Larry Klayman
Independence Day and Israel
By Larry Klayman
July 7, 2014

Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago this July 4, our foregathers declared independence in my native city of Philadelphia from a tyrannical British crown, which had enslaved them to high taxes, hijacked and perverted the colonies' autonomous legal system, had routinely broken into their homes to loot and pillage their property and finally seized their weapons of self-defense to quell any dissent and anticipated uprising. Indeed, thanks to the oppressive regime of King George III, the colonies were left defenseless and at the mercy of this greedy and dastardly monarch.

But the forefathers, composed of the likes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, understood that their only real sovereign was not King George III, but our Divine Savior and his Father, and the text of the Declaration of Independence hinged on this. They equally understood that a victory over Great Britain and the birth of a new nation depended on Divine Grace, given the long odds in taking on the powerful British Empire. In sum, our Founding Fathers, for the most part all very religious and spiritual men, looked to their Judeo-Christian roots for their and the colonies' salvation.

The Judeo-Christian roots they revered emanated from the land of Israel, the Holy Land, and much of their writings, speeches and patriotic slogans paid homage to this proud heritage. Unquestionably, the Founding Fathers took a page from Moses, who under the oppressive rule of the pharaohs, lead the Jewish people out of Egyptian bondage to the promised land, Israel.

As chronicled by Jon Meacham in his Pulitzer Prize winning book "Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power, " one of the tasks assigned to Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia was to design a seal for the new nation. Meacham recounts:

"Reacting to a proposal of Franklin's that invoked the parting of the Red Sea, Jefferson suggested: 'Pharoah sitting in an open chariot ... in pursuit of the Israelites: rays from a pillar of fire in a cloud, expressive of divine presence and command reaching to Moses who stands on the shore and, extending his hand over the sea, causes it to overwhelm Pharoah. Motto: Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.'"

This week I paid a short visit to the land of Moses as I had a few years earlier during an equally highly charged period, when the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas were locked in a brief war over Gaza, and Hamas rockets were falling on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and southern Israel. Predictably, when the IDF was in reach of eliminating Hamas' hold over Gaza, our "Mullah in Chief," Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim at heart and not coincidentally one half by birth, along with the then Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, bludgeoned and blackmailed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet to bend to international anti-Israeli pressure and retreat from finishing the job of eliminating these terrorists. A cease-fire was declared, and the status quo of a Hamas-controlled Gaza was left in place.

In recent months, Israel and the world have witnessed the consequences of this retreat. Hamas had now ascended to a unity government with the Palestinian Authority and is more powerful than ever, extending its reach from Gaza into the West Bank. And, just in the last few weeks, this power has become more apparent as Hamas, in a brazen act of provocation, kidnapped and executed three Jewish Israel teenagers in this West Bank. Just days after their bodies were found, a Palestinian boy was found dead, his body bad burned and left in a forest in Jerusalem. Although the cause of this death is unknown at this time and under investigation, the Obama regime and other Western leaders were quick to blame Israeli settlers on the West Bank and thus Israel for the killing. True to form, Obama's equally anti-Semitic secretary of state, John Kerry, took the lead in gleefully blaming Jews for the killing of the Palestinian boy, while expressing only pro forma if not feigned grief for the dead Jewish teenagers.

While this type of anti-Semitic behavior is predictable from Obama and his secretary of state, what is more frightening is the reaction of many liberal Jews themselves. These Jews, indeed self-hating ones, lose no opportunity to distance themselves from their Judeo-Christian heritage in the style of Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky and indeed the evil Fuhrer Adolf Hitler himself, who many historians have concluded had Jewish roots on his father's side of the family. These types of Jews, some of whom are present in the Obama White House to give Obama cover for his anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli acts and practices, are among the greatest enemies of the Jewish people.

As just one example of these destructive, self-hating, leftist Jews, who if given their druthers would probably, as a matter of their "leftist chicness" at New York cocktail and dinner parties, had rather been born Muslim, there is one Roger Cohen, who predictably is a syndicated columnist for the leftist New York Times. Here are just a few excerpts of what he had to say this July 4 in a vile piece styled "Lawless Holy Land" about the killing of the Palestinian boy and alleged Israeli culpability.

"... it must be said that Israel, a state of laws with the pre-1967 lines, is not a state of law beyond them in the occupied (sic) West Bank, where Israeli dominion over millions of Palestinians, now almost a half-century old, involves routine coercion, humiliation, and abuse, to which most Israelis have grown increasingly oblivious."

"Beyond the Green Line lies a lawless Israeli (criminal) enterprise profoundly corrosive, over time. ..."

In short, Cohen, like many other leftist Jews not just in New York but also in places like Hollywood, blames Israelis and not the Palestinians for the death of the boys and the so-called plight of the Palestinians on the West Bank.

So what does all of this have to do with our Independence Day, you may ask? The answer is simple. If we do not step in to protect Israel from its enemies, both internal as in the case of the leftist Jewish likes of Roger Cohen, and external, as in the case of the Obama, Kerry, Hamas and its Palestinian/Muslim brethren who are dedicated to its destruction, then we will have forsaken the roots of our own American revolution, which the Founding Fathers wagered on their proud Judeo-Christian heritage and spirituality – all of which, as Franklin and Jefferson recognized, have their foundation in the promised land of Moses.

© Larry Klayman


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