Larry Klayman
CPAC embraces Trump: It pays to be a winner
Larry Klayman reports on president's speech at conservative confab
By Larry Klayman
February 27, 2017

There's an old expression that "it pays to be a winner!" And, to prove this yet again, President Donald J. Trump's appearance Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an arm of the American Conservative Union (ACU), speaks volumes of his newly minted stature among even establishment conservatives following his stunning victory over the Wicked Witch of the Left, Hillary Clinton, last Nov. 8. That is because ACU and CPAC have historically been establishment Republican organizations, toeing the proverbial "company line" that nearly drove the Republican Party into extinction. Indeed, just a year ago, The Donald did not agree to speak at CPAC, for fear that many of its top brass and pliant convention supporters would stage a televised spectacle and walk out during his presentation. That's because the top ACU and CPAC brass, siding with the Republican establishment and then viewing Trump as not only a non-conservative but a wild card anathema to the party, favored the likes of Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio.

Indeed, President Trump, vaguely alluding to this as he triumphantly showed up to speak before thousands of adoring fans, now even including ACU's and CPAC's leaders, Matt Schlapp and his wife, Mercedes Schlapp (who not coincidentally is a Cuban-American like Cruz and Rubio), when he joked that he dare not turn down their invitation to speak or they might get mad (again) at him. It was a good-natured jab at the Republican Party establishment. Indeed, Matt Schlapp had worked as a political adviser in the White House of President George W. Bush, a man and a family The Donald had "politically deconstructed" and "dismissed," to put it diplomatically, during the primary campaign.

I was present during the president's forceful and, as always, candid address. And, it was apparent, given the reaction of crowd, what a difference a year and a presidential victory makes. For with the election of our 45th president, a man who is not afraid to reveal his thinking and does not hold back, we finally have a real street fighter in the White House. The Donald is not just a gladiator, but perhaps has evolved over his successful career to be even more prone to pure conservative values and goals than the Gipper himself was – President Ronald Reagan (whom I and hundreds of millions of other Americans adored).

What separates President Trump from the pack of past Republican presidents is that when attacked he instinctively digs his heels in and pushes back against the evil forces of the left, such as its hateful media. There is no political posturing or making "nicey-nice." He has learned that one does not bow down to enemies, as they will see this as a sign of weakness and then exploit it. In this regard, Trump made it a point at the outset of his speech not to apologize for his severe criticism of the "fake news media," led by the despicable CNN, which he wryly, with a smile, referred to as the "Clinton News Network." Actually, the president was kind is his characterization. I and some others have coined a new name for it, the "Communist News Network," given that the cable network is now run by the 5-foot-6-inch Napoleonic ultra-leftist midget Jeff Zucker.

Zucker, a card-carrying member of the "Jewish Hollywood and Gotham City Left" – I am a conservative Jewish Christian and proud of it – has more in common with Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky and Saul Alinsky than an "Art of the Deal" capitalist like Trump. And, it thus comes as as surprise that Zucker has made it his "communist mission" to try to destroy The Donald in any way at his "trash disposal."

In this regard, every news commentator and anchor at CNN, even given their own leftist persuasions, has had to cower to this "media Stalin." Previously not too way out leftist hosts Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper have obviously been ordered by Zucker to bear their fangs against and then take down Trump, his presidency and the new pro-Trump conservative movement in general.

And, this was evident even the day before Trump's inauguration Jan. 20. The usually mild-mannered Blitzer ran a piece suggesting how if President-Elect Trump, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan were assassinated on the steps of the Capitol before the swearing in, then an Obama Cabinet official would inherit the presidency. In effect, Zucker, Blitzer and CNN were more than suggesting the assassination of our 45th president – for them a dream come true.

As one might expect, Zucker, Blitzer and CNN for the time appeared to get away with this not just outrageous but criminal act. For while we have First Amendment rights in this country, the law forbids advocating the death of the president, and that is just what these leftist cretins and their network had done. If you or I had done this, the Secret Service would have visited us in a flash, and we would have been arrested and eventually criminally indicted.

So it was that I felt duty-bound this week to have Freedom Watch's Leftist Media Strike Force file a complaint before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) against Zucker, Blitzer and CNN, for this misuse of their broadcasting privileges and treasonous acts against the nation. The complaint, which also asks the Secret Service to finally take remedial action, can be found at I am also preparing other complaints against CNN at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), against the sponsors and advertisers who paid for and thus financed this criminal conduct.

And, while President Trump, for political reasons, cannot himself file and prosecute these complaints against Zucker, Blitzer and CNN, our Leftist Media Strike Force can and will continue to put the hateful leftist media back on its legal heels.

Yes, President Trump's CPAC speech was an inspiration, demonstrating his winning ways by co-opted even establishment Republican organizations like ACU. The Donald is the leader of the pack, and the Republican establishment must follow if it wishes to survive. But we at Freedom Watch have to lead as well, as we cannot and will not shirk from what I see as our God-given role of insuring that the presidency of Donald J. Trump has a chance to succeed to "Make America Great Again." While we will always be non-partisan, like the president himself we will not bow down to the forces of the left, like Zucker and CNN, who seek to relegate the nation to their Marxist socialist designs.

© Larry Klayman


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