Larry Klayman
Israeli government bows down to Obama
By Larry Klayman
February 10, 2014

Several weeks ago, at a demonstration before the World War II Memorial, I appeared with other tea-party leaders such as Sarah Palin and Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and spoke to a crowd of agitated patriots who had been outrageously shut out of the monument during the government shutdown. I spoke from my heart – in effect, I was on "auto-drive." At a few points in my exhortation, I talked about how President Barack Hussein Obama "bows down to Allah" and how he should be legally forced to "get up off his knees, put the Quran down and come out of the White House with his hands up." In so doing, I was using these metaphoric references to explain how and why our "Mullah in Chief" has favored Arab and Muslim interests at every turn during his administration, to the detriment not just of our heroic fighting men and women in Middle East theaters, but he has also done everything he can to harm the land of Jesus and Moses, Israel.

My comments caused more than a stir; indeed for about 10 days, MSNBC, CNN and other left-leaning networks lambasted me 24/7, using my candid remarks to try to make their point that the tea party is racist. In an interview with then MSNBC host Martin Bashir, he attempted to slime me but failed. One of the other degenerate MSNBC hosts, Al Sharpton, failed as well. While the left's tactics were disgraceful, I was pleased that someone had finally caught the nation's attention with the hard truth – that our president is an anti-Semitic, anti-Christian bigot who favors Muslim interests over our own. It needed to be said.

Yet the sad irony is that while Obama, who is by birth half Muslim and in his heart and actions entirely Muslim, has done everything he can to harm Israel, the Israeli government and its so-called strongest supporter in the United States, the lobbying group AIPAC – in typical Jewish fashion, as in the days leading up to the Holocaust, when German Jews tried to think "good thoughts" – have done nearly everything they could, however naively, to further Obama's antipathy toward Judeo-Christian interests and undermine Israeli and American national security interests. As a Jewish Christian and a proud Zionist (meaning that the land of Zion was bequeathed by God to Jews and by extension Christians, not Muslims), I am deeply saddened.

First, for five years now during Obama' reign the eloquent but feckless prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has talked a good game about how the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear bomb and missile programs present an "existential" threat to the survival of his nation, but he has otherwise bowed down to Obama at every turn when it comes to actually destroying Iran's threat. Going along with Obama's meaningless sanctions rather than taking out Iran's nuclear facilities when this was still militarily possible (it no longer is), which have produced only prolonged negotiations and provided more time for the mullahs in Tehran to come to the brink of assembling nuclear weapons (they can now assemble the parts in a few weeks if not days), Netanyahu and his coalition government have cowered and lost their previously stellar and successful Israeli nerve. Now, they and the Western world are having to contend with an already nuclear Iran, one that will not only destabilize the Middle East even more, but one that presents a real threat of catastrophic attack on the United States – as the Iranians now also have intercontinental ballistic missile capability, thanks to their collaboration with North Korea. And, these Persian Islamic maniacs are far more prone to use them than are the North Koreans, as they are on an Islamic Jihad to destroy all non-believers, that is infidels, meaning all Jews and Christians. Allah teaches them this, plain and simple. This is their perceived destiny, and over the last few years they have done quite well actualizing it.

Second, and most recently, Obama and his anti-Semitic sycophants like Secretary of State John Kerry have been pushing and threatening Israel to give up the West Bank to create a Palestinian state in the land that Jesus walked by promoting worldwide economic sanctions against Israel if it does not acquiesce to Palestinian demands. At first this outrageous threat, coming not so subtly from Kerry on behalf of Obama, caused an uproar in Israel, with even the Israeli secretary of defense, Moshe Yaalon, attacking Kerry as "messianic" – meaning that he was acting like a god, but not the one of Judeo-Christian origin. Prime Minister Netanyahu and other high Israeli officials joined the fray, making similar statements in protest. But now, just a week or so later, the Israeli government, this time publicly lead by otherwise hawkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, have, no doubt under more threats from Obama and Kerry, bowed down again to them, calling Kerry a great friend of Israel and promising to cooperate with him in creating a Palestinian state in the heart of Jerusalem. Once again, the current Israeli leadership has bowed down to Allah, embodied in our "Mullah in Chief."

Third, American pro-Israel lobbying groups like AIPAC have also sung Obama's tune. Last year, AIPAC, led by a corrupt Obama Chicago pol and friend of the president, named "Rosy" Rosenberg, endorsed the appointment of former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, a known anti-Semite, to the post of U.S. secretary of defense. And, as if that were not enough, the Republican Jewish Coalition has insufficiently and weakly protested the mounting series of dangerous events that places the land of Zion and our own American interests in grave danger. This is also true of so-called Republican leaders in Congress, like the two blowhard senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who ironically, like Netanyahu, talk a good game, but who roll over to Obama and his band of anti-Judeo-Christian minions at every turn.

American, Israeli, Jewish and Christian interests determined to save the land of Yahweh and Jesus for our own destinies and heritage are one. But you would never know it given how those in leadership have bowed down to Obama. This is the sad and frightening irony; Obama bows down to Allah, and our own people have been bowing down to him.

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