Larry Klayman
Obama-CDC lies spread like Ebola
By Larry Klayman
October 27, 2014

Last Saturday, I returned to the United States from a global security conference in Geneva, Switzerland, where I delivered a speech about Freedom Watch's cases against the National Security Agency (NSA). Dec. 16, 2013, federal Judge Richard J. Leon issued a preliminary injunction at my request ordering that the NSA stop spying on not just my clients and me, but in effect all Americans who have no link to terrorism or terrorists. This preliminary injunction is now subject to appeal by President Obama, the NSA and the other defendants, and I will be appearing before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Nov. 4, 2014, to defend Judge Leon's historic decision.

My plane from Europe landed at Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C., one of the airports designated by President Obama to receive and screen visitors from Ebola-ridden Liberia and other West African countries. Previously, Thomas Eric Duncan – the man who first spread Ebola in the United States and who infected two nurses in the Dallas, Texas, hospital where he was treated before he died – passed through Dulles.

After my plane landed, I proceeded to immigration, where there was an unbelievably long line to present my passport and clear customs. Notwithstanding the long wait on this Saturday evening, what struck me was that nearly every government immigration and customs officer was wearing a face mask. I also observed that while warnings were on the wall about a strain of Chinese flu and measles, there was no mention of Ebola. To the contrary, I had seen Ebola warnings at the airports I traveled through to Switzerland, in Milan, Italy, and Munich, Germany, yet not in the United States.

While I quickly concluded that the face masks must be due to Ebola, I asked two immigration officers directly to confirm this. The response was affirmative!

That these immigration and customs government personnel saw fit to wear face masks when Obama's Centers for Disease Control has been "reassuring" Americans that Ebola cannot be carried through the air speaks for itself. Obviously, these government personnel would not have donned face masks if it were definitively known how Ebola is spread. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words, and certainly the face masks told the tale: Our government, run by Obama and his corrupt leftists, is simply lying. But more egregiously, it is exposing the American people to a cataclysmic Ebola epidemic, which can be furthered, as I wrote in my last two columns, by terrorists who infect themselves with the virus and then enter the United States. Indeed, Thursday an Ebola-infected doctor who has passed through one of the exposed American airports, JFK in New York City, was diagnosed with the virus.

Rather than prudently implementing a travel ban for visitors from Liberia and West Africa, Obama has left the door open to his African brothers, putting the interests of fellow blacks, with whom he feels a kinship, ahead of others. This, or course, has been true of Obama in many instances during his administration. It is a form of de facto reverse discrimination, as well as a reckless means to further biological terrorism, as I have recently charged in a complaint I filed a few weeks ago against the president and his enablers at the CDC. (See The purpose of this case is to get a court to order that further travel from Liberia and West Africa stop.

But instead of banning travel, Obama and his CDC hacks have now reportedly implemented a so-called self-screening program that relies of Liberian and West African travelers who pass through the designated five American airports to voluntarily report whether, once they enter the United States, they develop Ebola symptoms. At this point, of course, the deadly virus already could have been spread.

The moral to this unfolding tragedy, coupled with a spate of terrorist attacks in Canada and New York City this week, is that Obama and his policies favor those with whom he most identifies – blacks and Muslims – at the expense of all of us. For Obama has two more years left – that is, if he leaves office voluntarily – to work even more destructive actions, calculated to harm this nation, which he obviously loathes.

I usually end my columns with a call to action to legally remove Obama from office. Today will be no exception. Time is short before all is lost! Our Founding Fathers knew when to act, and we can do no less if the nation is to survive. But we cannot put our eggs into a proverbial Republican basket. Even if the Grand Old Party regains total control of Congress by controlling both houses – the Senate as well as the House of Representatives – they have shown an inability and, to be more exact, a lack of desire to truly confront Obama. What interests our career politicians more than the well-being of our country is their own retention of power and accumulation of personal wealth. Washington, D.C., is rich and flush with cash, and there is a big pie to divvy up. There's no time to waste in really obtaining justice for We the People and restoring freedom to our shores.

Bottom line: Revolution is upon us! In the words of Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

© Larry Klayman


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