Larry Klayman
Trump could prove greater than Reagan
By Larry Klayman
December 26, 2016

I don't want this column to take anything away from Ronald Reagan, the president I admire most in my lifetime. He was a man of great vision, moral and ethical consistency, resolve and courage. Reagan knew who he was and what he wanted to accomplish as president. He not only jump-started an economy brought to its knees under President Jimmy Carter, but he broke the back of the "Evil Empire," the Soviet Union, and thus communism for decades until its re-emergence in Putin's Russia. Reagan was also a great communicator, as we called him, someone who "kept it classy" in Washington, D.C., and did not need to raise his voice to make his point and win over the American people. You could feel his strength and optimism from his simple demeanor, which translated into a country high on confidence and results. On my frequent visits to the Reagan Library, I routinely tear over watching videos of his many speeches.

Now, after 16 years of failed presidencies, under George W. Bush and later Barack Hussein Obama, we are about to embark into a new era. This new era was triggered by the prejudices and reverse racism of Obama himself. Pitting black against white, Muslim against Jew and Christian, illegal immigrant against legal immigrant, woman against man, and atheists against people of faith, with the aid of the likes of self-hating Jew and Nazi collaborator George Soros and his ilk at Media Matters and with allies in the leftist press, Obama sought to deconstruct the nation and build it back up in his ultra-leftist, socialist, "Black Muslim" image and vision. After Obama's rule, one might have thought that George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were not just the Founding Fathers, but also the founders of the Nation of Islam and that he sought to follow in their wake.

I do not need to belabor this, as the nation and the world now knows how well this sold in the 2016 presidential and congressional elections. Hillary Clinton's failed attempt to wrap herself in the shroud of Obama by mimicking his hateful divisiveness drove middle-class whites and others to the polls to vote for a man who, while not as smooth and fatherly as Reagan, promised real, forceful change by "draining the Obama-Clinton-Washington, D.C., swamp," all the while showing the strength of his conviction.

It did not matter to the voters that Donald Trump sometimes used coarse words and phrases, or that he may have done other things in his past that caused concern to women and others. Trump was someone who could get things done, particularly given his previous success in business and the entertainment industry. He also knew how to communicate at street level, something that served him well given the state of society today. Despite Trump's success at banishing 17 opponents in the Republican presidential primary, and later the Wicked Witch of the Left herself in the general election, some conservatives were unconvinced that Trump would re-establish so-called conservative principles to government.

"Well," as the Gipper often used to say when starting a sentence, The Donald has proved these naysayers wrong, even before he takes the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2017. Picking the most anti-Washington, pro-conservative and non-political establishment Cabinet since the days of the Founding Fathers, even surpassing Reagan in this regard, the "new government" is staunchly pro-growth in the economy, pro-capitalist, anti-regulatory, anti- radical environmentalist, pro-law and order, anti-illegal immigrant, pro-life and anti-Islamic terrorist. In this latter respect, just the other day Trump referred to the recent Berlin attack as having been at the hands of "Islamic terrorists" and not just "radical Islamic terrorists," as the Republican political establishment begrudgingly calls it. These phrases were verboten during the Obama administration given his Muslim roots and mindset.

To instill even greater confidence and as the results oriented "doer" he is, The Donald has not even waited until taking office to assert his agenda and promise to "Make America Great Again!" Consistent with his "covenant" with the American people, he has bludgeoned Ford, Carrier and other companies to keep production facilities in the United States, as an "incentive" to keep jobs here, reaffirmed his commitments to impose a 35 percent tax on imports of products made by American companies overseas and to build a wall on our southern Mexican border, bluffed Boeing into a pledge to produce a less expensive Air Force One, and, after affirming his desire to move the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, tweeted the following in response to the U.S. abstaining from a U.N. Security Council vote demanding an end to Israeli "settlements" in the West Bank: "As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th."

The West Bank is comprised of Judea and Samaria and was the home to not just Moses and the Jews, but also Jesus and his Christian followers. It belongs to Israel, plain and simple – not the Palestinian Arabs!

The bottom line is this. Just in the last few weeks since Trump won the presidency he, despite the failed efforts of the Clintons, Democrats and the left to deny him the White House through phony voter recounts and coercive attacks and threats against electors of the Electoral College, has done more good to restore the nation to greatness than anyone could have imagined. And, if The Donald keeps this up, with his resolve and strength, he may even surpass President Reagan. The Gipper was great, but The Donald, if he persists in plowing ahead with the full powers of his office, may prove in the end to be even greater!

In the coming years, there certainly will be those political and activist leftist forces, led by the Obamas, Clintons, Soros, Black Lives Matter, Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers, the ACLU, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood and their comrades, and of course the leftist media, that will use every dirty trick to do all they can to try to prevent this!

This Christmas and Hanukkah season my gift and sacred pledge to you is that I will take any legal action to defeat these evil leftists, in the courts and elsewhere. While my group Freedom Watch is non-partisan and will continue to serve as a check on both political parties, I feel a patriotic duty bound to play our part in making "Make America Great Again!"

That's the least we can do to give the new Trump administration a fighting chance to succeed, as this may be our "last chance" to restore freedom and prosperity to our shores!

© Larry Klayman


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