Larry Klayman
Hillary's email scandal ... of the 1990s!
By Larry Klayman
June 13, 2016

The time was the late 1990s. The Wicked Witch of the Left, Hillary Clinton and her degenerate husband, Bill, remained embroiled in scandal after scandal, Monica Lewinsky being the least of it.

While at Judicial Watch, the government-ethics watchdog I founded in 1994, I uncovered perhaps the biggest scandal in American history, maybe even exceeding Watergate and Tea Pot Dome. The Clintons and their accomplices both at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and in government – fellow criminals like John Podesta, Harold Ickes, Cheryl Mills, Marsha Scott, Leon Panetta, James Carville, George Stephanopoulos and a host of other lowlifes, all of whom are predictably now engaged in helping the Wicked Witch to run for president – had assisted with and perpetrated scandals ranging from Filegate to Travelgate to Mistressgate to IRSgate to Whitewater to Vince Fostergate. But the all-time winner of this indoor record for scandals was Chinagate, where the Clintons and the DNC conspired to illegally solicit and accept money from the Communist Chinese government, all in exchange for favors compromising U.S. national security. The Clintons, through Commerce Department Secretary Ron Brown, were also selling seats on trade missions, including to China, in exchange for campaign cash. So completely enmeshed were the Clintons and their equally corrupt cronies with the Communist Chinese, with whom they had sold out our national security, that I used to halfheartedly joke that I hoped that the Clintons had not also sold their cat, Sox, to the Chinese.

And, so effective and groundbreaking was my work at Judicial Watch triggering and then uncovering the Clintons' Chinagate scandal and the role Ron Brown had played in greasing the skids for the felonious Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, that one commentator, WND columnist Jack Cashill, who wrote a book, "Ron Brown's Body" about the mysterious and convenient death of the commerce secretary just days before Judge Royce C. Lamberth had ordered that he be deposed, had this to say about my efforts: "That Time magazine has yet to name Larry 'Man of the Year' is a failure of Time, not Klayman's."

In making a halfhearted effort to impeach and convict Slick Willy over his sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, the Republican establishment, which included then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, deep-sixed Chinagate and other much more serious scandals like Filegate, Travelgate and IRSgate in their articles of impeachment. The reason: The two-faced and compromised Gingrich did not want to expand the impeachment inquiry, as I had urged in Judicial Watch's Impeachment Report, which was submitted to and accepted into the Congressional Record. Gingrich was secretly having his own extra-marital affair with someone he now calls his wife, Callista, who at the time was working for closet gay Republican Rep. Steve Gunderson. Gunderson, who was himself literally in bed with Democrat Rep. Barney Frank, was used by the Democrats to have a "Come to Jesus Moment" with Gingrich, blackmailing him not to expand the impeachment inquiry lest his extra-marital affair become public.

So it was that Chinagate and the rest of the Clintons' scandals never factored into impeachment, although my friend Rep. Bob Barr and House Impeachment Manager Dave Schippers had worked with me to advocate this.

Nevertheless, Judicial Watch and I soldiered on to bring Bonnie and Clyde to justice. And indeed, Judge Lamberth later made an unprecedented finding, the first in American history, that "President Clyde" had committed a crime when he and Carville illegally released the Privacy Act-protected White House file of a woman, Kathleen Willey, he had sexually harassed in the White House. But this was not enough; good for the history books but not sufficient to put the Clintons away in prison where they have always belonged.

And, then the Red Sea of incriminating evidence opened up. While deposing Harold Ickes in Judicial Watch's conference room, two White House whistleblowers that worked in the Office of Administration came into our office lobby. I had them whisked away to be interviewed by our staff, as I continued to depose "Poor Harold," then former White House deputy chief of staff. They revealed that Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills and Marsha Scott, her White House aides, along with others had suppressed and failed to produce over 1 million emails contained in a White House server – emails that could expose the full extent of their criminality and which Judicial Watch, Independent Counsel Ken Starr and congressional investigative committees had subpoenaed. When we learned this, I immediately brought it to the attention of Judge Lamberth, who ultimately ordered and held a criminal contempt hearing over this apparent obstruction of justice. Also involved in the cover-up, not coincidentally, were lawyers in the same branch of the Justice Department, the Federal Programs Branch, who recently were found by Texas federal Judge Andrew Hanen to have unethically lied to the court over Obama's executive amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Judge Lamberth ordered, at the cost of over $8 million, a search for these missing emails, which allegedly had been lost on the Clinton White House computer server. Not surprisingly, the Clinton Justice Department claimed that nothing had been destroyed, but little was found to further incriminate the Wicked Witch and her equally criminal hubby Bill. The incriminating evidence had "mysteriously " disappeared, just as Hillary's 33,000-plus emails in the current email scandal were deleted.

The moral to the story: Hillary Clinton's present email scandal is nothing new. She and her accomplices, like Cheryl Mills, who not coincidentally was her chief of staff at the Obama State Department and is now implicated in criminal obstruction concerning Bonnie's private server at State, pulled the same caper during the Clinton administration.

This all underscores why the Wicked Witch and the likes of Cheryl Mills and her other accomplices in the current email scandal, including Bill himself, need to be finally indicted and convicted for their crimes. But don't expect this to happen at an Obama Justice Department, no matter what FBI Director James Comey and his fine special agents recommend. Obama's recent endorsement of Bonnie's presidential bid tells the tale of the tape when it comes to having Attorney General Loretta Lynch not bring criminal charges.

It thus falls on We the People to mete out legal justice. Perhaps we need to have a seance to summon up our Founding Fathers, who must be turning over in their graves, to consult with them on how this must now be carried out.

The well-being of our beloved nation has been subverted, and both party establishments have trashed our free republic, scoundrels who run interference for each other to carry on their sleazy Washington, D.C., shared power and money gravy train. There is no political panacea, no matter who is elected president in 2016.

© Larry Klayman


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