Larry Klayman
Help protect Cliven Bundy from Obama's Deep State
Larry Klayman laments fact prosecution continues under AG Jeff Sessions
By Larry Klayman
July 19, 2017

The political prosecution of Cliven Bundy, his sons and tens of other defendants is an outrage begun by President Barack Obama and his Justice Department, then run by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, essentially because Cliven used the word "Negro" in commenting that he and his family could appreciate how African-Americans were mistreated by the federal government, given how this same federal government, under Obama and Lynch, with the aid of former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, had attempted to enslave them, too. As just one example of how Obama took offense and then threatened Cliven, just watch the video below.

At a White House Correspondents' Dinner, which occurred just after the successful standoff at Bunkerville, land Cliven's family had ranched for over 150 years, Obama, with a sick, arrogant smirk, mocked and disparaged Cliven and in effect warned him about the consequences of using the word "Negro," not coincidentally a term used by the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. to refer to himself and his fellow "Negroes." Ironically, in the days of King, the use of the term "black," which later gained acceptance, was thought racist. That is why the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was with King when he was tragically assassinated, later coined another term, "African-American," to refer to his race.

Two years after the successful Bunkerville standoff, which resulted after Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mercenary goons, at the direction of Harry Reid's handpicked head of the agency, whom Obama was happy to appoint, threatened the lives of the Bundys if they did not roll over to government power and then beat up Cliven's sister, tased his two sons, attacked the family dog and secretly killed and buried tens of cattle when they did not submit – Cliven and the others were indicted. This occurred around the same time as two of Cliven's sons traveled to Oregon in support of other ranchers who were also being harassed and persecuted by Obama's BLM with the aim of driving them off their land.

During the course of this peaceful armed protest, whereby Cliven's sons and others legally exercised their Second and First Amendment rights, necessary particularly after what had occurred earlier at Bunkerville, one of the protesters was shot dead by an FBI agent. It was recently revealed that this agent, under the direction of – you guessed it – corrupt former FBI Director James Comey, lied about and covered up this unprovoked murder at the hands of Obama's federal government.

In this context, and to try to remedy the injustice that had occurred and was continuing to occur, after the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, I called him and left messages on his cell and home phone to call me back. Having met Jeff many years ago when we both were young lawyers, I was impressed by both his gentlemanliness and legal competence. Later, during my years as the founder, chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch, I also encountered Jeff on several occasions and was always favorably impressed.

Consistent with his courteousness, Jeff did call me back, around 3 p.m. on a Sunday. During the call, I asked him if he would review the Bundy prosecution in an unbiased fashion, as it had been commenced, I believed for political and retaliatory reasons, by the previous administration. He said that he would do so but only after the nomination for deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, was confirmed. Of course, Jeff said that he and his staff would have to consult with the U.S. attorney's office in the District of Nevada. I told him that I had no problem with this, as the truth and facts should be laid bare on the proverbial table.

In the meantime, both before and after Rosenstein's confirmation, I sent to Jeff and his staff various materials about the case, including video footage of the BLM attacks on Cliven's family and dog. In so doing, I asked his scheduler, Erical O'Brien, to set up a meeting with the attorney general, Rosenstein and others at the Department of Justice after the materials were reviewed. She assured me that this would be done and that responsible persons would be reviewing the case in the meantime.

But after that, despite my many inquiries, Erical never set up a meeting and later did not respond at all to my further emails and telephone messages. As a result, and needing to get some response as time was running short before Cliven's prosecution was scheduled to begin, I decided to physically go to the Justice Department and ask for some dates for this eventual meeting. After I did so, about an hour or so later I was emailed a letter at the direction of the attorney general advising that the materials I had provided to him and his staff were being sent to the Acting U.S. attorney, Steve Myhre, who was prosecuting Cliven, his sons and the others.

I was shocked, as this obviously was nonsensical if Jeff and his staff indeed were conducting an independent review to determine if the prosecutions begun under Obama and Lynch should proceed, or in some way be cut back in scope. It became clear that Jeff, with all of his problems – he is under constant attack by the leftist media and rabid Democrats – simply went into a "defensive crouch" and thus punted on his commitment and referred me instead to the very Obama Deep State prosecutor who has been and continues to engage in prosecutorial misconduct, too numerous to list in this column. To say the very least, I was not just disappointed, but saddened as I thought that this new attorney general would have the courage to do the right thing and honor his word. While over the years I have become more than cynical about the honesty of government officials, I held out hope that Jeff Sessions was different.

The crowning blow to my confidence in Jeff and my hope that he might be different came just in the last few days, when I traveled to Las Vegas to visit with Cliven in federal prison. Coincidentally, I learned that the attorney general was in Las Vegas also to give a speech at the U.S. attorney's office about sanctuary cities. I therefore emailed Erical again, and asked if she could schedule 15 minutes of Sessions' time for me to meet with him over the Bundy prosecution. In response, I was told that he did not have time. A day later, it was reported that during his time in Las Vegas, Jeff told the media that he fully supported the prosecutors for their courage to pursue justice, but was "not taking sides or commenting on the case."

This "double talk" regrettably is at best what not just Cliven but the American people have come to expect from their government and the justice system. And, it's why I urge you to go to and donate to Cliven's legal defense. While its now clear that even the attorney general has been compromised, and that Cliven's prosecution will proceed in the next few months, the good news is with your strong support he can wage a full and aggressive legal defense, not just to protect his rights but the constitutional rights of all of us to be free of government tyranny.

© Larry Klayman


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