Larry Klayman
'Justice investigation' of Clintons likely a sham!
Larry Klayman says AG's probe 'motivated only by his desire to keep his job'
By Larry Klayman
January 8, 2018

Since I conceived of and founded Judicial Watch in 1994, about 24 years ago, and later Freedom Watch, I have seen what amounts to "kabuki theatre" among federal law enforcement over and over again, much to my regret. Indeed, that is why I do what I do – no holds barred!

This has again manifested itself in recent calculated leaks, published by two otherwise fine reporters and friends, John Solomon and Sara Carter of The Hill, that finally Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the U.S. Department of Justice (Justice) to reopen the Clinton email and foundation investigations.

Let me tell you why, notwithstanding my generally optimistic psyche, which forever wants to swallow hopeful Kool-Aid, I cannot, like John and Sara, take this bait. And, while this so-called "good news" is being touted by a number of conservative media outlets, either they don't understand the way the Washington, D.C., swamp works, or they are just cynically trying to boost ratings. I have come to this conclusion because in the last few days alone, not one legal or political commentator has candidly told the American people the "real facts of life" when it comes to the federal law enforcement community in the "Capital of Corruption."

First, after constant cries by me, President Donald Trump and others who believe in the rule of law and that our country's degenerated "dual system of justice" needs to be remedied if we are to be a nation of "laws and not men," as our great Founding Father and second American president advocated in the days leading up to the Declaration of Independence, Sessions' seeming capitulation to reopen the Clinton investigation is motivated only by his desire to keep his job. In this regard, pressure had mounted on Capitol Hill, sparked by Republican Freedom Caucus Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, for Sessions to resign if he did not do his job as attorney general. While I was the first to advocate this, and have done so for many months, Sessions, seeing his own conservative political tribe now losing patience and wanting to burn him at stake, felt the need to leak this claimed change of heart.

Second, one has to remember that statistics show that about 97 percent of the lawyers at Justice voted for and/or contributed to either former President Barack Obama or presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. For Sessions to avoid naming a special counsel to conduct these investigations and instead assign the claimed investigations to Obama-Clinton deep state Justice lawyers, rather than an individual such as yours truly, who would go the distance to gather the not too opaque evidence that they and their associates, such as Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and others have committed prosecutable crimes, unmasks his real intentions. For if a special counsel, such as that political establishment hack named Robert Mueller, is warranted to investigate President Trump, his family and colleagues, then why is this gander and not "legal goose" also not not suited to investigate the Clintons' alleged crimes? A special counsel like me, who would go all out and not be influenced by the political winds of Washington, D.C., and who would not pack his staff with hack prosecutors like Mueller has, is obviously not what Sessions has in mind.

As was written about me by Jacob Jacobson, a reporter with a liberal publication, the prestigious National Journal, during the heyday of Judicial Watch, when we filed not just Freedom of Information Act requests but also brought hard-hitting cases designed to bring about justice on our own without relying on compromised federal law enforcement:

"... [0]ne reoccurring theme emerged from the two dozen interviews conducted for this story: The main reason Larry Klayman is exasperating to many people across the political spectrum is that he ignores the rules of partisan combat that define Washington. Many political operatives have come to realize that Klayman is impossible to sway, because he seeks no Establishment credentials and has none to protect." (National Journal, June 29, 2002, Number 26)

But again, a Larry Klayman is not what Sessions has in mind!

And, why is that? The answer is simple! The attorney general, being under investigation himself for alleged obstruction of justice by Special Counsel Mueller in the firing of Mueller's buddy, former FBI Director James Comey, does not want to push too hard on the Clintons or the Democrats, for fear that he himself might wind up indicted. And, don't think for one moment that Bill and Hillary Clinton don't know this. I can hardly see them quaking in their corrupt boots about Justice's leaks about re-opened investigations of their capers.

Finally, if you need proof for your pudding that Sessions' newly minted capitulation to pressure for him to resign is but a typical Washington, D.C., sham, then just listen to the sleazy and two-faced words of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who now is a great supporter of Sessions, after many months ago having asked for his resignation as well, but for other, leftist reasons. Here is what CNN, the "Clinton News Network," reported Thursday:

"Last year, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was blunt in his assessment of Jeff Sessions: 'For the good of the country, Attorney General Sessions should resign.'

"Now, Schumer and other Democrats have changed their tune suggesting Sessions should stay in the job as long as special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

"'I voted against Jeff Sessions and said he never should be there in the first place, given his record on civil rights, on immigration, on so many other issues,' Schumer said Thursday in the Capitol. 'My view now is very simple, nothing should ever interfere with the Mueller investigation.'"

Great surprise! Schumer and the Dems now love the man. And, why is that? Because he brought them Mueller, and they know that Mueller and the left now own him as their "b--ch."

In sum, that is why I must be appointed special counsel to conduct a real investigation of the Clinton scandals and then, when all the facts are uncovered, bring prosecutions that will mete out justice and restore the rule of law as envisioned by our Founding Father. This is embodied in our Constitution and is non-negotiable, Mr. Sessions!

Go to to sign the petition and support my being named special counsel so that our system of justice is administered equally for all and not rigged for the likes of the Clintons!

© Larry Klayman


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