Larry Klayman
Obstruction of justice, Holder-style
By Larry Klayman
May 18, 2013

Two years ago, in early May 2011, after decades of fighting government corruption in the Clinton, Bush and now Obama administrations, I ran into Attorney General Eric Holder at the White House Correspondents Dinner after-party at the French ambassador's residence in Washington, D.C. Carrying on a brief conversation with Bill O'Reilly, I pivoted to my left to see "his legal eminence" behind me. Although over the years I had had previous occasions at other Washington events to confront Holder (events I no longer attend as the odor from the establishment types is too much to endure), I never took the opportunity, as I frankly have no respect for him and did not want to dignify or even acknowledge his presence. But that night, given his proximity to me, and having been a bit lubricated thanks to a few screwdrivers, reflexively and on the spur of the moment I figured what the heck; at least Holder's reaction to me would make good material for my newest book.

So as I turned to see Holder hanging over my shoulder, for "fun" I decided to approach the man who deep-sixed the Clinton Chinagate scandal while deputy attorney general at the Clinton Justice Department, sold pardons to such crooks as Marc Rich on behalf of Bill and Hillary, spearheaded the indictment of persons such as Commerce Department Secretary Ron Brown's girlfriend Nolanda Hill to try to shut them up (Hill had the goods on Hillary Clinton's selling seats on Department trade missions for $100,000 in illegal campaign contributions), covered up and refused to prosecute voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential elections, looked the other way when other voter crimes by an Obama front group named ACORN surfaced, lied to Congress about Obama Justice Department involvement in a gunrunning scheme to Mexican drug lords that became known as "Fast and Furious" and a host of other capers to suppress evidence and thwart prosecutions during both the Clinton and Obama administrations. The bottom line is that while presenting a nice image, Holder is one of the sleaziest operators in Washington, D.C. – a man of mixed black-white heritage who "cleverly" uses and plays the "race card," much like his master, President Obama, to defect criticism for his illegal deeds when it suits him.

"Eric, " I opened, holding out my hand to shake his. "We have never met but I thought after all these years I would finally personally introduce myself," I added somewhat sarcastically. Looking at me from his tall but hunched-over frame with a bemused and wry smile, as Holder had apparently downed a few brews as well, he responded in his characteristically smooth and slick voice: "Larry, nice to meet you, too." He then closed, with a smirk, "Have you come to serve me with a subpoena?"

I laughed tersely but in shock. The nation's top law enforcement officer, and a fellow lawyer who was at the helm of my alma mater at the U.S. Justice Department, had joked about his own criminal behavior, demeaning not only the office of attorney general but also making light of his own lack of ethics and honesty. I thought to myself, "how revealing." Holder himself at least knows who he really is and finds it necessary to deflect by joking about his depraved self. Indeed, this candor, couched in attempted humor, says legions not just about Holder, but the people he has served, the Clintons and former Attorney General Janet Reno, and is now serving, President Barack Hussein Obama.

This week a bombshell exploded, and a new, huge and potentially fatal Nixonian scandal surfaced with regard to President Obama – not to mention the burgeoning Benghazi, Associated Press and Navy SEALs scandals, which also reared their head in great or greater force. Of course, I am referring to the IRS scandal, where federal agents in the Obama administration, most likely at the direction of Obama and his White House, targeted conservative, pro-Israel and Judeo-Christian religious groups for extra-scrutiny and thus "special treatment" with regard to their tax-exempt status. And, this is likely just the tip of the iceberg, as more revelations are more than likely to emerge.

Caught like deer in headlights, President Obama and his administration scrambled to try to explain away this political misuse of the IRS. Indeed the Tax Reform Act of 1996 criminalizes any contact by the president and/or the White House over a taxpayer-related matter. However, other than just pontificating his feigned disgust at hastily called press conferences – personally and through his dishonest press secretary, Jay Carney – President Obama and his minions, much as was true with the Chinagate scandal during the Clinton years, summoned Attorney General Eric Holder into action. Announcing that he had commenced a criminal investigation of IRS-gate, Holder, as he and Attorney General Janet Reno did during the Clinton Chinagate scandal of the late 1990s, was in effect seeking to obstruct justice. Not only will Holder and his leftist "yes men" at the Justice Department fail to bring any higher ups to "justice," and in particular President Obama, but by commencing a so-called criminal investigation the attorney general will now claim that key documents, witnesses and other evidence cannot be made available to Congress and the American people – as he and the Obama administration will claim that they are exempt from production due to the criminal probe.

Holder is a shrewd operator; how else could a person so corrupt continue to serve as attorney general of the United States of America? But, by his own actions, he is a perfect partner for President Obama. The two of them are criminals and must eventually and swiftly be brought to justice before they succeed at destroying this country. I will seek their indictment before a Citizens Grand Jury in Ocala, Fla., but the official organs of government must also be held to account. Congress must do its job despite the ongoing fraudulent criminal investigation of the Obama-Holder Justice Department. Short of this, the American people must rise up and themselves take care of legal business as they did in 1776! The die is cast!

© Larry Klayman


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