Larry Klayman
My salute to Joseph Farah and WND
Larry Klayman notes 20 years later they no longer call it 'new media'
By Larry Klayman
May 8, 2017

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of WND with congratulations and a well-deserved tribute to its founder Joseph Farah and its dedicated staff and contributing authors. Today, the American news media have been turned upside down. WND has been one of the leaders in an unexpected and surprising transformation.

Today, the historic role of a vibrant free press has been taken over by dedicated news outlets like WND once dismissed as experimental "new media." The fossilized remains of traditional newspapers, magazines and television broadcasts have shrunk into becoming the "fake news" of the country.

WND is a news powerhouse that simply tells it like it is, undeterred and unafraid, the way the Washington Post and "the Gray Lady," the New York Times, used to provide news. WND built a reputation doing what formerly created the so-called great news outlets. Those famous news organizations that tell themselves they are still great have degenerated into farce.

WND is not afraid to report the news, without regard to what is politically correct, conventional wisdom, groupthink, or popular. It reports what the American people need to know, not what the powers-that-be want the people to think while hoping we don't find out the truth. This willingness to upset the apple carts and challenge sacred cows, and follow the evidence wherever it leads, is highly controversial because it has become rare. That is the role the traditional news media used to play and what built their reputations.

Over these 20 years, WND and Joseph Farah have always been supportive of me as the founder of Judicial Watch, later U.S. Senate candidate, and now leader of Freedom Watch. Our mission has been to investigate and prosecute government corruption and abuse, and fight for transparency by government, to pry information out of dark places within the government bureaucracy and halls of power. WND has taken the information revealed and reported on the truth in the way news reporters should.

I have been honored to publish over 400 columns on the online pages of WND. I have been impressed that Farah and WND's editors have allowed me to write and present information without interference or limitation. It is a place where I know that the truth can always find a place to be heard by the electorate.

Joseph was kind enough to write columns about my work, such as "Larry Kayman, my hero," on Nov. 3, 1999. WND covered my campaign for U.S. Senate in Florida extensively where others always seek to bury the conservatives running for office.

In fact, WND has been so much a part of my efforts in the public interest that I am working on a book compiling many of my columns. In keeping with my ironic sense of humor, I am calling it "Essays of a Mad Man." I expect that the truths revealed in these columns will make other people mad as well.

Because WND has embraced the role of true journalists and refused to be intimidated, it has been at the center of many important political issues and controversies. For playing the role of real reporters in a world of activists and fakes, WND has earned the ire of those whose mendacity is exposed by the news site's contrasting example. But what is called controversial today is merely a refusal to slavishly toe the party line.

When former CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery came out of the cold as a whistleblower, revealing that corruption in our intelligence agencies is worse than even what Edward Snowden revealed, WND often took the lead in reporting the developments of the story.

WND fully explored the self-contradictory, ever-changing stories of Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificates. When the Obama White House offered a computerized laser-printer version of Obama's 1961 birth certificate, although laser printers had not been invented in 1961, WND asked questions while the rest of the media couldn't admit that the emperor had no clothes. When Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo, like others, identified the serious inconsistencies in the various birth certificates offered for Obama, WND reported the facts and let the readers decide, while the "old media" tried to hide the facts from its readers, buried under fictions. WND sent investigative reporter Jerry Corsi to Kenya and Hawaii. When Corsi was arrested in Kenya, WND stood behind the pursuit of the truth.

WND followed the evidence to report on the likely murder of Clinton lawyer and aide Vince Foster and the mysterious events of 80 other people who threatened the Clinton machine.

The clear evidence about the true beliefs of Barack Hussein Obama, whom Freedom Watch dubbed "Muslim of the Year" in 2016, was suppressed in most places, but not in the pages of WND. I have no problem with patriotic Muslims willing to peacefully follow U.S. laws. But Obama is a cynical and dishonest politician who will say and do anything to get elected. Obama wears his faux Christian persona as a scam while helping the most malevolent Muslim influences to hurt America, which has been so good to him.

Now, as evidence has been revealed – so often from the media of England – of Barack Obama's considering having homosexual relationships and even how he was spurned by white women romantically, WND is one of the few organizations reporting on the facts as we know them. This news development may help explain why he disdains white people. The evidence is showing that Obama married Michelle because she would help him get elected, while secretly resenting the white women that reports now show spurned him. He has lied about his past just as he has lied about being a Christian, among many other lies over the last eight years.

More than all that, Joe Farah and the WND team have managed to resist the tides of conventional wisdom while making WND a successful business enterprise. While many outlets share the truth in the Internet age, WND has also succeeded in making its news outlet commercially viable to continue for the long term.

© Larry Klayman


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