Neil Brian Goldberg
Obama in Wonderland
Biggest con job since the trojan horse
By Neil Brian Goldberg
February 26, 2011


Mass insanity, fantasy vanity. Can it be I'm the only one who can see?

You could read between the lines, if there were not so many lines, so the truth gets lost in the enormity of it all.

Can it really be? Can such an unbelievable, outrageous, "no way" outcome be unfolding before our blinded eyes?

Am I seeing what I'm seeing? Well, I can't see the wind, but I sure can feel it, . . . and I don't believe I'll be needing a weatherman to tell which way it's blowin', or what it smells like.

No . . . can't be. Well, let's just begin with what we do know for sure. It's much better than starting out with a lot of political positions or passionate accusations.

OK, let's see.

Genuflecting president

I know that I did see Barack Hussein Obama take the hand of the King of Saudi Arabia, while bowing very low toward that hand, and though that magic instant was hidden by a group of men, there is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama bowed low enough and close enough to actually kiss the hand of the King of Saudi Arabia.

I sure got that distinct impression, . . . but we said we will start with what we know for sure, so what we know for sure is that B.H.O. took the King's hand and bowed very low right to the hand — that I saw for sure.

Just the bow was bad, embarrassing, disgraceful, and humiliating enough, but he sure could've kissed that royal hand had if he wanted to — and B.H.O. sure behaved as if he wanted to.

I also saw the clip where Barack Hussein Obama visited a major mosque. I did personally see the absolutely enthralled look on his face — no doubt he was deeply moved and thrilled. Make what you want of it — that is what I saw, and if that footage were reviewed, that is what would be seen. Not a crime, doesn't prove anything, just another thing we know for sure, as we construct a picture made up of what we do know.

Barack Hussein Obama also spoke about the dreams from his father, which is also the title of his book Dreams from My Father.

You can look up for yourself just what those dreams from B.H.O.'s father actually were, and what religion B.H.O.'s father honored.

Many of the readers can fill in many pages more of such true items, but most of all, let's just tuck away the absolute fact that this man, as no qualified president in history has even approached, has hidden, sealed, and cloaked in total darkness almost everything about his past . . . must be some reason. He obviously is not any sort of "private person." Must be some important reason. Let's move on.

Trojan Horse democracy

Today we are witnessing a great cry for "democracy" in the Muslim/Arab world. What appears to be a great upheaval in Egypt now shows itself to be but a mild reshuffling of the original government, and nothing much has changed — except for one thing:

A much louder and increasingly popular "Muslim Brotherhood," which is pointing out that no real change has happened, and soon, it is obvious to me — with a little help from their friends . . . here and there . . . they will soon become the voice and the champions of the disappointed, disgusted, and soon again, furious masses.

I predict Egypt will turn bad, and I believe it was planned by our enemies, foreign and domestic.

I believe what we are witnessing is the unification of the Arab/Muslim world against the West, cloaked in a "democracy" movement.

Many of their young people may sincerely believe that is what they are fighting for, but soon they won't matter. Many will be made furious via disillusionment and disappointment, and will easily and quickly decide there is no choice but to join the only pure movement for true freedom: the Muslim Brotherhood. Those who are able to stay awake, realizing what is really happening, will by then have but two choices: Keep quiet, or suffer and die.

From the lands of the flying carpet and the rope that becomes a snake, we have the greatest con job since the Trojan Horse taking place so before our eyes that we don't even notice; and so under our nose, we don't even smell the biggest rat in history gnawing into the American cheese at a furious speed, and yet so crafty, and with so much loud and serious distraction, he is not even noticed.

Homeland Defense?

What else do we know? Our borders are less protected than ever, as the number of U.S. Border Agents has been seriously diminished. There is now a much higher percentage of immigrants from the Middle East being caught, and some are trained marauders coming here to await their signal to act, . . . and now another U.S. border agent has been killed by an armed invader.

Our Secretary of Homeland Defense — that's right, HOMELAND DEFENSE! — made a speech that "We will not rest until the killer is brought to justice.". . . But I did not hear one word about stopping the invasion constantly crossing our borders — armed invaders, some are Muslim terrorists, but the borders are not important. Why??

May I sound the alarm for my country? May I yell out the warning — outrageous and dangerous as it may be to do so. I am willing to tell what I see and what I believe I know (been right many times before). Why? Because I did not serve my country in war. I was never shot at or wounded. I never put my life in danger for this blessed and greatest of nations, now coming under foreign control. This nation which took in my grandmother when she had nowhere in the world to go. This wonderful nation which raised and protected me, educated me, allowed me to give my music to the world and to start businesses from nothing and to make a living.

The nation which allowed me to be stupid and disrespectful, and then to travel and to learn that the true Spirit of Freedom and the greatest, kindest, best people in the world are here in America, and not quite anywhere else.

Because this nation is worth fighting for, and even dying for; because this Land of the Free must endure at any cost; and because I owe every single real man who fought for her, and who faced his responsibilities when I did not, I will tell what I see and believe I know, and what must be told. So listen, and think, and watch.

Dangerous plan

I believe we are truly witnessing a devious and extremely dangerous plan unfolding, which is the unification of the entire Arab/Muslim world. I believe that Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, is involved in this worldwide plan against America, and against freedom.

Does anyone notice how quickly this is all happening? We need to realize, as a people, that we are already entangled in this still invisible world war. We do not need to cause our highest leaders to realize this — they already do realize it, and have from the start, but have no interest in ever addressing it. They will act amazed and surprised, as they pretend to react with ever-increasingly-inept pretenses of action.

I am sorry to have to put it this way, but I believe this upheaval in the Middle East will continue to spread and to intensify — because it is already a war, and we are witnessing the strategy of the enemy.

It's like hearing someone working on the lock of your front door in the middle of the night. You can't believe it — your neighborhood has always been safe.

Where are the police? Why don't they come? Because those police are now in cahoots with the home invaders, and they will not save you.

Well, you think, let them take some stuff and go. The heck with it. No, you still don't get it. They do not just want to rob you, or savage your family. They will put you out and take your entire house, maybe your life.

Well, you think, the neighbors will help. No, you still don't get it. The invaders are at your neighbors' doors, too — all of them. They will take the entire neighborhood.

"No," you say. "This will never happen. This is impossible." At that point, you can try to dream on, but the dream is over and the door will soon be open, and you will suddenly realize much too late that you have been, and are, had.


I am sorry to say I believe we have an unqualified president who is loyal, not to America, but to Islam. I believe it is quite possible that he is involved in the entire orchestration and plan to unify the Arab/Muslim World. (He did say to a Muslim audience, "Wait until you see what I am going to do to Israel.")

I believe he has weakened, and will continue to weaken, America in every possible way. Our border agents are killed. He does nothing. Our soldiers are gunned down by a Muslim fanatic yelling the TERRORIST SLOGAN in Arabic, as he hatefully guns down our precious soldiers, and the entire matter is hushed up, diluted, and the word TERRORIST is forbidden to be spoken, as it is in now in general.

I have no doubt that if — God forbid — some dirty bomb or giant attack were to occur (as it is now promised it will) this imposter would not retaliate, he would apologize and tell the American people that it was somehow their fault.

Enemy fort

What else do I know? I know about metaphysical and psychological warfare; and I know that no loyal U.S. president, nor U.S. general worth his stars, would allow a giant mosque to be built anywhere near the place of Muslim victory and American defeat and humiliation.

There are no words to adequately explain how important this issue is, and what an amazing and epic victory it is for the Muslim world to establish what is basically an enemy fort on the very spot of their victory, which is what conquerors always did in the lands, and at the places of battle, where they prevailed. They built a fort to declare their ownership and omnipotent superiority of that region.

Most of all, this enemy is oh so skilled at the art of "spiritual/metaphysical" and "psychological" warfare, and they know how important and powerful it will be to have huge loudspeakers atop their Islamic fort — heard for miles around — blaring out their praises of victory to their Allah — SIX TIMES A DAY. Over and over and over and over and over and over — every single day of every single week of every single month of every single year.

"Praise to Allah for the victory He has given us over the infidels."

No matter how it is worded or interpreted, that is the meaning that will be sung and chanted out to the world.

On an unseen, but very powerful level, this becomes a constant and increasing spiritual and psychic force, reminding America and Americans, young and old, "We have defeated you. Now we are here all day, every day. We will never go away. We have won. You are defeated. We are growing stronger. You are getting weaker. Victory to Islam. Death to America."

Do not kid yourself. The subconscious mind is very powerful, and that is where it will hit you. If you become angry, the subconscious mind gives away more power, because that anger will become frustration, as you realize that your own "American" president seems to be on their side — and that he was all for the building of that Mosque, right where it is, from the start. Once it is constructed, and once he is re-elected (God forbid, but I think so) when all the money in the world backs him again, coupled with a weak candidate somehow being "chosen" to run against him — once he makes it to his second term, Barack Hussein Obama will stand in that very Mosque, and he will declare to the world his "conversion" to Islam, while the 9/11 crater is attacked over and over by the sound of the victory chant of all of Islam wafting over its pathetic remains.

Metaphysical warfare brought down the walls of Jericho. It parted the Red Sea, and it established, nourished, and protected America through the centuries.




In addition, because the Arab/Muslim world is unifying against the West, we must prevail upon our leaders to immediately increase all oil and natural gas production as if it were a matter of imminent national survival — because I swear to you that it is!

In the same way, we must immediately, and at breakneck speed, develop and distribute a natural gas combustion engine that can be generically swapped with many of the existing gasoline engines — as well as develop, also at breakneck speed, natural gas cars and trucks.

We have more natural gas than any other nation!

If you recall, Communist Russia was not able to move fast. We had better shake that stupidity off and become the hands-on, can-do, go get 'em, winning is everything America again — and fast, if we are serious about surviving as a free, independent Republic.

Keep the Constitution. Rail and scream against all UN regulations, statutes, laws, rules, etc., that in any way pretend to supersede our Constitution. Never allow a speck of such unlawful intrusion to remain, and roll back what has been done. (UN rules prohibit us from drilling for oil or developing our resources in vast areas of our nation.)

Smell the rats. They are quietly and feverishly gnawing away. Wake up! Turn off the TV for half the time. Stop the porn. It dulls your mind and stifles your spirit. Cut the drugs. Cut the booze. Lose the live-in lover if you're not married, and the illicit lover if you're married. Take hold of your young and open their eyes. Explain that we are at war and all that they have and love and dream for is at stake. Get tough. Do good. And pray every time you start to worry.

Grow food. Store food and water and ammunition. Never give up your weapons of self-defense. Never surrender your rights. Therefore, know what they are. Meet with others. Start groups to inform each other. SHARE YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE. IT'S TIME!

Remember your Lord and Savior

Prayer is the greatest defense — and the greatest offense — in metaphysical warfare.

Remember, we are a Christian nation. Who can defeat Jesus, the Son of God? Do not be frightened or bamboozled by a load of foreign mumbo jumbo. Remember your Lord and Savior — the Good Shepherd who will not leave His sheep. So don't leave Him, the one who promised He would never forsake you. Whatever your church you attend, do it now!

Turn back America to your only hope. Call out for that protection and mercy which is promised. America needs Jesus and God again.

Hide under His wing and feel His power again, and you will have back your country. You don't have to know how. He knows how.

You may not be strong enough, but He is more than mighty enough.

Wake up! Look at your old Bible (not the new ones — they have been altered). Just open to any page, and the magic book will take you to your knees, and put you on your feet, and the great and holy Spirit of the Lord which inspired it will march beside you and in you, through Hell itself (and Hell it may be) to victory.

Somewhere in the Rose Garden, I have a nagging certainty, someone is quietly, but quickly as possible "painting the roses red!"

Save your own self and your own nation — this President will not.

© Neil Brian Goldberg


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