Larry Klayman
Hollywood Jews must help save Israel
By Larry Klayman
May 22, 2011

Emboldened by increased popularity brought about by the killing of Osama bin Laden, Barack Hussein Obama, our first "Muslim" president, has joined with Palestinians to now knock off Israel. In a speech delivered not only to intimidate but also again embarrass Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just prior to his state visit to Washington, D.C., the "mullah in chief" demanded that Israel give back all the land it acquired in the 1967 war to the Palestinians, thus compromising the Jewish state's national security. This would mean ceding all of the West Bank, including but not limited to East Jerusalem, to the Palestinians, allowing Israel to be split in two in the event of a quick successful assault by Arabs to cut bifurcate the nation. It would also mean that Christian and Jewish holy sites, from the places where Jesus was crucified and resurrected to the sacred wailing wall, would fall into the control of Muslims hostile to our Judeo-Christian roots and culture.

This rank "chutzpah" by Obama is not isolated. Since the beginning of his presidency two and a half years ago, he has steadfastly unmasked his disdain for Jews and Christians, first by giving a pandering "Cairo" speech apologizing to the Arab world for American "atrocities," then bowing down to the king of Saudi Arabia, canceling the White House National Day of Prayer celebration and instead feasting the Arab holiday of Ramadan, endorsing the Ground Zero mosque, and last but hardly least using the death of Osama bin Laden to effectively argue that al-Qaida's terror threat is over and that now we can have "healing" with the Muslim world — despite its having done nothing to bring the master terrorist to justice. It would appear that Obama identifies more with his father's Muslim faith than his own feigned and politically convenient alleged Christianity.

Despite this onslaught against Judaism and Christianity, few Republicans — the opposition party — have challenged Obama in any real way. Perhaps preoccupied in budget fights with leftist Democrats and their own machinations of trying to find a viable presidential candidate for 2012, the Grand Old Party has been largely absent.

Our nation is adrift, and the political elite, particularly on the banks of the Potomac, has proved impotent or unwilling to act against a president bent on destroying our religious roots.

The only recourse is to go over the heads of Obama and his Democratic comrades to the American people. I am endeavoring, particularly with regard to Israel, to do just that. We need to explain to the "uneducated masses" how important the Jewish state is to everyone's interests. For if we do not preserve the cradle of Judaism and Christianity for ourselves and our children and grandchildren, we will have lost not only our spirituality, but also the sense of who we are. I, for one, am not content to allow Obama and his "fellow" Muslims convert our nation into a de facto Islamic state — however agreeable to the likes of the president's friends and acquaintances such as Jew haters and atheists Rev. Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

To this end, the best way to reach the American people is through its entertainment industry in Hollywood. Rather than the courts or any other institution, Hollywood can be powerful educator to show the American people that Israel is one with our nation.

Whether through awards events, documentaries or movies like "Exodus," the famous Paul Newman flick that explained the origins and need for a Jewish state following the Holocaust, Hollywood can play an instrumental role in backing Obama into a corner politically by isolating him not only from his liberal Jewish support base, but others to the left and center who do care about Israel.

But while many non-Jewish Hollywood stars on the right are supportive of Israel, such as Jon Voight, Pat Boone, Gary Sinese and a host of others, Tinseltown's leftist and middle-of-the-road entertainers have historically not lifted a hand. Even those of Jewish origin shy away from the "Israel issue," as a result of their "secularism" or for fear of retaliation by leftist movie producers that will boycott them from further work. Hollywood, while largely controlled by Jews, is also largely self-hating when it comes to Israel. While stars like Ed Asner will dole out millions in time and money to help other causes, they and their ilk are absent when it comes to the Jewish state. Its simply not chic or good for business to support Israel. Palestinians, not fellow Jews, are God's chosen people in their eyes.

This Hollywood leftist Jewish culture must change, and change quickly. Leftist Jews in the entertainment industry, if they permanently lose a sense of who they are and where they come from, will themselves be held out to dry someday, perhaps even by their "savior," Barack Hussein Obama. The lessons of naÔve and arrogant Jews in pre-World War II Germany, who believed that they were immune from Hitler's threats because they were first German, should serve as a stark lesson.

During World War II, there were even Jews who collaborated with the Nazis and participated in sending their fellow Jews to death. They became known as "Hitler's Jews." Today, we have "Hollywood Jews," beautiful people who are so deluded in their leftist ideology that they do not even know, or want to know, what is good for them and their families.

We need to mobilize Hollywood to tell the story of Israel and its importance for the nation. We need to preserve our our way of life. We need to protect our religious freedoms, which are under attack by our "Muslim" president and his fellow anti-Semites and anti-Christian haters.

Hollywood is the key to get the masses to understand that we must all help Israel before it is too late and it ceases to exist. And, Obama must understand that he will lose support from his past Jewish voters and will not be re-elected if he harms Israel and compromises its security. For if Israel is compromised and goes under, so too will our nation and its Judeo-Christian heritage.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu eloquently said yesterday in a press conference following his White House meeting with Obama, Israel must be protected and preserved because the Jewish people (and by extension Christians) will "not get a second chance" following their historic carnage by Nazis, hostile Muslims and others.

© Larry Klayman


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