Larry Klayman
Freedom-loving Americans must support brave Bundys
Larry Klayman calls on citizens to join him in 'fight against government tyranny'
By Larry Klayman
January 1, 2018

About four years ago, in the spring of 2014, shortly after the successful Bunkerville standoff (see – where Cliven Bundy, his wife, sons and family, along with hundreds of peaceful protesters, stood down a tyrannical Bureau of Land Management – I traveled to the ranch to meet Cliven.

At the time, Cliven was in the midst of a firestorm over his comments that he and his loved ones had been treated by the federal government – which falsely claimed to own the land that the Bundy family had grazed cattle on and ranched for about 150 years – like the Negro in the Old South. Cliven meant he felt enslaved. By using this analogy, he was speaking sympathetically of the plight of African-Americans. Still, the leftist media – which worship government control over God and country and wanted to destroy the Bundys reputation and livelihood – did not portray it that way.

As a result, I never got to speak much with Cliven that day. Two years later, he and his clan asked me to help them defend prosecutions brought by the Obama Justice Department against them and many other defendants who were at the ranch when the BLM and FBI were "persuaded" to leave. Of course, that's not the scenario that was put forth by Obama and his Justice Department henchmen, as well as former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who defamed the Bundy family as "domestic terrorists" – manifested in the indictment that came down in February 2016. In this indictment, which was later superseded, our so-called government – then run by the likes of Obama and Reid and the compromised Attorney General Loretta Lynch – claimed Cliven and his sons, Ammon, Ryan, Dave and Mel, had engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct justice, in effect by standing up for and exercising their constitutional, God-given rights.

At the outset of the prosecutions, the federal judge in Nevada assigned to the case – a woman named Gloria Navarro, who had been recommended to the bench by Harry Reid and appointed by Obama – sent Cliven to solitary confinement. To add insult to major injury, she then overrode his speedy trial rights and denied him right to the defense counsel of his choice, meaning me. This right is guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution.

With regard to the denial of speedy trial, the acting U.S. Attorney in Las Vegas, an Obama holdover, Steven Mahre, argued that this was "necessary" given the alleged complexity of the case, with 15 defendants having been indicted along with Cliven and his sons. Mahre falsely claimed at the time that all 19 defendants had to be tried at the same time. That later changed after many months of Cliven, his sons and the other defendants having been left to rot in prison, their bail denied by Judge Navarro.

Outrageously, Mahre and his minions of prosecutors convinced the judge later to trifurcate the trials, leaving Cliven and his sons in the federal detention center in Parump, a desolate place in the Nevada desert 60 miles outside of Las Vegas. Parump, ironically, was where the U.S. military exploded atom bombs in the atmosphere after World War II at Area 51, and the maximum security prison there is the modern-day equivalent of Alcatraz.

The initial trials of other defendants ended in failure. Mistrials occurred, and the overwhelming majority of defendants were acquitted, as the juries did not buy the contrived claims of Mahre and his prosecutors that they and the Bundys had threatened the lives of BLM and FBI federal agents if they did not leave Bunkerville.

But by the time that Cliven and his sons were to be tried – a year and eight months after their initial indictments – Cliven, his sons and the other defendants were still incarcerated. Mahre still had not proven any guilt, much less a conspiracy in prior trials.

When the trial of Cliven, his sons and one other defendant finally began in late October 2017, it was quickly learned that the BLM and FBI not only had witnesses lie, under oath, in front of the jury, but that these agencies had suppressed and destroyed documents crucial for the defense. To make matters worse, Mahre and his prosecutors also lied to the court and themselves participated in this obstruction of justice. The material that was suppressed and destroyed is called "Brady material," evidence that must be turned over by government prosecutors because it would be "exculpatory," meaning that it would exonerate Cliven, his sons and the other defendants of allegations of wrongdoing.

And on top of all of this, by the grace of God, in just the last few weeks a BLM whistleblower has also come forward. He's a brave soul named Larry Wooten, and he revealed that BLM agents had a "kill list" for the Bundys and had surrounded the ranch long before the standoff with government mercenary snipers. Later, these BLM goons verbally threatened Cliven's family with death; assaulted his sister, Margaret, by throwing her violently to the ground; attacked and Tasered his sons; kicked the family dog and killed tens of the bulls in the Bundy herd, burying them in a secret mass grave.

Wooten also revealed that the Obama-Reid government exhibited hatred for Mormons, even calling them "retards." The Bundy family is of the Mormon faith, a faith that should be respected. (In my experience, the followers of Brigham Young are fine and honest people.) Importantly, during my many visits in prison with Cliven over the last two years, he educated me on the Mormon faith, which preaches that our nation is the promised land and that our Constitution is incorporated into the Book of Mormon, in practice.

All of these revelations of government criminality have now caused even the biased Obama-Reid appointed Judge Navarro to declare a mistrial and set a hearing for Jan. 8, 2018, to decide whether to dismiss the case in its entirely so it can't be tried again. Tentatively, she has set Feb. 26, 2018, as the date for any retrial to begin. And, at my urging after many months of lobbying him, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has now been persuaded to open a review of the criminal prosecutorial misconduct of Mahre and his fellow prosecutors, as well as the legitimacy – or rather lack thereof – of the case as a whole.

Among many lawsuits and related legal actions I have filed and taken for Cliven – with more to come – it is crucial that we end the unjust and corrupt prosecution commenced by Obama, Reid and furthered by Mahre and his corrupt prosecutors now. And that's why we need your urgent support this New Year!

Cliven's and his son's fight against government tyranny is our fight. If all of this can happen to him and his family, it can also happen to you and your loved ones. Go to to learn more about this case and as importantly to support liberty and freedom as "one nation under God."

© Larry Klayman


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