Neil Brian Goldberg
The GOP's co-opting of the Tea Party Movement
An open letter to independent patriots and Tea Partiers
By Neil Brian Goldberg
January 18, 2010

Dear Friends:

People like myself are the sincere new political blood this nation needs to survive. That's because we are not ambitious to "hold office," and because we are willing to come out of nowhere, believing in the unlimited possibilities of America, based on the goodness and courage of the greatest people in the world — our fellow Americans.

We run for office because we know what we are and what we can do — and that we can't be bought or scared off. We come with the victorious, free spirit of America, and believing in the unlimited power of the living God.

Reform the GOP?

Now, some of you have become convinced that "reforming" the Republican Party is the only way to go. At the same time, you may have heard that I, along with other "Independents," have been banned from some "patriotic" sites for announcing our candidacies. Unfortunately, it's becoming apparent such "patriotic" sites are really Republican front organizations formed solely to dress up and promote ambitious career Republican candidates pretending to be grassroots activists.

The idea at such sites is that a partial change is better than no change . . . and so they ask us to hold our nose and again vote for the lesser evil.

Now, as the old Republican party quietly, but with great fanfare, sneaks its brand spanking new — and well-scrubbed old — candidates under the back of the patriotic Tea Party tent, yelling "America! Freedom! Real Change!", what they won't say is "sovereignty!" They won't say "seal the borders," or "audit the Fed," . . . or what will "change" if they succeed in co-opting the only true patriotic grassroots movement.

There will be new Republican faces saying good things and voting pretty well in the weeks, months, and years ahead — but nothing that really matters will change. Our sovereignty will still be traded away by the career politicians wearing "patriot" hats, and by the ambitious newcomers you are now about to support over even the best, and most sincere Independent contenders.

America will continue to quietly slide into the bondage of a One World Corporation, until our Constitution disappears from the Earth.

"It can't be done"

Some of you have become immersed in the same political buggery which has already brought about our imminent demise as a secure and free people. You and your fair-weather friends will paint the outside of the sepulcher with the bright, patriotic colors of the flag, but inside it will remain full of corruption.

You, with all your good intentions and fantastic possibilities, have abandoned the fearless "can-do" spirit of America for what appears to be an easier, surer way; but that way is not sufficiently revolutionary or transforming.

It's just a new face for the same game, and the same gang who run it; and most of all, it's based on the defeatist mantra that "It can't be done," "No Independent can win," discounting the power and the faithfulness of the same mighty God who honored the prayers and the courage of George Washington, and the others of great faith who followed him.

What if Washington had said: "It can't be done — no colony has ever defeated the British?"

. . . or: "Crossing the Delaware and attacking under these conditions will never work."

. . . and so, many have now become part of the problem, as you give your all to "reform" the documented enemies of freedom.



An analogy

Let's say you went to a car lot to find a good car. A salesman with a perfect haircut, an impressive suit, and a pinky ring, sells you a nice-looking car. He tells you it's a great deal and the car will run forever. You believe him, but the car turns out to be a big lemon. It's now clear that the salesman lied to you, and sold you a really bad car.

Well, after six months of trouble and constant repair costs, you decide to buy a different car.

You go to another car lot, and a nice man, wearing simple clothes and no jewelry, tries to sell you a good car. He is speaking only the truth, and wants you to get a car, which he knows will make you happy . . . but something is wrong. Yes, the man sounds and acts completely honest and even pretty humble . . . but something is not right. He doesn't look and sound like a "real car salesman." Even though you like the car, and the man seems honest enough, something makes you uneasy — so you just don't feel like buying.

You are looking around, trying to spot a "real car salesman." You still want someone with a great haircut in a fine suit and wearing a pinky ring — someone who will make you believe that you are getting a fantastic deal, even though he will lie to you.

Yes, you want a real candidate. You want the good haircut, the nice suit, and the pinky ring. You still want to hear those well-crafted and rehearsed lines about all the right things, even if they are lies. You want a "real candidate."

The hour is late. We can no longer watch from a distance. We as a country must develop the ability to "think outside the two parties," and elect every true-heart Independent patriot we can find. When someone decent and independent (meaning not under the power of either of the untrustworthy parties) comes forward showing courage and truth, have the guts to back them.

More than me

This is about much more than me — the concept of actually buying that good used car from the ordinary, but honest salesman, even though something inside you is looking for the "real car salesman" — the one who seems official, the one you will find it easier to believe.

It's about YOU. It's time to vote with YOUR anger and YOUR outrage at what is happening to your country right under your nose. It's time we all got out of their game and finally started our own.

Find a good conservative candidate coming out of nowhere — someone who does not even look like he should be running. Someone who is running only because he sees his country needs a person with iron willpower and deep, unrelenting devotion to his country and the true freedom it promises to protect.

. . . that is why we need a "VOTER'S REBELLION." Break free, lend your energies, and cast your vote in and for complete freedom. A candidate with that special something can capture the voters this time and win, even with scant resources and a small machine, because the voters are looking with a completely different mindset now. I have seen it firsthand while handing out my fliers, even in Santa Cruz, California, even in Hollywood: total disgust with both parties.

Unify! . . . and set your will to TAKE IT ALL! Not to continue on the same spin-wheel, going nowhere but slowly down.

It will take a great effort and a great unity — a steel will and a constant focus on what's really at stake.

The spirit of Independents

This grassroots movement is about the continuation of our freedom and our country as it is meant to be. It's all about a new beginning or the end! For the most part, it just won't work to elect more Republicans. The only thing that will work is to take them out of power.

If God allows, I will inspire the American people to go all out, to TAKE IT ALL BACK, and that does not mean handing the henhouse back to a better-looking wolf. As the GOP's track record shows, almost any "Republican" permitted to win will finish us off, because they will be under the power of the elites.

You can't trust them — these gutless politicians who now act like they are "the remnant" fighting the good fight now. Where in the hell were they when they had all the power and all this was developing?

Where were they when the treasonous treaties were made?

Where were they when the funds to finally build the walls to stop the invasion of our nation were on hand, and the borders remained wide open?

We don't have to ask where they were when our treasury was looted. We saw them doing the old soft-shoe shuffle and jive, keeping perfect time with the Big Band, the Big Band of thieves! . . . and we saw it on national TV.

The only real patriots now are those who have never held office (except for a very, very few), and who don't even care to hold office. Only those who actually see holding office as a service to their country will do — including those unafraid to die for it, if necessary.

The old heave-ho

With but few exceptions, the bunch of lawyers and disingenuous sharks in power will never do right — never. We need true hearts, ordinary people with the guts to step in for the country they love, those who intend to do good.

We have to start thinking outside the "Party Box." The two parties have made us grassroots Americans irrelevant — now we must return the favor by making them permanently irrelevant. They had the power, and they betrayed our children, our devotion, our elders, and our nation when they betrayed our Constitution — for money!!

These two arms of the same invisible tyrants have sold and traded off our sovereignty. They have overseen the ongoing invasion of our land, and they have looted our treasury, right before our eyes, as if we were watching a B-grade movie of amateur actors fumbling over their lines as they plundered and looted.

I am a very forgiving person, to a fault — but when it comes to my country, to the future of freedom itself, and the looming, disgraceful question of whether government of the people, by the people, and for the people will actually perish from the earth — No!

There are some things which even I, which even the naοve, "let-it-slide" side of me will not and cannot afford to forgive.

Those who control both the Democrat and the Republican parties have a much bigger agenda, one they have not abandoned, and that is world domination, via the One World Corporation, which depends on the destruction of the power, the spirit, and the freedom of the mighty American people!

This I believe, this I will not forgive, nor ever dare to trust again — and this I will fight, so long as I have one last breath.


© Neil Brian Goldberg


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