Larry Klayman
Republicans silent as Middle East burns
By Larry Klayman
February 19, 2011

We all know where the "mullah in chief," President Barack Hussein Obama, stands on Israel and the Middle East — four square with the previous "idiot in chief," former President Jimmy Carter. Like Carter, who believes in the "innocence of strangers" like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah — terror groups that in Jimmy's senile anti-Semitic mind he thinks are fellow "democrats" — Obama's pro-Muslim inclinations lead him to ignore the freedom movement in Iran, which is largely secular, and work against the Jewish state, Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East.

Indeed, while quick to push Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak out the door and open it up for the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, made scant mention of the demonstrations in Iran this week, saying only that they wished the mullahs — who are executing the opposition at a rate of one every nine hours — would honor universal concepts of freedom of speech. Nothing was said about so-called "regime change," which they were quick to advocate with Egypt. And when, in the last days, the neo-Nazi Islamic Iranian regime expressed its intention to send warships into the Suez Canal zone at Israel's doorstep — which is more than even a provocation, but a virtual act of war — what did Obama and Ms. Hillary say about that? Nada, rien, zero, nothing! And, to top it all off, there is the administration's desire, for the first time in U.S. history, to soon support a new but retooled United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlements on its West Bank — land God gave to the Jewish people and which they reclaimed at the cost of Hebrew blood in the 1967 war.

Get the picture? Israel and a free Iran, which would be a natural ally of Israel and the West, get urinated on, while so called democracy movements in Arab states like Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia and Libya — which are likely to turn to radical Islam in time if their current rulers are deposed — get direct or tacit administration support.

Here, however, are the facts of life in the Holy Land.

Israel — the cradle of Judeo-Christian civilization, steeped in Western values and ideals and loyal to the United States — is so vital to American interests that it must not be abandoned and thrown to rabid Arab designs for its extinction. Israel is on the verge of becoming totally isolated and surrounded, even more so than before its war of independence in 1948, with neighbors bent on its destruction. Its continued existence is in great doubt if it is not strongly supported by the United States.

In the context of this geo-political milieu and Obama's hostility to Judeo-Christian interests in the Middle East, one would think that the Republican Party — the professed champion of freedom, religious rights and democracy — would step in and at least come to Israel's moral defense. But instead, what we have seen in recent weeks are so-called prominent establishment Republicans like Sen. John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani not only supporting the administration's handling of the Egyptian crisis, but saying nothing otherwise. Where, too, are establishment hacks Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House John Boehner at this time of need? Nowhere! Instead, they are totally engrossed in their "budget battles" with Democrats — political skirmishing that if the past is a prologue will be more positioning for the 2012 elections than in the end a real and successful effort to bring down the perilous budget deficit.

With the exception of the German Marshall Plan after World War II and President Ronald Reagan's successful dismantling of the Soviet Empire, the United States has had scant foreign-policy successes in the last half of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st. The reality is that our leaders are woefully uneducated about the rest of the world, and they have a penchant for ignoring crises before they turn cancerous. To be blunt, our foreign-policy establishment sucks! The stupid and costly war in Iraq, now going on its ninth year at the great cost of American lives, money and prestige, is just the latest example. Here, our "leaders" succeeded in simply having radical Shiites loyal to the mullahs in Tehran declared democrats, with a small "d," through phony elections. And, when our troops leave, as they surely must, no crowing over the success of Bush's military "surge" will make any difference. Iraq will revert even more to its past, and the waste in American lives and finances will become even more apparent. Ditto for Afghanistan and Pakistan — other Middle Eastern and Central Asian foreign-policy disasters on the horizon.

So with this bleak a picture in sight, why are the Republicans, the so-called opposition party, not speaking out and being heard? Why are they not pushing Obama and Clinton to protect our one ally in the Middle East, Israel? Is this a virtual replay of the President George W. Bush years, another uneducated idiot — albeit a right-wing one — that left the world and our domestic economy in virtual ruins.

The Middle East, so vital to our national interests, so rich in energy and geographical significance to the defense of the Western world, is hanging in the balance.

And while Israel is being left to hang out to dry, the Republican Party is giving President Barack Hussein Obama free reign to, in his own clever way, fatally harm our ally and pave the way for radical Islamic domination over the entire region.

Shame on you, Republicans! You may not be pro-Islam like the mullah in chief, but, with your inaction, you are certainly furthering his anti-Judeo-Christian designs and endangering Israel, the United States and the entire Western world in the process.

Like Obama and his Democrats, Republicans should be prepared to pay a price in 2012. We Americans just hope there is a price to be paid by then, before the Middle East collapses under Islamic rule, the price of oil skyrockets and the world goes to economic and geopolitical hell in a hand basket.

© Larry Klayman


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