Larry Klayman
Iran finally brought to justice
By Larry Klayman
March 30, 2013

The Islamic republic of Iran is the most evil of all the terrorist designated states. Supported by the China, North Korea, Russia and deceased dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, its rulers have brutally suppressed a valiant freedom movement that sought to overthrow the regime, as much less sophisticated Muslim states, like Egypt, have waged their so-called Arab Spring. The irony is that these Arab states do not, and cannot, appreciate true democracy, and their level of civilization and modern sophistication among the populace is far less than among the secular elements in Iran who are fighting for freedom.

President Barack Hussein Obama, at heart a Muslim, has taken no action in the last four years to support the Iranian freedom movement, as he likely feels a kinship with the mullahs. Indeed, this publication has coined a phrase for Obama as the "First Muslim President." But regardless of whether the "mullah in chief" is sympathetic to the regime, his record of inaction stands on its own. So too do the talk big and take no action establishment Republicans like Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham. For "fun" they get their kicks advocating military intervention with regard to much lesser nefarious interests in the Muslim world – nation states and terrorist groups that pale in comparison to the power of and evilness of the rulers of Iran.

The reality is that we fought the wrong wars over the last 10 years and lost them all, nevertheless. Today, Iraq is for all practical purposes a Shiite sister proxy state of Iran. So, too, in practice is Afghanistan, as the Taliban, with Iranian financial and logistical support, has resurfaced with a vengeance and is much more dominant than the corrupt and feckless Afghani government itself. It would have made preeminent sense for the United States to early on have supported, with covert and any other means, the Iranian freedom movement and, if necessary, used military force to overthrow this evil neo-Nazi regime. But our leaders did not want, for whatever reason, to take on the "big bully" in the Middle Eastern neighborhood, which would have required more courage. This was a huge mistake, as the Iranian regime's cancer of death has metastasized and spread over the last 10 years, and the Islamic state is now not only a nuclear but great conventional military power, which even Israel fears taking on directly despite credible threats by the mullahs to wipe the Jewish state off the face of the Earth. Iran also supports Hamas, Hezbollah, Syrian President Assad and every other terrorist state and interest in the region bent on furthering not just the destruction of Israel and a radical Muslim revolution in the Middle East in general, but also the destruction of the United States as a world power.

That being said, about three years ago, on behalf of a brave Persian Mohammadi family whose sons and brothers Akbar and Manouchehr were the first student leaders to call and actively work for regime change in Iran, I brought a lawsuit against the rulers of this evil nation. The regime, true to form, had imprisoned both Akbar and Manouchehr, and then proceeded to terrorize the Mohammadi family as a whole. Akbar was tortured and eventually killed (WARNING: Graphic content: See the video that shows the inhuman mutilation of his body), and Manouchehr was placed under a death sentence in Evin prison. After seven years in jail, Manouchehr escaped and now lives in the United States. The sisters, other brother and parents of these two brave freedom fighters have also paid their price, both physically and emotionally. They are forever damaged and scarred, but continue to pray for Iranian freedom while grieving for Akbar.

I urge you all to read thoroughly the complaint as it sets forth in great detail why Islamic Iran is the greatest threat to Western civilization today. See

Here are just a few excerpts:

"While in prison, Akbar was subjected to repeated bouts of torture and cruel and unusual forms of punishment, causing him to go deaf, and be in a constant state of agony."

"Akbar, like many members of the Class herein, was placed in solitary confinement for long stretches of time, subjected to extreme conditions, and brutal beatings, all of which damaged him both physically and psychologically."

"Finally on July 31st, 2006, Akbar was murdered in Evin prison during a torture session, his long grueling prison term mercilessly ended by the regime."

Now, finally, after three years of litigation the case is coming to trial next week. Testifying for Akbar, Manoucher and the family, as well as all freedom loving Iranians and peoples of the world, will not just be members of the Mohammadi family, but the distinguished likes of former CIA Director James Woolsey, former Reagan administration United Nation's Ambassador Alan Keyes, former Reagan administration national security adviser and Iran expert Michael Ledeen and Ken Timmerman, executive director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran and a brave investigative reporter and Iran expert who himself was imprisoned at one time by terrorists in the Middle East, among a host of others, including defectors from the Iranian government. They all will provide evidence not just about how and why the Mohammadis were tortured and in Akbar's case killed for their efforts to free the Persian people from Islamic neo-Nazi oppression under Shariah law, but why the world must wake up and now take strong measures to extinguish this truly evil regime, much as it was forced to do with Hitler's Third Reich. The trial will be much like the Nuremberg Nazi show trials after World War II.

It is indeed sad and underscores the worthless cowardliness of our government that the Mohammadis have had to take the lead in obtaining justice against the mullahs in Tehran. If our government had supported the Iranian freedom movement years ago, which was on the verge of overthrowing the regime, the world would not now be faced with this new "Evil Empire," this time a radical Muslim one, and its real threat of a second nuclear Holocaust.

We can all take some solace that, at least for the Mohammadi family, justice finally now will be meted out in a federal courtroom in Washington, D.C., for all the world to witness, up close and personal, the inhuman nature of the Iranian Islamic regime.

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