Larry Klayman
Open letter to President Trump!
The Donald Needs to Take Charge, Fire Rosenstein and Endorse Citizens Grand Juries!
By Larry Klayman
July 30, 2018

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Our 45th president, Donald J. Trump, has great instincts, which usually translate into fearless actions. He not only will say it like it is – a stark departure from Republican establishment hacks like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as well as former recent Republican presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, two other elitists who pretended to be for the American people but instead were largely in it for themselves and their establishment friends such as Bill and Hillary Clinton – but his uniformly successful actions in only a year and one half in office speak much louder than even his words.

But despite all this, President Trump has uncharacteristically ceded his legal defense of the "witch hunt" of special counsel Robert Mueller to his less than competent establishment attorneys, currently led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. They are telling him to lay back and allow the Mueller investigation to play out, that the end is in sight. Of course, any person with an IQ over 70 knows that this has proven to be false time in and time out!

So called early predictions by presidential counsel Jay Sekulow were that the witch hunt would be over last fall, then it was Christmas and then it was March. Jay is a great religious rights lawyer for the ACLJ and a nice person, but he is out of his league when it comes to criminal defense. And Guiliani has lost sight of the simple fact that Mueller is deadly serious about taking down The Donald as payback to the Democrat and Republican establishments who have promoted and appointed him over the years to positions of governmental power, the last of which was director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Coupled with the president's hapless and weak legal representation which resembles the French existential novel "Waiting for Godot," the other main source of bad advice is apparently Sean Hannity of Fox News. Again, the likes of Hannity are in it primarily for themselves. The hype this Trump confidant spews daily on his radio show and later on television, designed to boost his and the network's ratings and thus advertising revenues, gives the president false hope that justice will be done, and that the real criminals Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper and former President Obama himself will be held to account before the law, much more our Constitution. For Hannity, who puts on the same pundits on his Fox News prime time show night in and night out, boasting about what new information has been revealed by Sara Carter and company, is enough to titillate his viewership, but what the people are clamoring for is not more disclosures but real action!

Mr. President, there is already a deluge of documentation and information available to the public and law enforcement authorities to squash the Mueller witch hunt! My God this "man of integrity" has been leaking grand jury information since the outset of his investigation. This is criminal! And, as for the Clintons, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Obama, just a few of the felons who must now be finally prosecuted and thrown in the slammer – there is more than enough evidence to bring them to justice NOW.

So Mr. President, here is what I propose for you to implement immediately.

First, while the articles of impeachment submitted by a few conservative congressmen to remove deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein caught the nation's attention, they were for show and not for dough. Reality is that these congressmen, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, did not even take steps to procedurally set this for a vote by a full House of Representatives. And, of course we know that the speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, the two-faced Republican establishment swamp creature who has even praised Mueller along with that equal phony Trey Gowdy, opposes Rosenstein's impeachment.

However, Mr. President, at least these articles of impeachment give you cover to do what your lawyers and the Fox News's Hannity should have advised you to do long ago: fire deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein! This corrupt Obama holdover as the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland wishes you no good. He is an establishment Trojan Horse at the Department of Justice, headed by the cowardly and compromised attorney general Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein, by enabling Mueller, is out to destroy you. He must go now!

Once Rosenstein is returned to the swamp, Mr. President, as head of the executive branch and thus the Justice Department, replace him with an ethical and strong replacement, someone unlike the establishment hack you inadvertently – again on bad advice – nominated as the new FBI director, Christopher Wray. This new deputy attorney general, hopefully a "true man of integrity," can either rein Mueller in or fire him outright, saving you from having to do it yourself. Time is short and this must be done immediately.

Mr. President, if you have not yet figured it out based on the faulty advice of your current hapless legal counsel, Mueller and his rabid leftist prosecutors intend to literally chop your head off, no matter what it takes. You cannot and should not be dragged along to the "guillotine"!

And, for this reason, Mr. President, name me as a second special counsel, as I will get the job done and indict, convict, have sentenced and have arrested the entire cast of establishment elite criminals, ranging from Hillary and Bill Clinton, to Obama and even Mueller himself. Please go to Freedom Watch's website at and see that nearly 30,000 patriots have signed the petition to have me appointed special counsel and please read their comments.

Finally Mr. President, please also yourself join or at least endorse Freedom Watch's Justice League. You may not be Batman, or Superman, but you are a super hero nevertheless. We need your support for our citizens grand juries which will restore equal justice under the law and thus save your presidency for the good of We the People.

God bless you Mr. President,

Larry Klayman, Esq.
Founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch

© Larry Klayman


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Larry Klayman

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