Alan Keyes
If the Democrats win, will liberty be gone?
By Alan Keyes
October 22, 2018

I am not at all surprised that Facebook is practicing repressive policies aimed at stifling political views at odds with its elitist totalitarian corporate culture. Facebook's success rests on luring people into accepting a corporate culture that amounts to indentured servitude/slave labor. People provide information and entertainment to audiences who are then exploited to produce advertising and other revenue – including revenue from the sale of information about their habits and views. But the people who produce the shows receive no share of the profits. Facebook's cuddly relationship with the totalitarian personal/party dictatorship in China probably means that its profits from information peddling probably include helping with the identification and repression of internal dissidence, as well as international information-gathering efforts (some would call it espionage).

Leave such speculation aside. The open face of Facebook's new vocation as the self-appointed czar of ideological discrimination is bad enough. Because the Chinese totalitarians demanded that Facebook conform to their culture of viewpoint suppression, Facebook developed sophisticated techniques for doing so. They now seek to apply those techniques against the constitutional self-government of the American people. As part of the right (corporate fascist) and left-wing (communist) socialist totalitarian putsch to overthrow decent liberty in the United States, they are acting vigorously to eliminate outlets heretofore safeguarded under the Constitution of the United States.

I reiterate that given Facebook's slave-labor economic model, its leadership's commitment to totalitarian viewpoint suppression isn't surprising. It ought to be surprising to Americans, however, that their representatives in Congress are doing nothing about it. In fact, the interest Congress has taken in the faux hearings that have occurred to "investigate" Facebook's viewpoint repression seems mostly focused on how Facebook's commissars are carrying out their thought control mission. The preoccupation with technique leaves Facebook's tech-totalitarians fully in control, accountable to no one.

This makes perfect sense once one accepts the fact that the present so-called two-party political system in the United States is a sham. It masks the political dominance of an elitist faction hostile to the self-government – of, by, and for the people – that the Constitution of the United States is supposed to serve. As I have argued extensively before, it masks that faction's utter rejection of the premises of God-endowed unalienable right, including liberty, on which the American people ordained and established the Constitution of the United States.

Many Americans still take it for granted that the premises of rightful liberty are still to be respected by governments (local, state, and federal) in the United States.

Some are aware of the signs – on university campuses, for instance, and in urban and other areas where local government is in the hands of openly socialist totalitarians wearing the Democratic Party label – that not a few Americans have abandoned these premises, in some cases with unveiled hostility and aggression. Some have noticed that in TV shows and movies produced by the socialist, totalitarian elitist faction's cadre in the so-called entertainment (actually indoctrination) media, the assumption of fundamental, constitutionally safeguarded rights is more and more pushed aside and even attacked.

Some Americans have come awake, but not nearly enough. Like people sleeping in the basement room of a house when the hurricane hits, they dream they are still living in the sweet land of liberty. But the destructive wall of wind and slashing rain that has already washed away its outer islands is fast approaching the land they falsely assume to be secure. The election in November could signal its raging landfall.

It will come in the form of a Democratic majority in either or both houses of Congress. It will come despite the national report, delivered in 2016, which highlighted the looming destruction and promised vigorous preparations to withstand the threat. That report still resounds, leading some to believe that the storm is abating. Gratefully, they retreat to the basement for sleeping, trusting its walls will be enough to guard against some chance occurrence, but trusting above all that things are getting better, hence all will be well.

They forget that nothing happened in 2016 that was not of their own making. And nothing will happen in the years ahead, if they falsely trust that someone else is doing what they absolutely must do for themselves. Facebook is now repressing precisely the voices most likely to sound that alarm. Its totalitarian masters know that what is coming is part of a political storm like nothing Americans have seen before. It is a storm oddly combining the brownshirt violence of right-wing socialist infamy, with the Soviet mobs of Marxist revolutionary fame. It includes the terror-inflicting harbingers of the dreaded army of internal control Obama openly dreamt of making at least as large as the U.S. military.

The storm of repression, breathing coldly lethal rage, has been preceded by a storm of calumnies, spitting fiery lies. Truth is cast into the wind, for nothing matters but to scour the landscape of liberty so that nowhere will be preoccupied or withheld from the stern constructions of totalitarian tyranny. Babylon is not yet falling. Babylon comes. It means to replace the godly dream of liberty that rose on the strength of Christian faith, in the light of Christ's redeeming love, which included sorrow and works of repentance.

In 2016, a majority of American voters sincerely believed, despite some misgivings, that by electing President Trump they would create an opening by which faith might enter to re-energize our nation's confident strength. The jury is still out, but the verdict leans toward confirming that belief. But now is not the time for liberty's defense to rest. Voters who awakened to vote their hope in 2016 need now to fling away even the slightest doubt that everything depends on their election. Either they will show up at the firing line of political battle in the November elections – if possible in larger numbers than they ever did before; or they will, by their false complacency, let the enemies of God-fearing liberty open the gates of hell upon the people of the United States.

This isn't just about party labels – though the label intending evil for our liberty has made itself noxiously evident. It's about removing any excuse for the elitist faction's minions – still predominant in the leadership of both parties, but violently raging among Democrats – to pretend that they must abandon God-fearing rights, including liberty, to avoid a government collapse.

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