Neil Brian Goldberg
What shall I bless?
By Neil Brian Goldberg
October 8, 2012

Perhaps God is wondering today, "What shall I bless of this nation?"

Shall I bless the large churches and temples, standing empty and warm, while my Son, Jesus, sleeps in the freezing cold among the lowest? Should I bless the rich coffers or the large salaries of the renowned clergy and their powerful officers, while my Jesus has no food, nor clothes? Where His name is praised, but where He is not welcome in His righteous rags? Shall I bless their silence in the face of corruption and injustice?

Shall I bless the schools, where my little ones are taught to shun Me, to disrespect basic goodness, being left prey to every low and destructive influence with no discernment of what is good, clean, and right, and what is destructive, filthy, and wrong? What shall I bless?

Shall I bless the administrators and the lawmakers who cause the teachers to be afraid to teach the truth, afraid to punish bullies, afraid to demonstrate the difference between right and wrong, and afraid to punish the bad and applaud the excellent and the good?

"What shall I bless of this nation?" asks the Lord.

Shall I bless the perversion and depravity? The obscene public parades mocking my very presence? Shall I bless the throngs lining the route to hell, desperate to be entertained, to be distracted from the pain of the void not filled by me?

Shall I bless the strongholds of iniquity? The trafficking of my daughters, and even my young sons? Shall I bless the officials who look away, the representatives who utter not a peep against these abominations?

Shall I bless a people who do not seek me? Who pursue pleasure, even perverted and murderous pleasures, instead of righteousness?

Shall I bless a people who run to the lower path and resent, even punish, the higher?

Shall I bless a government that mocks the blessed Constitution I inspired? A government full of corruption, depravity, and self-seeking greed and even betrayal of the Land of the Free, which I raised up and gave as a beacon of light and hope and abundance for my suffering children throughout this world?

Shall I bless the leaders and the legislators, who never consider their sacred oath of office taken in my sight? Shall I bless those judges and justices whose robes are filthy? Who sell justice by the pound? Shall I bless a government corrupt, selfish, and depraved from the very top to the very bottom? Shall I bless the traitors?

Shall I bless a people too dulled by sin and depravity — too blinded by fear, and the ensuing flight to all manner of addictions in desperate attempts to escape their self-inflicted pain ...while here I wait, ready to save, ready to forgive and renew but still they shun me — still they tempt me — even as nature herself pleads with them with devastations, yet only dire warnings of what they may soon bring upon themselves, by their own hand, not mine.

I wait to bless and to save, but what shall I bless?...and what shall I save?

Shall I bless a people and a nation who no longer honor me, who mock the words and the statutes I inspired?

Shall I save a people with more faith in machines, commentators, and the illusion of personal and national power, even in military power, than in the power that made them?

Shall I continue to bless a military which has become more of a business and a tool of foreign powers, than a shield from tyranny as I intend and provide?

Shall I continue to inspire and provide the highest technology to those who sell it to the enemies of freedom, with no perception of where it came from or why?

Shall I bless the sale, lock stock and barrel, of my Land of the Free to the villains of the world? Shall I bless a people who have no interest but in their next pleasure and their individual survival at any cost...because they have forgotten my faithful love and my bountiful grace?

Shall I bless the New Age? ...those who proclaim peace when there is no peace? Those who confuse weakness and appeasement with spirituality?

...Having a form of godliness, but denying the Source and power thereof.

...Ever learning, but unable to come to the knowledge of the truth?

...Heady, high-minded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God?

What shall I save of this Land of the Free to which I have given the best of everything, and which blessings they have cast aside in blind pursuit of the baubles of sin, greed, perversion, and corruption?

Shall I save the "lovers of their own selves, the covetous, boasters, the proud blasphemers, those disobedient to parents, unthankful and unholy?"

Shall I bless a nation increasingly without natural affection?

"What shall I bless?" asks the Lord.

Shall I bless my dead infants? Shall I bless the sale of their remains to be made into exotic youth-enhancing medicines and creams for the rich?

Shall I bless the hands of the physicians who kill my innocents? ...and the hands that murder even those whom I covered and brought through the devil's hands to be born alive, in spite of the abortion attempts — shall I bless the medical establishment and the government that willfully execute these, my innocent babies, in my sight?

What shall I bless? ... and what shall I save?

Shall I save the strongholds of iniquity dotting the land like fleas on a dog that sleeps in the dirt?

Shall I bless the pornography ...even the child pornography?

Shall I bless a nation which has lost its angry voice of righteous indignation? A nation that no longer defines itself? No longer aspires to stand for goodness to do justice and openly praise me?

Shall I bless a young generation which will fight for the illusion of peace, but not for the blessings of freedom? A generation standing freely in the open, proclaiming they have no freedom, denying all I have provided.

Can I bless a nation ready to surrender all I have given them for the promise of security and false abundance, made by jackals and the worst of villains waiting to devour them?

Shall I bless a naïve people, easy prey to all manner of deceit and treachery, unprotected and confused, because they have no faith in me?

"What shall I bless?" asks the Lord.

I shall bless those who feed the poor, lift the fallen, heal the sick, and visit the prisoner. I shall bless those who give my Son, Jesus, a place to lay His head and a garment to cover His nakedness.

I will bless those who keep Me in their heart.

I will find a way for those who trust in me in trouble. I will hear and comfort those who cry out to Me in tears and repentance. I will find a way, even when there is no way, for those who stand on their faith unashamedly and who wait upon the Lord.

I shall bless the nation that turns back to Me and boldly trusts in Me. With a long reach and a mighty hand, I shall bless and save the nation that honors Me again. Thus saith the Lord.

© Neil Brian Goldberg


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