Neil Brian Goldberg
Israel--the last canary
By Neil Brian Goldberg
July 18, 2011

The miners work deep in the mine to eke out a living. If poisonous gas slowly and quietly seeps in, unnoticed amid the noise, the falling rock, the petty grudges, and the overall busy-ness, the entire crew could suddenly fall down and die — one after another, and too late to reverse the quiet assassin, which had already captured them.

. . . and so the miners keep a small canary in a cage, still chirping, a sign of life . . . and a bit of freedom, even in a cage, to alert the miners of any such impending doom. If the canary stops singing and they see it lying stiff and dead on the floor of the cage, then the miners know they only have minutes to get out of that situation before they too succumb to the almost invisible assassin that slowly poisoned and killed the canary, and which has already begun to slowly poison and kill each of them.

Israel, the tiny nation, was attacked by eleven stronger countries on the day She was founded. The attacks were miraculously repelled, but since day one, those attacks by those same nations have not stopped — not for even one week has there not been some form of attack against Israel, the only free nation in the entire Middle East.

...Israel, the only Middle East nation where every and any religion is freely practiced.

...Israel, the tiny struggling nation which, per capita, has given more to the world than any other, and more than many other larger nations combined.

...Israel, the only nation in the Middle East to take in and save the lives of hundreds of Africans about to be slaughtered in Dar Fur.

Israel is like the superlative student who is constantly bullied until he is forced to learn how to defend himself — then the beaten bullies, unable to intimidate and slap him around anymore, band together and go to the teacher, and later to the principal, branding the good student — who never wanted to fight — as the troublemaker.

He pushed back here — he punched back there — he gave poor Joey a black eye (after Joey grabbed his books and his homework and threw them in a dirty puddle).

There were many witnesses, many victims — now the good student is the "troublemaker."

It must be true, he has trouble with so many different boys, all crying and complaining like pathetic victims while they continue to attack him.

The parents have money and power, and so have great influence with the teachers, the principal, and the school board...while the good student, who never started a single fight, who tried very hard to be friends with his attackers, who even gave them gifts in hopes of being able to just go to school in peace, just wanted to be treated like any other student.

...But he is not like any other student. His mind is brilliant and free. He shows up the laziness, the ignorance, and the bad upbringing of those who have no desire to excel, or even to improve.

The good student is a bad problem to such mediocre minds, and so he must be driven out at any cost, but like Israel, this good student is also the canary in the mine.

When he is finally unjustly and disgracefully driven out of his school, the sneaks, the liars, the cheaters will have their comfortable mediocrity returned to its former level of acceptance and respect.

Not even the teacher will notice the dead canary missing from the class, nor will the world notice, when the upcoming, almost secret councils, with not one friend of Israel allowed to attend, decide the future of the only light of freedom in the Middle East.

How best to dispose of this irritating troublemaker, fighting since its beginning with all of its neighbors?...and you, oh cruel world, even the cruel free-world — what does it matter to you what happens to the Jewish state?

Why try to stand up to so much power and influence? What for? Let the problem just go away...let the canary die...and so goes the world — and so goes freedom itself, as the quiet death creeps in and covers.

A treaty was made with Egypt, not one shot was fired since. A treaty was made with Jordan, not one shot was fired since. As for a Palestinian state, there never has been one, nor a Palestinian people, until so named in recent times — since Palestinians all originate from existing Middle East countries.

Those of you with feelings for victims — those of you looking for a noble cause — open your eyes and your hearts, and realize that your devotion and your efforts should be for the good, and for the light of freedom, excellence, and truth.

Not for mutilation of women. Not for rape and brutality against women of any age. Not for fear and terror and the darkest ignorance on earth.

If you are truly for the good, if you love freedom and wish to resist the true bullies, then assist the true victim; then turn your mind toward the truth and the light, and stand for freedom while you still have the freedom to do so.

Stand with Israel, the last canary in the free world.

As the most accurate prophets in all of history foretold concerning these "latter days":

"Then shall my anger rise...and after I am sanctified on the mountains of Israel [when the largest army ever seen is destroyed]...then the world shall know, that I am God, and you are my people." Thus sayeth the Lord.

. . . and "Those who bless you, I will bless, and those who curse you, I will curse."

Be careful, America. Stand with Israel.

© Neil Brian Goldberg


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