Larry Klayman
Deja vu: Elite criminals go scot-free!
Larry Klayman flays pundits calling Bob Mueller 'man of integrity'
By Larry Klayman
April 24, 2018

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Are you tired of seeing young "whippersnappers," cocky millennials with no legal experience on Fox News telling us the way the capital of corruption works when it comes to law enforcement? Friday morning, when I turned on the television to get an update on what was happening in the latest Mueller saga, as I am this week on the "Left Coast" and three hours behind the swamp, I was treated to the commentary of Fox's newest young "rising star," pundit Guy Benson, who apparently is even being given his own show. And, while he is a smart kid, he is just a kid. Guy, like other attractive pundits who are given an audience on the network, is clueless to the way our corrupt law enforcement establishment works.

With great self-assurance and confidence, and with a friendly smile – obviously to keep his analysis politically and socially acceptable so he could leave the door open should he ever be offered a better gig on CNN, MSNBC, or CBS, as many of his so-called conservative colleagues have done – Guy smugly made it a point of saying, as is also the mantra of the ill-informed or lying D.C. establishment, that Mueller would likely soon wrap up his Russian collusion and so-called related investigations, since everyone knows that he is a "man of integrity." Hearing this, I nearly threw up!

On the other side of the "experience spectrum," someone I respect and am thankful that President Trump hired to join his legal team of Jay Seculow and Ty Cobb – to use the term loosely given their demonstrated complete incompetence to date – is Rudy Giuliani. In announcing that he would "take one for the Gipper" and enter the fray, the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, deputy attorney general, mayor of New York City and later presidential candidate himself boasted that he could somehow tame Mueller and his crooked ultra-leftist prosecutorial staff, since having worked with Mueller when the latter was FBI director, he knows him to be a "man of integrity."

Suggesting that the Mueller investigation would soon be over now that he has entered "stage left," Rudy created patently false expectations, even if some optimism is helpful to keep Trump's base from jumping off of Trump Tower, the way things have been going with Mueller and his collaborators at the U.S. Attorney in New York City, with the recent unconstitutional raid on the offices and residences of the president's lawyer Michael Cohen.

The documents and reported tape recordings illegally seized from Cohen, even if not incriminating, could serve to be paramount, at a minimum, in the impeachment report Mueller is most certainly preparing. And, of course, Mueller and his hack prosecutors, knowing no bounds of decency much less respect for the rule of law, will use this seized information in the coming weeks and months to criminally leak and thus smear not just Cohen and his clients, including Fox News' Sean Hannity, but most egregiously the president himself.

The evil plan of this "man of integrity" is, of course, to do the bidding of the establishments of both political parties, Democratic and Republican, who want to see The Donald gone, buried and safely put in his political grave, that is if some deranged lunatic on the left does not kill him first.

In the face of all of this, despite Giuliani's endorsement of Mueller, which I am hopeful was just to set this corrupt special counsel up by putting him on the spot, I am pleased that he is now representing the president, even if Rudy himself is a "recovering establishment creature." What could be worse than the feckless legal representation Trump has gotten to date? In the words of Laurel and Hardy of times past, "A fine mess you have gotten me into, Jay and Ty," can only be the president's best thoughts at this point! It is natural but naive to hope that Giuliani can bail Trump out, before he sinks finally into the quicksand of our corrupt bipartisan law enforcement establishments.

Demonstrating that our president continues to be ensnared in a web of Washington, D.C., legal theatre, which only superficially appears on the surface to be getting more responsive to the need to address scandals at the FBI and its Department of Justice (DOJ), was the announcement by the department's inspector general late this week that it was now making a criminal referral of former FBI Director Andrew McCabe to appropriate authorities in the department. This is simply a decoy, used over and over again in our compromised justice system. Burn the mid-level official and leave the elite higher-ups alone! In this regard, I am talking about Mueller himself as well as his equally corrupt friend James Comey. And, for good measure lets add in the rest of the criminals; Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, former attorneys general Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, George Soros, and a host of others of all political persuasions.

McCabe, as has happened over and over again in the past, is being offered up by our worthless attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and his minions at DOJ as the sacrificial lamb who will be roasted as the proverbial "Burning Man" to take the heat away from these far bigger criminals. In this regard, remember Scooter Libby, who took the heat and was obviously indicted and charged to keep the feds from going after Karl Rove and Vice President Cheney himself over the Valerie Plame mess. The president recognized this scam himself this week when he did what former President George W. Bush did not have the integrity or guts to do: finally pardoning Libby after he had already unjustly served time in federal prison.

It's time that We the People stop drinking the Kool-Aid from the likes of Hannity on Fox News – designed mostly to boost ratings. Nothing will happen to either Mueller, Comey, the Clintons, Obama, Soros or the rest of their wretched lot until someone like yours truly is appointed special counsel. And, if this does not happen in the next few weeks, then you have my word that Freedom Watch and I will again empanel citizens grand and petit juries picked from neutral voter rolls in conservative cities like Ocala, Florida, and indict, try and convict these criminals. And, this time we will legally petition to have these "elite criminals" arrested and incarcerated once and for all.

The last several decades in particular, spanning the Clinton, Bush and Obama years, have taught any rational and sane American to understand that the establishment elites and their yes men and women on the federal bench – who they put in power – will not mete out justice against them. And while watching this corrupt Kabuki theatre on Fox News, with young and cocky inexperienced pundits like Guy Benson may be amusing, We the People can no longer be fooled. Its time for action, real action! Join and support our citizens' army by going to

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