Neil Brian Goldberg
Where does it end?
By Neil Brian Goldberg
June 22, 2018

My grandparents came to blessed America in 1917, thank God. They hardly spoke the language, and being Jewish, they encountered some bigotry and some injustice.

My grandfather campaigned for Roosevelt and was jumped from behind by a gang of political thugs. They put him in the hospital, but it all backfired, as the story hit the news, and helped swing Philly for Roosevelt.

My grandmother told me how the "Communists" beat her brother to death on the street, right in front of her, "because he vas chewish!", she said. Thank God, America took her in. Thank God, I was not born in Russia or any other place!

I love the nation that protected me, educated me, allowed a poor kid to have his music and messages heard all over the world. I love the nation that allowed me to experience total freedom when I was a hippy bum. (It was necessary, and matured into a genuine spiritual path, which led me to know Jesus, and best of find out that He knows me!)

So, I went through many ideas and complaints about the dilemma at the border; seems staged and timed (very possible), to have this massive crisis boil over exactly at this time, when the investigations against the old Dem gang would start steaming and screaming – boom...tens of thousands of frightened, hungry, and needy children at our gates. Away goes all that juicy news about the corruption at the FBI, the entire top of the Obama gang...and even pointing to Obama himself.

I saw young men walking with their hands behind their back, as if they had been cuffed, but one of them had to scratch his head or something, and he moved his arm away, showing their shackles were staged.

So many coming in and going right on welfare, medical, etc.

They will eventually collapse the system, I thought, but the Libs don't care...they want it to collapse, so they can have their "One World" dream. No borders, no sovereign freedom...all in the name of peace. Peace without freedom is tyranny! (btw).

Watching it all unfold, I realized that some of those kids had been kidnapped, or sold. Some were raped along the way (common knowledge). Some would be ill. Most would have bugs. Some will need serious medical attention, and all will be hungry and afraid. What to do?...and what to say?

How to argue with these fired up, dedicated 'peace and love' warriors? OK, I said, let's just open the borders, and let them all come roaring in. But what happens next month, and the next, when a million children might come? Where does it end, I wondered? They will all be on welfare, and medical...some will go into gangs.

A Mexican worker and I spoke. He's been here for decades. He told me his daughter is just now graduating to be a doctor.

I said, "Well, you paid your dues...we have a doctor!"

Many go into our military, some become police officers, and they seem to be dedicated and excellent, for the most part...but still...

I waited and watched. My ideas had all been seen, but the basic problem is not solved. What do we do with all these kids now here and coming?

Finally, a revelation. How many have we turned away with abortions?...and with many horrific abortions? Did God and Jesus sleep through all that? Is there nothing hanging over our heads?

There it is. I realized why this had come about. However you look at it, reincarnation, or just how it plays out – how it must play out according to what we, as a people, have put into motion by our horrendous actions toward the unborn and the young born – now exploited in porn films and brothels, etc.

It was clearly shown. These are the children and the babies we threw away, brought back to us...returning to us, frightened, hungry, and so in need. I understand, on a deep level, this is an offering from God to lift the curse from past abortions from our nation.

We can argue how much it will cost, how much possible trouble, etc....but if we are especially blessed for doing what we must – none of those potential problems will matter. We will be luckier, safer, and richer for it. The big issue is having God smiling on us.

I believe without a doubt that this moment is a great test for America...and I, a total closed borders guy, am delivering this message.


Do it right. Raise and educate them well. Protect them, feed them, heal them...and so wonderful God will protect and feed and raise up and heal our nation for it.

...but where does it end? When does this national karma end? Do we take in every child in our hemisphere?

Yes! We humbly and gratefully take in every single child who begs at our gates, until we build the wall, then this karma will be over. Pray hard, and often...and BUILD THAT WALL!

© Neil Brian Goldberg


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