lie that would have received the biggest laugh – President Obama's promise that his would be the most transparent administration in American history. Even the members of Congress who passed the cunningly titled Affordable Care Act without reading it and later discovered that the tax on medical devices was bad for their constituents, like ACORN favorite Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, would be hard put to suppress a smile when reminded of that memorable lie.

It's wonderful for Kelly to expose Pelosi, and better for her to expose Obama Administration lies, but Kelly needs to prepare for the future by looking back at how President Obama got elected and exposing the lies that made it happen.

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