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Will Kellyanne Conway and Laura Ingraham enable Donald Trump to make America great again?
By Michael Gaynor
August 29, 2016

If Trump really wants to make America great again and is as smart as he thinks he is, he will heed the advice of principled conservatives Kellyanne and Laura in order to win.

There is a critical binary choice for United States voters to make: either Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump or Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Whether Trump's campaign will ultimately succeed or fail now depends upon a couple of female lawyers named Kellyanne Conway and Laura Ingraham, articulate and effective Team Clinton critics since the last millenium.

Laura's first book is The Hillary Trap and Laura knows her subject thoroughly, making her an ideal stand in for Hillary during Trump's debate preparation. and this year's presidential election may depend upon how well Trump is prepared for the three presidential debates during the next two months.

This year Team Clinton is trying for the second time to make Hillary the female President of the United States.

it didn't work last time, and this time Kellyanne and Laura are well positioned to foil Team Clinton.

Hillary's husband, Bill, served as President from 1993 to 2001. Notably, he was the only President to be impeached during the twentieth century and there have been a plethora of Clinton scandals.

The principal Clinton "on air" defenders throughout the Clinton Administration were James "Ragin' Cajun" Carville and Lanny "the Liar" Davis and they worked hard to portray the Clintons as victims of "a vast right-wing conspiracy."

Perhaps Hillary herself was Bill's best defender, until it became public knowledge that Monica Lewinsky had kept her "little blue dress" with Bill's DNA on it and Independent Counsel Ken Star had the dress and therefore the proof that Bill had been shamelessly deceiving the American people.

Fortunately for the Clintons, news of Bill's sexual relationship with Monica did not break until January 1998, so he won reelection relatively easily in 1996 while Republicans picked up two Senate seats.

But...Bill was impeached and cable television covered the impeachment saga incessantly.

I remember that the best Clinton critics were all women: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick (now Conway), Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley, Victoria Toensing and Ann Coulter.

I pondered who was the United States history, no Democrat United States Senator ever voted to convicted an impeached President, so Bill Clinton was acquitted and the Clinton plan for Hillary to become President proceeded.

In 2008, Hillary tried to follow in the footsteps of President John F. Kennedy. Having been reelected to the United States Senate, she declared her presidential candidacy.

Unfortunately for the Clintons, they had not delivered to "progressives" on Hillarycare and Bill Clinton had been forced by political reality to sign legislation ending "welfare as we know it" in order to be reelected in 1996.

As a result, a rookie United States Senator named Barack Obama pushed Hillary aside and became the first black President of the United States.

This year Hillary is trying again to become the first female President of the United States and whether or not she will succeed will depend upon whether two female lawyers – "perky pollster" Kellyanne and radio and television star Laura – can carry Trump across the finish line first.

If Trump really wants to make America great again and is as smart as he thinks he is, he will heed the advice of principled conservatives Kellyanne and Laura in order to win.

Laura brought the house down with a terrific speech during the Republican National Convention and the news is reporting that Laura will play Hillary during Trump's debate preparation.

Kellyanne is now Trump's campaign manager. On July 1, 2016, Trump announced he had hired her as a senior adviser and it was expected that she would advise Trump on how to better appeal to female voters. In August 2016 Kellyanne became the first woman to run a Republican general election presidential campaign.

Was Kellyanne appointed in the nick of time?

If Laura plays Hillary in Trump's debate preparation (and Trump pays attention), the answer is yes.

Rory O'Connor with Aaron Culter, among Laura's "liberal" critics, nevertheless concede that "like her or not, she's every bit as funny, as appealing and as dangerous as each of her male peers and friends."

O'Connor with Culter wrote in Shock Jocks: Hate Speech and Talk Radio:

"Laura Ingraham is...different....she...brings to the airwaves a snarky brand of aggressive humor fused with an atack-dog sensibility that she expresses with a chalk-on-gravel voice. Her goal is not to assert her own glory, but to rip apart her enemies, which includes everyone from liberals and 'elites' to, from time to time, even President George W. Bush and presidential hopeful John McCain. Her style of argumentation is bare-bones simple: in a 1997 piece for Salon.com, Eric Alterman wrote that Ingrahm just laughed in response to a position he took on television during the 1996 election. How could he counter that?

"The rabid nature of her assault against immigration reform is a good example. Ingraham has perhaps been more strongly anti-immigration than any other talk personality except Michael Savage. Her show even features a regular segment called 'The Illegal Immigration Sob Story' alert, in which she reads news pieces she fells are biased toward illegal immigration, When she had White House spokesman Tony Snow on her program, she began by asking him why the Bush administration was dragging its heels on immigration reform. After sarcastically apologizing for interrupting his talking points, she said, '69 percent of Americans, 85 percent of the GOP 55 percent of the Democrats want the border enforced, Does that affect you guys,or do you guys just blow it off?' In the two-for-one combination that all too often serves conservative radio well, Ingraham once claimed that the immigration bill was an attempt by the mainstream media to make more people liberals, anyone who still wonders whether talk radio had an influence on the bill's defeat should look at Ingraham's numbers; with more than 5 million weekly listeners, she is tied with Glenn Beck as the fourth most listened to radio show host in America. Alterman wrote that Ingraham's popularity is due to her having ;something more important than knowledge or experience. ..She has star quality.' She is also fearless: She once confronted CNN host John Roberts for calling her 'outspoken,' saying, 'Do you guys introduce liberal commentators that way?'"

Ingraham definitely opposed illegal immigration, but not legal immigration. Her three adopted children are all legal immigrants.

Will Kellyanne and Laura help Trump use humor to sink Hillary's second presidential campaign?

It may be the best weapon for Trump to choose and Trump's brain trust may find just the right balance between substance and style to put Trump in the White House next January.

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