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By Larry Klayman
April 3, 2018

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Here is why we need to seek out the few honest federal judges who currently sit on a compromised bench, have me appointed special counsel to invoke the powers of a "real" Justice Department and organize mass protests and lawful civil disobedience until we restore the country to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

We are living in the most dangerous of situations! Our federal judiciary has become either compromised or is corrupt to the core. Currently constituted it does not serve the citizenry but primarily itself when it comes to adjudicating cases that touch on the so-called elite who had them appointed to office. And how were these federal judges appointed? Through political patronage by way of "greasy" contributions to politicians by law firms, corporations, labor unions and other special interests. This is why what we have on the federal bench, by and large, are political hack "yes men and women" who do the bidding of the elites who put them in power.

This is a very perilous state of affairs, as without a courageous and non-biased federal judiciary, Americans are left defenseless to the corrupt whims of the establishments of both political parties and these special interests.

As one example, Freedom Watch and I have pending crucial cases to finally bring Hillary Clinton to justice under the Constitution and rule of law. One of those cases involves the Wicked Witch of the Left's use of an unsecure private email server while she was, regrettably, secretary of state. This server was predictably hacked by adverse powers, such as Iran, Russian and China, one or more of whom then transmitted the location of Ambassador Christopher Stephens to terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. These terrorists then murdered not just Stephens, but those around him, such as undercover agents Ty Woods and Sean Smith.

I represent the parents of Woods and Smith, Charles Woods and Patricia Smith, in both a wrongful death and defamation suit against Hillary Clinton. To be sure, no one other than yours truly would ever take this action. Our "congressional fools" would rather prance around at Fox News giving meaningless interviews than actually do their job, and the disgraceful Attorney General Jeff Sessions, spends most of his time covering his backside and refusing to appoint a special counsel, for fear the current special counsel, Robert Mueller, at the urging of the Democrats, will indict him for alleged Russian collusion, perjury and obstruction of justice. Thus, if not Larry Klayman and Freedom Watch, then who?

The case has thus far been dismissed by a politicized leftist judge appointed by, you guessed it, the former "Muslim in Chief," Barack Hussein Obama. To add insult to injury and to curry favor with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign with the obvious hope of higher appointment should Hillary have been elected president, this leftist judge, Amy Berman Jackson, dismissed the suit on the eve of Memorial Day, disrespectfully sticking it to these "Gold Star" parents as they were grieving for their heroic fallen sons. Then, when I took the contrived and frivolous ruling of Judge Jackson up on appeal, the panel that heard argument were "mysteriously" comprised of two Obama appointees and one establishment Republican jurist. Incredibly, I learned by accessing Federal Election Commission records that one the Obama appointees had donated money to the Wicked Witch to further her 2008 presidential bid! Her name is Patricia Millet.

Politely, I first asked Judge Millet to recuse herself for her obvious conflict of interest in violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct. She predictably refused, as federal judges in particular feel that they can do as they please and are above the law given their lifetime tenure. But when I then filed a formal motion to disqualify her, incredibly and arrogantly ruling on the motion herself, Millet again refused to get off the case. And, when I went to the full court with a petition for en banc review, all of them also predictably circled the wagons and took no action to unseat this corrupt leftist hack colleague.

It thus came as no surprise that the appellate decision that issued this week affirmed Judge Jackson's dismissal of the suit! The ruling wreaked of dishonesty and disdain for anyone who would dare challenge a fellow elite like Hillary Clinton! I must now take the matter again to the full appellate court and if that does not succeed to the Supreme Court!

But what are the chances of success? Great, but only if We the People finally make it clear that we will not tolerate corruption on not just the federal bench, but also in the other two branches of government, which are currently still under the control of the Deep State comprised overwhelmingly of Obama and Clinton loyalists.

I am dedicated to using my powers to issue this clarion call, continue to pursue lawful actions, but also be at the forefront of the coming revolution that restores the rule of law and integrity to our body politic! If this means not just taking legal recourse to try to find by the Grace of God those few honest federal judges and justices who will do their job, or going the way of our Founding Fathers in 1776, then I will pledge my honor and life to get the job done.

Certainly, our cowardly attorney general won't lift a hand! He – as I wrote recently in this rare medium of actual truth, – is a national disgrace!

And so it has finally come to pass that We the People must again rise up and throw off the yoke of government tyranny. I will lead this call to legal arms in the tradition of our great Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, who proclaimed that when the people fear the government there is tyranny. But when the government fears the people there is liberty.

Go to to enlist in our citizens' army to restore the republic to what it was originally conceived to be on July 4, 1776, and later enshrined in our Constitution.

© Larry Klayman


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Larry Klayman

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