Larry Klayman
Rubio & Cruz: Ineligible and phonies!
By Larry Klayman
February 29, 2016


    In last night's debate, America saw firsthand that Donald Trump can't even talk about, let alone do anything about, the dire problems facing our nation.

    Instead he kicked and screamed, tried to bully his opponents and threw up smokescreens to distract from his spotty business record and one-liner "plans."

    Donald Trump is a con artist trying to hijack the conservative movement and the Republican Party, and he cannot be our nominee. I need your immediate help to ensure he isn't.

    Marco Rubio email blast of Feb. 26, 2016
Let's be clear. This is not a personal endorsement of Donald Trump. I don't do public endorsements. But I have had enough of the Republican establishment and its phony, ineligible, "anti-establishment" candidates, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. As was written about me a few years ago by Dr. Richard Swier of Red County and Sarasota County, I am credited for being the precursor to the tea party and the first to really rip into and hold legally accountable the political and media establishment for its deceit, hypocrisy and corruption. Indeed this was the title and story of my book, "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment."

He is what Dr. Swier had to say about me in reviewing "Whores":

"Long before there was a tea party, Glenn Beck 912 movement, 13 Patriots and thousands of others, there was Larry Klayman. Larry believes it is more important to be virtuous than to be liked. ... Some of you may not know Larry Klayman but you should if you believe in the Constitution of the United States and that the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our federal government are corrupt to the core. ... you need to read Larry's book."

In all modesty, as Dr. Swier acknowledged, at a minimum, that I know what I am talking about when it comes to the political and media establishment.

The email Sen. Marco Rubio blasted out to the world – he even has my email address – unmasks the real Marco Rubio. Neither his fellow Cuban-American presidential candidate Ted Cruz – and I love the Cuban people, so this is not an attack on them – nor Rubio, the two "Havana twins," is eligible to even run for the presidency as a "natural born citizen" under our Constitution. Neither of them was born in the United States to American citizen parents at the time of their birth, as is established by the law, no matter what misleading spin talk-show hosts and legal pundits like Bill O'Reilly and Andrew Napolitano claim to be true. One need only look to the Supreme Court case of Minor v. Happersett 88 U.S. 162 (1875), and the definition of "natural born citizen" as codified in the treatise our Founding Fathers used to define terms in the Constitution, Emmerich de Vattel's "The Law of Nations." Indeed, our late great Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia himself often looked to "The Law of Nations" to define terms in the Constitution he dedicated his life to protect and preserve.

Marco Rubio, the politician who had done virtually nothing in his political career or otherwise, except to make it a point not to show up to vote while serving as my senator from Florida, has no cause to call Donald Trump a "con man." To the contrary, while speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio was a dyed in the wool establishment "yes man" for then-Gov. Jeb Bush, the man and professed friend who he then betrayed and cheaply attacked during this presidential election cycle. Only when he decided to run for the Senate in 2008 did Rubio have a conversion to becoming a so-called tea party conservative candidate. Thus, Rubio is a deceitful and childish man who would smugly attack Donald Trump during Thursday's CNN debate as a fraud, but sidestep issues about his own lack of sincerity and honesty with the American and Floridian electorate. He has no business even being on the stage with a man who at least has accomplished something in his career.

As for Sen. Ted Cruz's similar attacks on Donald Trump as the "P.T. Barnum" of this presidential race, regrettably for Ted, the generally uneducated and ill-informed electorate probably don't even know who P.T Barnum, a circus tycoon, was. But more importantly, Cruz is trying to pass himself off as an evangelical during this primary season to try to woo our vote is not just itself a sham, but also laughable. The "Tedster" delivers wooden and phony incantations of Bible verses, and his pretending to be the next Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell, and I have known both and many other great evangelical leaders, does not ring true. Undoubtedly, that is why the son of Jerry Falwell, who is now the chancellor of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., has chosen to endorse the generally secular Donald over a phony evangelical. And, it is why Trump has beaten or come close to getting more evangelical votes in every primary contest thus far. And, this does not even take into account the dirty political tricks that had pulled against Dr. Ben Carson and ironically his co-ineligible and phony foe, Marco Rubio. This conduct is hardly in line with the teachings of our savior, Jesus Christ.

To watch Rubio and Cruz attack Trump in tandem during the last debate, given their own ethical and moral flaws, made my stomach crawl. Contrary to the pro-Rubio and pro-Cruz contingents on the so-called conservative and leftist cable networks – and even Rupert Murdoch's Fox News has done its best to destroy Trump save for Sean Hannity to his neutral credit – the desperate and childlike attacks on The Donald, by apparent "losers," will likely boost his popularity and propel him to victory in Super Tuesday in a few days. In short, Rubio's and Cruz's coordinated attacks, later amplified by the establishment cable networks of all political persuasions, have cemented Trump's ultimate nomination by the equally bankrupt Republican Party for president.

The bottom line is this: Rubio and Cruz are cooked. Stick a fork in them, and send them home to Florida and Texas, where their own citizenry are not likely to think much of their desperate antics either! The nation is tired of phonies who claim to be something they are not. Whatever the Donald is, he at least lets his true "self" hang out for all to see.

© Larry Klayman


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