Larry Klayman
H.W. Bush vs. The Donald
Larry Klayman calls Trump 'far more worthy' of the office than 41 or 43
By Larry Klayman
December 11, 2018

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It's good for the nation and our collective human soul to pay homage to a former president who has just passed on. I too mourn and pay respect to the death of the former 41st president of the United States, George H.W. Bush. However, there were a number of things that turned me off about the over-the-top and in many respects hypocritical celebration of this man and his son, George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States who gave the eulogy at his Dad's funeral.

The first thing that bothered me was the rank hypocrisy of the left-wing media, which in order to use H.W. as a sword against another president, Donald J. Trump, whom they truly hate, hypocritically sought to deify 41 – calling him a great gentlemen and statesman. But, notwithstanding President Bush's public persona of being gracious, facts speak louder than cultivated appearances.

Lest we all forget, as the left-wing media have been excoriating our current president for not severely sanctioning Saudi Arabia – which we all can agree is run by ruthless Muslim Wahhabi Muslims – they conveniently overlooked the fact that H.W. post-presidency literally and greedily extracted about a billion dollars from the Osama bin Laden family to fill the coffers of an investment company he became associated with: the Carlyle Group. Years later, H.W.'s son, W., would use the FBI to return the "favor" by quickly whisking members of the Saudi royal family out of the country in the hours after the horrific Sept. 11, 2001, attack so they could avoid interrogation.

In short, Daddy Bush, his compromised president son and all charter members of the Texas oil cabal kissed the derriere of their rich Saudi benefactors, bowing down to their "largesse." In the face of this, President Trump is trashed, even by establishment Republicans like Sens. Lindsey Graham and Bob Corker for not sufficiently punishing the Saudis for the death of a non-citizen, Washington Post Muslim "columnist" Jamal Khashoggi. Recognizing that Saudi Arabia is now a necessary ally to check the Iranian terrorist "nuclear" regime – "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" – The Donald exercised admirable restraint in not overreacting. Indeed, since when is it news that Sunni Muslims have little respect generally for human life with regard to even their own, much less Judeo-Christian "infidels"?

Second, there was H.W.'s meaningless war to "liberate Kuwait" when Saddam Hussein invaded this Muslim nation to seize its oil assets. Bush having armed his then-ally Saddam with biological and chemical weapons to fend off Shiite Iran, this war was simply about oil. Ask yourself this: Even if Iraq had not been thrown out of Kuwait, would Iraqi occupation have taken Kuwaiti petroleum off the world market, driving oil prices up? Absolutely not!

In the ironic words of Hillary Clinton post-Benghazi, "what difference does it make" which despotic Muslim regime owned and marketed the oil? And, to underscore the Kuwaitis' lack of appreciation for H.W.'s and our nation's having bailed its dictatorial Islamic regime out of Iraqi occupation, just last Thursday it conspired with Bolivia at the United Nations to procedurally deep-six an American resolution condemning Hamas terrorism in the Gaza Strip. So much for risking and sacrificing American lives and bodies for H.W.'s meaningless crusade.

Third, there was Bush's other most notable if not despicable lie to the American public during his Republican National Convention nomination address in 1988. Asking the citizenry to "read his lips" that there would be no new taxes, the 41st president went back and dishonestly reneged on his word, and in fact later agreed with the Democrats to raise taxes. This falsehood is reminiscent of former President Barack Hussein Obama's promise that Obamacare meant you could keep your doctor. By contrast, President Trump has sought to honor his promises to the American people.

Fourth, there was H.W.'s clueless stewardship of the economy. By the end of his presidency the economy was literally headed into the tank. To the contrary, President Donald Trump's economic policies have stimulated the economy and created new jobs for millions of Americans.

But the biggest contrast between our current fearless leader and H.W. is The Donald's simple even if sometimes crass direct honesty. Unlike H.W. and most of the "Bush aristocracy," Trump does not hold himself out as nobility or holier than thou. He calls events and situations as he sees them. Thus, as just one among many examples, judges are held out to dry for their prejudices, a subject dear to me as the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch.

In short, Trump does not mince works nor couch his actions for the sake of appearances as part of the nation's "political nobility," and while boasting of his accomplishments, he does not pretend to be of an elitist establishment class.

What is most telling, if not the ultimate litmus test, revealing the huge differences between H.W. and Trump, is that while The Donald has rightly called Hillary Clinton a crook and called for her to be locked up, H.W. proudly announced after the last 2016 presidential election that he voted for her. And his son W., following his narrow election to the presidency in 2000 and after 40 Clinton era scandals, wasted no time inviting Bill and Hill to the White House for "tea and crumpets." Indeed, the two families – or should I say "crime families" – have become very close over the last 18 years! Disgusting! Need I say more.

So finally, while I do mourn the death of President H.W. Bush out of respect for the presidency and the end of a human life, President Donald J. Trump is far more worthy of the office than his Bush predecessors. So when I saw how the leftist media were using H.W., as well as some "Never Trumper" Republicans, as a foil to cleverly disparage if not trash Trump, I felt like throwing up.

The Bush family is not all bad, and in fact I have always liked Jeb as a person. But as for H.W., he was not the "best," and W. hardly the "brightest" of presidents, to put it most diplomatically. To the contrary, should Donald J. Trump survive the likes of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their undaunted march to impeachment, our current president, who puts America and its citizenry first and does not try to appear morally and ethically superior, but recognizes and will forcefully confront the "facts of life," will in the end prove to be far "greater" than the elder Bush and his son.

Death cannot and should not rewrite history, even if many have short memories!

© Larry Klayman


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