Larry Klayman
Obama about to sell us out to his mullah buddies!
By Larry Klayman
March 23, 2015

I have said it before, and I will say it again. It's time that we stop mincing words and call it like it is. We have a president who lied his way into the White House and continues to lie while in office. He is not a Christian. He is a Muslim, through his father and given his Islamic education as a child, as well as his continuing association with black-Muslim despots, Jew-haters like Rev. Louis Farrakhan, and a host of others who are well-known for their racism and bigotry. This explains how he acts and does not act with regard to Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the rest of us. Thus far, in the media only Andrea Tantaros of Fox News has raised the issue of Obama's apparent anti-Semitism, suggesting Obama is a racist and an anti-Semite, plain and simple.

Never has this been more apparent that with the president's conduct concerning the Islamic Republic of Iran. Just today, the "Muslim in Chief" begged, via a White House video, the people of Iran to push their leadership – the neo-Nazi mullahs who run the country and repeatedly threaten to annihilate Israel, Jews, Christians, and all "infidels" – to agree to his dangerous nuclear proposal. This of course comes after Obama and his comrades in the White House and State Department, including Secretary John Kerry, excoriated Republican senators for writing an open letter to the ayatollahs advising them that no deal could be agreed to without the consent of the Senate.

The outrageous irony is that Obama never bothered to speak to the Iranian people years ago when they were on the verge of overthrowing the neo-Nazi regime. He could have then, much like President Reagan did in toppling the Soviet Union, instructed the Persian News Service of Voice of America (VOA) to undertake pro-freedom propaganda to destabilize the Iranian government, furthering its downfall. But Obama did not do this. Instead, he instructed VOA to make "nicey nice" with and kiss the Islamic derrieres of the mullahs and instead undercut American objectives in the Middle East. As a result, scores of patriotic Persian broadcasters at VOA, most of whom were born Muslim but have since renounced the religion, rose up to object, and in response were retaliated against by Obama's henchmen at the network. Incredibly, the head of the Persian News Service at VOA was at the time the son of a mullah in the Iranian regime, who was close to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. I know about this internal revolt and retaliation, as I legally represented many of these Persian broadcasters at the time to help them save their jobs.

Thus, to see the president again bow down to his fellow Muslims in the video he just posted on the White House website makes my stomach turn. Not only does Obama disgrace and humiliate the United States by begging for the Iranian people to push the Islamic leadership to agree to his dangerous proposed capitulation – to thereby allow the regime to continue to enrich uranium in thousands of centrifuges, allow the regime to continue to build intercontinental missiles to hit the United States, Europe, and Israel (with the Jewish state, even short-range missiles can accomplish this), and then come to the brink of using the enriched uranium to build nuclear warheads – but had he done something years ago to cause regime change when this was possible, there never would have been this nuclear threat.

So the reality is that Obama did not want regime change in Iran. As a fellow Muslim by blood – under Shariah law he is Muslim by virtue of his father's lineage – and in his heart and soul sympathetic with the so-called religion and culture, his actions vis-a-vis Iran, Israel, ISIS, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and many other Islamic states, interests, and terrorist groups can all be explained. Wherever Obama was born, he is not an American in heart and soul, but a traitor in all senses of the word. It's time to start saying it like it is; and that goes for the Republican Party, which has also danced around this reality with couched and cowardly words over the last six years of the administration.

I do commend Speaker John Boehner for inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress calling Obama's proposed negotiated deal a "bad deal." And I commend the 47 Republican senators who then wrote the open letter to the ayatollahs – but why hasn't the Republican establishment acted sooner? (Indeed, years ago, I begged Sen. John McCain to do something to protect my Persian broadcaster clients at VOA and use the network to further freedom in Iran, and he turned a blind eye.) Why have we arrived at the brink of a nuclear Iran? And why haven't the Republicans tried meaningfully to thwart Obama's appeasement and non-action with regard to other Islamic threats in the Middle East and around the world?

Again, the answer is simple. The Republicans have been afraid to harshly criticize Obama for fear of being called racists. Yes, the race card is powerful in this country, particularly since the president is an African-American, and he has the bully pulpit to politically neuter the great elephant. But our Founding Fathers were not so timid when it came to calling it like it was with regard to the tyranny of King George III – and the king was a saint compared with Obama and his ultra-leftist, pro-Muslim, racist, compromised minions in government and outside of government, like Attorney General Eric Holder and the Rev. Al Sharpton, to name just two.

So here were are, on the brink of our Muslim president selling out the country to the radical mullahs in Tehran, who will build nuclear weapons and missiles to either annihilate Christians and Jews, or at a minimum use these weapons of mass destruction to blackmail us into submission as their Middle Eastern and worldwide Islamic caliphate marches on.

And, in so doing, Obama will have furthered the will of his faux god, Allah, and been a good Muslim. Perhaps he will be rewarded with 72 virgins in Islamic "heaven."

© Larry Klayman


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