Larry Klayman
Time to limit Muslim immigration
By Larry Klayman
September 8, 2014

The time for political correctness is over. It is time to call it like it is. The nation hangs in the balance, and making excuses for the destructive conduct of President Barack Hussein Obama and his American Muslim constituency no longer cuts it. His acts are not the result of someone who is ill-prepared and disconnected from the office of the president. He and his racist, anti-white, socialist, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian minions – from Attorney General Eric Holder, to Secretary of State John Kerry, to closet Muslim Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan – know exactly what they are doing. To complement the race war Obama and Holder have stoked at home, Obama and Brennan are bent on furthering an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East and around the globe. These are evil men, bent on taking the United States and its allies down. For Obama's part, he not only identifies with his Muslim roots, he acts on them. Brennan is simply the white stooge who, among others, helps Obama carry out the plan.

I am tired of hearing pundits make excuses for Obama. And I am tired of hearing Obama make excuses for Islam and his Muslim brothers who either participate in acts against the nation and our people, or who remain silent to the terror Islam has wrought on the world. The hardcore truth is that we are in a religious war, not of our making but for which we must confront and win. And, this is nothing new. For over 1,400 years, Muslims have, with a few exceptions, been trying and succeeding at killing Jews and Christians. But as of today, the situation has worsened. While Muslims have thus far not succeeded in wiping us off the face of the earth, much less exterminating Israel – the land of Jesus and Moses – the bottom line is that most of them hate our guts. This helps explain the stony silence of the overwhelming hordes of Islamic leaders and their flock who even in this country sit back, partake of our riches, but do little to nothing to join our society and practice American values, rather than support in direct or latent ways the death or destruction that has become so acute, as furthered by their ilk.

Sure there are good Muslims. I have even legally represented some of them and used their services, doctors and others in professional walks of life. But from my and the country's experience, they are few and far between. This so-called religion and culture is simply not compatible with Western values. The two simply do not mix.

If American Muslims had tried to play a constructive role with their terrorist brothers, that would be one thing. But by and large they sit back and silently cheer events like September 11, or the beheading of American journalists. Encouraged to stay silent by the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, who at every step of his presidency makes excuses for his Islam – the latest being that the beheading of these journalists does not represent Muslim theology – American Muslims have largely acted, and not acted, in ways that unmask their lack of real connection to the nation our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.

So it is time to call a spade a spade. It is time, particularly with the rise of ISIS and other radical terrorist groups that are succeeding at their goal of establishing a caliphate, to take real action. With the now real and known reality that American Muslims are joining ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups, poised to return to the United States on American passports to wreak more 9/11-like terror, we must move quickly and aggressively to protect the homeland and our loved ones.

It is thus time not only to revoke the passports and citizenship of these American Muslim traitors who have joined ISIS and other terrorist groups, but also to stop any further Muslim immigration to our shores, unless there are proven and legitimate family or humanitarian reasons for entry.

The left, which has done so much to destroy our country, will cry foul and accuse me of racist intentions. But is it racist to protect the United States from hostile forces in these dire times of war? Do Muslims who are not American citizens or permanent residents have a right to come here for whatever reason, whether it is to study, hang out in historically vulnerable and "tolerant" places like liberal New York City, or commit acts of terrorism? These immigrating Muslims have no constitutional rights to be or remain here! Let them be forced to return and remain in the lands they hold dear, where maiming and killing is a way of life and where all "infidels," according to their Shariah law, are to be dealt with harshly. They have no business in our land!

We the People did not ask for a "holy war," but it is time we pursue and finish it. And, this brings up the rules of engagement our president has foisted on our brave military men and women, who risk their lives on a daily basis with their hands tied behind their back. As has been true especially during the presidency of our "Muslim in Chief," our best and brightest are not permitted to fire on the Islamic enemy unless fired upon first. And, coupled with this, they cannot take any action that might result in casualties among Muslim civilian populations. According to the thinking of Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim life is worth more than a Judeo-Christian one. Better to have us die than his Muslim brothers. In large part, this explains the deaths of 22 Navy SEALs (including Team VI) and other special ops forces who were shot down by the Taliban on a mission called Extortion 17 in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan about three months after the death of Osama bin Laden, where our forces were prohibited from engaging in pre-assault fire. Thirty American soldiers were killed that day. This is just one many examples of how Obama and his leftist Muslim comrades have sold out and compromised our fighting men and women who enlisted to fight Islamic terrorism and its planned caliphate.

So the time has come to take action and not try to make excuses for Obama and his enablers. Obama is what he is, a Muslim through and through, and the American Muslim population his constituency. It's no wonder over 70 percent of American Muslims love him, according to a recent poll. We have to put our foot down and do everything we can to legally remove this Islamic traitor from the presidency. It is also time not to let any more of Obama's Islamic brothers into this country. To do so would be potentially suicidal in today's increasingly hostile and bloodthirsty anti-Judeo-Christian Muslim world, which Barack Hussein Obama has furthered in words and deed.

© Larry Klayman


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