Neil Brian Goldberg
For the heart, soul, and future of America
By Neil Brian Goldberg
February 3, 2019

Many years ago, I had success in the music industry. My songs were being heard all over the world, but I was never happy. I was a very troubled and afflicted young man.

After much "self-improvement"' work, great progress was made, but still, I had not changed. Finally, I heard about "Emotional Trauma Release," a technique where one talks about their feelings lying on their backs in the presence of a facilitator, who keeps pointing you back to your feelings. "How does that make you feel?"

Finally a "trigger" word or phrase opens the floodgates, and hidden feelings, long buried beneath personality, and all sorts of neurotic behavior and illogical over- or under-reactions.

There I was, on my back, when suddenly I was taken all the way back to my mother's womb. In total terror, I screamed and begged.


Over and over, for at least half an hour. It was like regurgitating. My feelings exploded out, as if a giant dam had burst, completely beyond my control.

I realized that I had just relived the attempt to kill me before I was born. No matter how I screamed, no one could hear me, and I came to understand why I had always been loud and showy, and so afraid everyone would find out how afraid I was. I desperately wanted to be heard.

When I asked my father about it all, he admitted that they had planned to end the pregnancy; that times were hard, and they didn't think they could make it with a second child and thought it was amazing that I had found it out.

There is a curse on our politics, which is becoming a curse on our nation. Some will say, "hocus-pocus," or "religious fear-mongering" – and I wonder if many will even notice the connection, when Mother Nature, or worse, shows her hand?

It is not one or ten such murders which would be bad enough – it is about hundreds of thousands or more.

Every "millennial," "spiritual," and "New Age" person knows about Karma and how to rationalize it to serve their same, continuing proclivities and needs...but when it comes to this one issue, of abortion, what goes up does not come down, fire does not burn, and water is not wet. They turn a blind eye and cleverly rationalize stopping a tiny heart, ending a life to be. They know so much about it all, and that is their blindness.

They change their desires – a small car, instead of a big car; a ranch, instead of a house on a street. Ecstasy instead of acid, and alcohol instead of pot, but nothing changes.

Life is easy for most of them, even if they are "struggling." Good jobs, benefits, friends, and connections, and as a group, they have great power. Most are good organizers, passionate, and solid in their beliefs, but with no "religious" connotations to be sure.

Any mention or respect toward the Living God, The Holy One, or His Son Jesus is completely out of bounds.

Here is their problem. They know enough history to have valid reasons to reject and despise religions. The thing the oh-so educated Millennials don't realize is that "religion" is not God, and that God is not "religion."

Religions are formed by the minds and hands of men, even if Divinely Inspired. All religion has a source. God, however, is God's own Source. No beginning, no end. Maybe they will understand this, "God is now!"

All that we see and know changes. Our mind constantly changes, nature constantly changes. Music, thoughts, the planets, the stars, and the entire universe which holds them...all constantly changing, except for one thing...the essence of it all. The life that is every atom of every object, including motion, and including "nothing," but GOD NEVER CHANGES.

...and the big thing they are missing, and secretly yearning for, is their God. They take to lesser gods and goddesses, and light candles to get things. It works to a point, but the conscious or unconscious dissatisfaction remains.

The sneaky hypocrite remains. He has fooled everyone but himself. He can hide from others, but he can't hide from himself, because he has not yet surrendered. "Everyone wants to be 'reborn,' but no one wants to die."

Different names and images are created by men and worshipped by hungry souls hoping for any sign that they are OK, that they will make it through, that they are somehow loved by a love that never will change, but there is only One God.

No matter how many names and images are created, there is only One living God from whom all other gods, philosophies, and religions originate. Some are delivered purely, some tainted by the minds, or lack of skill, of humans.

There are many convenient philosophies for those needing to capture many minds. Find the purest cause, give it the right altruistic name, hide the real intentions, but serve those intentions secretly, while pretending to save the world.

The next presidential/congressional elections will be for the heart and soul of America, as never before. Bigger than slavery, as big and as consequential as war.

The next election will determine if our land holds together. Whether our society will rise or diminish into chaos and hopeless, never-ending problems, or whether we will continue to be the most blessed and favored Nation in history.

Because no matter how they try to hide it or how they spin it as all about a woman's rights, the next election will be about becoming a nation that honors death, or a nation that honors God-given life. (Of course, there must be well-defined, unarguable exceptions.)

A woman driver has the right to drive off a cliff. It's her car and her life, but not when she has a passenger. It is no longer only her body, and no longer only her rights. There is another now sharing that body – perhaps a little girl. Does she have a woman's right to live?

The biggest questions are: Is there really a God, and does what goes up really come down? Destinies of nations are not determined only by numbers of soldiers or dollars. There are unseen influences – more powerful than the largest armies and the wealthiest economies.

When the sea rises or the ground shakes, when disease or fierce weather cripples an army, when the crops don't grow, and when women stop conceiving, humankind is helpless.

"Faith is more powerful than government, and nothing is more powerful than God." – Donald Trump

The next election will be about abortion at any stage, including murdering an already fully born, healthy infant deemed "inconvenient."

The next election will determine the future of freedom, and the rise or fall of Great America.

© Neil Brian Goldberg


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