Neil Brian Goldberg
Toxic emasculinity
By Neil Brian Goldberg
January 16, 2019

Our pathetic Dems, and their armies of "new useful idiots," have invented yet a new way for us all to lose everything. They want to discourage the fire, the drive, the outrageous genius, the risk-taking, the courage, the fierceness, and the vicious warriors, who will win at any cost – who will face and overcome any and all challenges to win to achieve total victories over the enemies who are determined to destroy everything about us.

Our boys will have to face cunning, heartless monsters – those with no conscience, no boundaries, and who feel commanded by their god and their evil religious leaders to torture, lie, and most of all, to kill, in the worst imaginable ways, those they consider the enemies of their religion. They will have to face all this and still remain human.

Trophies for all just for trying. The losers, who rarely run or play outside, who could care less about competing or trying with all they have, get the same trophy as the ones who practiced and sweat, day after day. The same reward and praise as the ones who endured severe pain, developed stamina, and athletic skills. Those who won the day.

Some schools give no grades. So the great student who stayed in, studied late, and sacrificed many good times to ace every test, is in the same league as the slouch who never studies and maybe even cheats to get by.

Such attitudes and policies serve only to discourage excellence and to encourage sloth and laziness.

"Oh, but some will have hurt feelings and much pain." Old Yogi saying, "No pain, no gain."

I was kept off the Little League Baseball team, because, as the coach's son told me, "...his father did not want any Jews on the team." I hit every pitch straight over second base in the tryouts, but no good.

I was so upset. I wanted to wear that cool uniform and run those bases, but I had heart and spirit. I was a good swimmer and made the swimming team instead. I climbed over the fence that surrounded the pool and did my fifty laps, early, every morning. Got a second place ribbon in the Junior Olympics.

All that healthy swimming developed my lungs, and I became a great singer who could hit any note and appear to hold it almost forever.

I started a fight with a six-foot-four kid who was bullying smaller kids. Fortunately, my big Irish buddy saw this from across the gym, stepped in, and popped him for me.

I was rarely a winner, but never a loser. I had a dad. He was a Marine. He pushed me, made me work hard, made me hate him at times. But now I understand. My Dad would not let his over-pampered son be a weakling or a loser. I hated him then, but I love him for it now. And everyone knows not to start up with me, 'cause I will fight, smart and long, 'til I win or make my oppressors sorry. Ask James Cameron and his Hollywood lawyers (not finished with them yet).

Turning the other cheek comes easy for me, but only to a point. I fought the most powerful entities in Santa Cruz, California and won. Now, I continue to battle the Hollywood Swamp until I am paid and credited for having written the original Terminator story and action sound tracks.

These rats own the courts and the filthy federal judges, but I may have found a way to defeat them. My righteous case is now with the Justice Department. If there is any integrity left there, I expect a stunning victory over all the power of the filthy, depraved, corrupt and un-American Hollywood Swamp. (Here it is, Mr. President, take a look: Goldberg vs. James Cameron, Jane Fonda, and Gayle Anne Hurd). Point is, sometimes you have to fight; and if you fight, male or female – some Toxic Masculinity, under control – can be very helpful, if only to see it all the way through. That is the spirit of endurance, devotion, and determination to succeed.

America, now more than ever, needs a good amount of Toxic Masculinity – heroes, champions, great and fearless warriors, and millions of sincere "do-gooders."

We also need "losers," because out of the sting of defeat, greatness can be born. Through the fury of injustice, determination and relentless will arise to overcome, but only if the victims harbor the attitude of standing strong, of believing they can win, or at least make a chink in the armor.

No daunting task or insurmountable challenge can discourage one who has the steel will to survive to win, to teach the bastards a lesson they will always remember.

"Oh, no," they will say. "We need gentle men. We need compromisers. We need men who cry a lot, and bow and scrape to get by." Sorry, dearies, we need fierce warriors, great risk takers, smart, fearless commanders, and WINNERS!


These enemies...I know, "there are no enemies. We are all one in spirit, etc., etc." Tell that to the guys about to savage your family.

I know, I know, now I am a "fear monger."

"There is no danger, the U.S. should unilaterally disarm, and then our enemies will see what good people we are." They believe.

No, those tyrants would march in today, if they could. They would not wait one day, if they could over run us. They would come today.

The tyrants always want "peace." They will sign any document, make any promises, and cut our throats at the first opportunity.

Here is the riddle to be solved. Can the Dems and the libs really be that obtuse? This naive? Do these old horses need to check their meds, or do they wish for a disguised surrender into a glorious One World Government of "peace and love?"

...but there is a problem, which they don't want to face; peace without freedom is tyranny.

The world elites no longer really recognize nations, borders, cultures, or rights of any people. Their attitude is, "Who do these Americans think they are thinking they are entitled to freedom and rights? We will undermine, encroach, and insidiously work against this nonsense, until we bring them to their knees, as we have all the others."

...but they did not count on Donald Trump, and they cannot imagine the fierce resolve of the American people. Their only hope is to have us overrun by hordes of desperate peasants, psychopaths, and haters, mixed in with the many good people coming to then create divisions, and finally, strife.

A very clever plan. Get a man of color, a jihadist, elected and play the race card at every turn. This carries on to the same tactics regarding our being invaded. "Racists." "Haters."

May I submit that most of those yelling "racist" are themselves the racists? Those accusing us of hate are the haters; and we are witnessing yet another case of "mass projection." The psychological principle where those afflicted with ignorance and/or hatred, accuse others of their own condition.

Now is this really a case of mass projection, or is it an intentional tool to win by devious devices? Those New Age and spiritual people who may hate Donald Trump, are they not full of least in that regard? Is it OK to hate, if the reason is sacred enough?

"Sacred" is not purely a religious term. It also applies to any over-attachment. Any ego investment, which we cannot afford to lose.

This is now the actual battle for America. The commie/socialists aim to take over, and then "We The People" will be the ones looking for "sanctuary," but would find none. We will not be welcomed, supported, or protected as we have done for them.

A nation without courageous warriors, risk takers, winners, and determined losers who will try, try again – such a neutered society – cannot survive in today's world.

I found a book years ago lying on a metal grate along a sidewalk, "A Strange Defeat" by Marc Bloch. Mr. Bloch witnessed both the First and Second World Wars as a citizen of France.

He told how and why France was so easily overrun by the Germans in World War II.

He described how France was evenly divided – half the country wanted peace at any cost, and half wanted France to become strong again. There was little devotion within the ranks of the government, and the old timers ran everything, especially the military – shunning the new ideas and warnings from younger officers and officials.

Distrust and frustration with the government led to a sentiment of "Let it all fall, then. At least we will be rid of this corrupt and inept government."

Marc Bloch went on to say, "Little did they realize what it would be like to live in that wasteland of Starvation Zone, under the jack boot of tyranny....and that, because of the rise of 'International Pacifism'... unknowingly, they had raised a generation of cowards!"

Mr. Bloch went on to blame the rise of "International Pacifism," taking hold everywhere, except within the nations planning the next war. We all remember Chamberlain, waving the meaningless paper, pretending to be a peace treaty. "Our two nations will never again go to war...."

Most everyone applauded and celebrated, and went about their usual business, while evil Hitler plotted his invasion of France. (Look at the photo from Munich. Hitler's hands and strained knuckles tell it all, as if he were thinking, "Is it possible? Can it be this easy?")

This is what happened to France, and this is happening to America, as you read. The New Age dreamers and the so-called spiritual communities across this nation are ready, willing, and worst of all, able to surrender – a disguised surrender in the name of peace based on a false pacifism. A peace which does not exist, and which will never come about, except through strength – great, indomitable, victorious strength, supported by "Toxic Masculinity," and based on intense patriotism.

Not blind, goose-stepping patriotism, but by intense patriotism with eyes wide open, aware of all we have been given, and of all we have to lose. Patriotism based on the goodness of our nation, and of our people. Patriotism based on the founding principles of equality, justice, and true freedom – realizing the incomparable greatness and prosperity which this freedom has produced.

Yes, these are modern times. So much is new and unprecedented, but water is still wet, fire still burns, what goes up still comes down, and freedom is still worth fighting for. Stay strong, stand with our great, great freedom-warrior president, Donald Trump.

Bottom line, these may be the end times. Come soon, Jesus.

© Neil Brian Goldberg


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