Larry Klayman
Jefferson's periodic revolution? We're here!
Larry Klayman decries how 'elites' have once again avoided accountability
By Larry Klayman
June 27, 2018

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For a long time in this country, We the People were brainwashed to think that the United States had the most "just" legal system in the world. While we do live in the greatest nation on earth, one that we all must thank God for, over the years since our creation on July 4, 1776, the republic has gradually degenerated into a cesspool of government corruption and personal deceit and immorality.

Indeed, for me our greatest Founding Father and third American president, Thomas Jefferson, predicted this, stating that this inevitable downhill slide in ethics, morality and lawlessness by government elite establishments, and our general populace as well, would require a new revolution ever other generation. Jefferson even predicted that blood would again have to be spilled. He added that when the people fear the government, there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people there is liberty.

While the recently released report of the inspector general of the U.S. Justice Department detailing a number of illegalities by DOJ officials and their Federal Bureau of Investigation cohorts unmasks anew the ever-growing government tyranny, IG Michael Horowitz, not coincidentally an Obama appointee, found no wrongdoing by the likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama FBI Director James Comey, Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Barack and Michelle Obama and their intelligence agency chiefs John Brennan and James Clapper, and a host of other government elites both Democrat and Republican.

One does not have to have the IQ of a brain surgeon to have predicted this whitewash, as the past is indeed a prologue when it comes to law enforcement against the government establishment elites over the last many decades. Not during my lifetime has any high government official been held accountable for virtually anything. Even former President Richard Nixon was never indicted for obstruction of justice in the famous Watergate scandal, much less impeached (he resigned short of this), and of course the other notable examples are the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, the shameless, less-than-dynamic but certainly prolifically felonious duo of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Over the years we came to learn that there was and remains no crime beneath these two partners of skullduggery. Notwithstanding scandals during their administration ranging from Whitewater, Chinagate, Lewinskygate, Filegate, Travelgate, IRSgate and about 35 others so numerous I cannot even remember them all, Ms. Hillary even saw fit to try to steal White House furniture at the end of the Clinton administration. Once discovered, she was compelled to return these priceless national antiques and heirlooms, but never was she or hubbie Slick Willy held accountable for this attempted heist. They shamelessly moved on to then erect a criminal racketeering enterprise commonly known as the Clinton Foundation, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars to enrich their personal coffers through bribery, extortion and political blackmail.

During the Clintons' steady march to certain induction into the "Criminal Hall of Shame," our so-called Department of Justice predictably stood by and watched. Indeed, even after George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000, his DOJ was instructed not to prosecute the Clintons, much less settle cases I had brought against them at Judicial Watch. The reason: The elitist Bush clan, with their intellectually limited son "W" now at the helm, cut a deal with the Clintons that the two families would become friends and live in peace happily ever after. No sooner than "W" was installed in the White House, he and First Lady Barbara Bush invited Bonnie and Clyde for tea and crumpets. The photo op was remarkable! Two American families: one who wrongly considers itself nobility but in fact are "high society" slimy establishment tycoons (H.W. Bush participated in taking a billion so-called investment dollars from the bin Laden family while he was a principal of the Carlyle Group) and the other who are common criminals, toasting their respective dynasties and riches.

And, this told the tale of where we are at in this country. There are two classes of people, the so-called establishment elites, who are immune from legal accountability, and then there is the rest of us peons. The IG report is the final straw for We the People. Its importance goes far beyond the political biases and other illegalities it purports to have exposed. What it shows once and for all is that the establishment elites continue to have protection and refuge in America's equivalent of Versailles, the swamp known as Washington, D.C. Jefferson, also an architect of the French Revolution, is rolling over in his grave begging for remedial action.

To return to how I opened this column, pointing out that our justice system is both self-delusional and bankrupt, contrast this with the Israeli Ministry of Justice having just last Friday indicted the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for allegedly having misused government monies. And, her husband, Bibby, is not far behind in terms of his being indicted for alleged bribery. Israeli justice previously indicted and convicted another of its prime ministers, Ehud Ohlmert, also for bribery. He is currently serving his prison sentence.

How is it that Israel has a system of justice that seeks to hold its elite establishment government officials to the bar of justice, but the greatest nation on earth lets them skate and ride off into the sunset, the latest example being our former first couple, Barack Hussein Obama and his lovely wife, Michelle? The two of them, now multi-millionaires like the Clintons and the Bushes, were also effectively exonerated from any wrongdoing during their administration by DOJ's inspector general, despite having had their intelligence agency lackeys Brennan and Clapper, White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power illegally and unconstitutionally spy on not just Donald Trump, his family and associates, but also Supreme Court justices, other judges, and prominent businessmen and public advocates like myself – not to mention hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens.

Again, the bottom line is this! The nation has now once and for all, as Jefferson predicted, entered into a revolutionary state, and We the People must take care of legal business. Go to to learn how you can enlist in our citizens army and help me restore the nation to law and order.

© Larry Klayman


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