Larry Klayman
Jeff Sessions: A national disgrace
Larry Klayman has petition demanding AG be fired or resign
By Larry Klayman
March 26, 2018

In recent weeks, President Trump has boldly exercised his executive authority and fired a Cabinet official and the national security adviser. I am talking about former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster. Both of these individuals were at odds in large part with the president's agenda and deserved to be let go. The country is better for it, particularly in the later respect with the appointment of John Bolton to replace McMaster as The Donald heads into a meeting and possibly negotiations with Kim Jong-un of North Korea over its nuclear program.

Undoubtedly, there will be more changes in the coming weeks and months, as the president continues to "fine tune" his team, getting rid of "destructive deadwood." Clearly, with the White House leak this week that Trump had been recommended not to congratulate Vladmir Putin on being re-elected as president of Russia, the moles and traitors in the people's house need to be shown the door, once and for all.

But for all of these past and coming changes in the high-level staffing of the administration, the biggest, if not major sore point – and a continuing crisis for not just the president but the American people – is the continuing presence of Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Put simply, Sessions is more than an embarrassment. He, as the chief law enforcement officer of the republic, is an enemy of our justice system.

I used to think that Sessions, if nothing else, was a least a nice guy. But after over a year of him occupying space at my alma mater, the U.S. Department of Justice, I no longer even give him credit for being that. Put simply, "nice guys" don't sell out We the People during these treacherous times, when the Obama-Clinton Deep State and other evil forces continue to wreak havoc both in the corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the intelligence agencies, to cite just a few examples.

While some of the two-faced pygmies on Capitol Hill, and even the likes of Hannity on Fox News, made a big deal about Sessions' recent firing of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, please tell me what this is about. Boosting their own egos, or television ratings? Unfortunately, a simple firing is not enough to restore confidence in the American people that the establishment elites in Washington, D.C., and around the country, including our compromised federal judiciary, are not above the law.

It is indeed a sad and frightening state of affairs when firing a career civil servant who committed beaucoup crimes, including but not limited to illegal surveillance of the Trump Tower, using the Steele dossier as a fraudulent pretext to get a warrant from an equally corrupt or grossly negligent judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, constitutes justice. Both McCabe and the federal judges who went along with or furthered this felony should be indicted, tried and convicted and thus hauled before the bar of justice.

But of course, our so-called attorney general would never do that! Because to do so would subject him to likely blowback by the Obama-Clinton Deep State, with dirt about Sessions flying out of government "dossiers" that might make Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS look like amateurs.

This week we also learned that, not coincidentally, Sessions was also being investigated by McCabe at the FBI for alleged perjury during his confirmation hearing. There, the would-be attorney general blatantly lied under oath that he had not met with the Russian ambassador in his Senate office, while also serving on the Trump election campaign team as an adviser. While this lie was benign – as there was nothing wrong for a senator to meet the the Russian ambassador – its clear, as I have predicted from the outset, the Sessions has been inert because he knew that he could himself potentially be indicted, and not just over this perjury.

This brings us to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's so-called Russian collusion and obstruction of justice investigation. Here, Sessions is also a criminal target or subject, particularly over his alleged role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. And again, while Sessions did nothing wrong, his defensive crouch over all of this explains why he has been a do-nothing waste of an attorney general!

Couple this with Sessions having failed, as he promised me he would do from the outset, to conduct an independent review of the Obama commenced and now failed political prosecutions of Cliven Bundy and his family (see for more information), his failure to pursue the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal, where over 33,000 emails were destroyed by her, in addition to her cellphones and other incriminating evidence, and abdicating his responsibility by allowing the corrupt deputy attorney general to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel in the first instance, and the stench of Sessions actions and inactions takes on a putrid odor.

And, I am not done! Where has the attorney general been as this hack of a prosecutor Mueller and his compromised, conflicted left legal staff, continue to leak grand jury information to damage President Trump, his family and associates, as his "witch hunt" of an investigation lumbers on with apparently no end in sight? These leaks are criminal and are calculated to destroy the Trump presidency even short of Mueller seeking indictments or preparing and sending to Congress an impeachment report, all of which would be bogus and merely political in any event.

Last but hardly least, given the space limitations of my column, is the hard fact that Sessions has not reigned Mueller in with regard to his patently exceeding his mandate to investigate only alleged Russian collusion. Now, this "crooked clown" is off investigating the entire Trump business empire, searching frantically to find something to indict the president and his family over. And, of course, Sessions still sits on the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Clintons, Obama and their co-conspirators in crimes against the nation!

The bottom line is this! Sessions needs to resign or be immediately fired! He is worse than deadwood! The attorney general is a national disgrace, and it's time he perhaps take his "rightful place" as a K Street political lobbyist. Go to to sign the petition demanding Sessions' resignation or firing.

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