Larry Klayman
Soldier on, sir -- we've got your back!
Larry Klayman excoriates GOP 'political pygmies' targeting own president
By Larry Klayman
May 22, 2017

One has come to expect the worst from the vile, ultra-leftist, political hacks in the Democratic Party. There has been no falsehood or cheap, low-class tactic that is beneath the Nancy Pelosis, Chuck Schumers, or Elizabeth Warrens in this bankrupt political tribe. So when they, along with their leftist hacks in the media, the prime time "boys" of CNN, the prime time "girls" and communists of MSNBC and the slimy reporters (with the exception of a few) of the Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times set out to destroy Donald Trump after he won the White House on Nov. 8 of last year, it came as no surprise to anyone with an IQ over 50.

But what has proven to be even more disgusting are the "Brutuses" in the establishment wing of the Republican Party: the jealous, hateful and at this point senile John McCain, the childlike, two-faced House Speaker Paul Ryan and the moronic media whore House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, all of whom, along with other hacks like intellectually challenged Senate Intel Committee Chairman Richard Burr, have literally stabbed their own president in the back. While President Trump is not the modern-day Caesar, his presence commands deceit and disloyalty among those who covet the opportunity to run on the Republican ticket for president in 2020. To have this chance, they have to collaborate with the modern-day National Socialists in the Democratic Party to destroy our president. These political pygmies could have had a field day had they slithered around Paris during the reign of Vichy France in World War II.

As for Chaffetz, perhaps the biggest buffoon and hack of all – a man who as House Oversight Committee chairman covered up a bona fide investigation into the causes of the Extortion 17 tragedy, when 30 servicemen and 22 special ops forces, including SEAL Team VI, died in the largest loss of life during the war in Afghanistan not coincidentally three months after the death of Osama bin Laden – now that he and the rest of the Republican establishment traitors have succeeded in getting President Trump embroiled in a criminal special counsel investigation, he has chosen to hasten his previously announced and likely scandal-induced departure from Congress and the House Oversight Committee chairmanship. He is now reported to be taking a position as political commentator on Fox News. Realizing that his thunder was about to be snatched by special counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller – as Chaffetz wanted to be the one to collaborate with Ranking Minority Rep. Elijah Cummings to spearhead the takedown of The Donald in committee hearings – his future ambitions are better served as political commentator.

See video of my take on Chaffetz move:

It is clear now that little if anything will be achieved in the corrupt bowels of Congress by way of new legislation, thanks to the likes of these Republican and Democratic Party establishment politicians. Ironically, that may be good. Who needs more laws? We already have too many. And, why bother fixing and reforming Obamacare? Let it die on the leftist vine, as the president will just be blamed for any new law that will not, by economic necessity, be able to cover all Americans. Save for tax reform, nothing is worth doing in Congress.

Instead, the president should continue to use his executive powers, in a legal non-Obama way, to pursue his domestic and foreign policy objectives and those for which the American people voted. In the foreign sphere in particular, with the prospect of nuclear war with North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Trump's ability to protect the nation and shape our future remains large.

I would also urge the president to bear down in quickly appointing federal judges who respect the rule of law and the Constitution, and Freedom Watch's Judicial Selection Strike Force Coalition will work with him in this regard to identify and have confirmed honest and independent jurists. See Currently, about 70-80 percent of the judges now sitting on the federal bench are, with a few exceptions, the generally leftist and intellectually dishonest appointees of former Presidents Clinton and Obama. If the leftist ideological mix on the federal bench is not diluted, the president will continue to lose legal challenges by the likes of the American Civil Liberties Union in judicial circuits such the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Fortunately, there are over 100 judicial vacancies in the lower federal courts that need to be quickly filled.

In short, while the vile, leftist Democrat Party and its henchmen in the media, coupled with the "Brutuses" in the Republican establishment, continue to sharpen their knives to kill the Trump presidency and have him removed from office, The Donald simply needs to don his gladiator helmet and spear, keep his head down, soldier on and refuse to leave the Colosseum until his opponents are legally slaughtered. In this regard, he will not only have the support of yours truly, but that segment of the citizenry who voted him into power, knowing full well that that he would be under attack and have to then fight for his and our lives.

The Trump presidency is the nation's last chance to be made great again, if not survive at all. If you think the last president, one Barack Hussein Obama – had his policies and actions been furthered under a President Hillary Clinton – was a real threat to the vision and creation of our Founding Fathers, the republic's future beyond an unsuccessful Trump presidency will likely be "hell on leftist earth."

See Extortion 17 whistleblower's video:

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