Larry Klayman
2 urgent New Year's resolutions
Larry Klayman seeks to remove 'politics, money and power' from judicial system
By Larry Klayman
December 31, 2019

With the New Year nearly upon us, it's time to take stock and understand that in 2020 we all must strive for justice, as our legal system is more than broken; it has become an absolute cesspool of corruption when it comes to holding the elite establishment to the rule of law and our Constitution. So here are my two of many New Years resolutions, which with the Grace of God hopefully we can make progress in 2020.

Undertake an overhaul of the way federal judges are chosen, which will ultimately require an amendment to the Constitution. Our framers were enlightened by God, but they were not God, and they made some fundamental errors in the way we choose judges and Supreme Court justices. While many think that I am "anti-judge," given my conceiving of and founding Judicial Watch, which plainly means to "watch" judges, in fact the opposite is true. In principle, judges are our most important public servants, as they are intended, particularly in the federal system, to protect us from the tyranny of government overreach and oppression, but in reality have become the "yes men" of those politicians and special interests that put them in power through greasy political patronage.

Today, using Supreme Court dicta in a rogue case styled Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, 550 U.S. 544 (2007), federal judges take it upon themselves to dismiss cases based on their own whims and fancies, based on their view of whether the facts pleaded in a civil complaint are "plausible." In today's world, where left and right are so polarized, where intellectual honesty is at an all-time low, federal judges thus decide for themselves – usually on the basis of their politics and ideology and not the facts or the law – to dump cases they either do not like, or believe will harm their standing and chances to be appointed to a higher court or other so-called prestigious government positions.

In effect, most federal judges I have encountered, particularly in the last few years, chosen by either President Clinton, Bush, Obama and now even Trump, shy away from controversial cases with plaintiffs whom the left or right and their media have made radioactive through defamatory smears and other nefarious techniques. In so doing, they dismiss cases at the outset, thumbing their arrogant judicial noses at the jury system, which was created to take decision-making away from the sovereign. Having experienced and been subject to hack politicized "yes men" judges of King George III, our framers wanted to return the power to decide cases to We the People through a jury of one's peers.

But now, a scant 232 years after our Constitution was enacted, federal judges have now largely morphed into the equivalent of the lackeys of King George's dishonest court jesters. That is what you get when the method for choosing them is based on politics, money and power by the elite few who think and act as if they are "above the law."

So in 2020, I want to start a real dialogue about how to address this potentially fatal problem to our body politic and legal system. To start this dialogue, I suggest that the lifetime tenure of federal judges needs to be removed and that they should serve for two four-year terms, renewable after the first term for only "good behavior." In addition, federal judges should not be immune, no more than anyone else in society today, for making intentionally wrong and biased decisions, or making them in a reckless, that is grossly negligent manner. In effect, they should be subject to legal liability for so doing.

This is a complex problem but one I intend, as my first New Year's resolution, to push forward in 2020, with a seminar among legal and lay experts at the National Press Club and in other fora and vehicles. The dialogue must begin now, as the citizenry have lost faith in not just the federal judiciary, but government as a whole, and our so-called judicial protectors have become nearly totally co-opted by the Deep State of both the left and right. What we have today, are politicians in robes, and that is very dangerous to the survival of our nation.

Resolution No. 2

It has become increasingly clear, particularly with the situation on the federal bench, and that is the nicest way to put it, that justice will not be meted out at the highest levels by our federal law enforcement establishment. Just look at all the criminals who have escaped what now is the "short arm of the law," ranging to the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and recently James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, Joe and his equally felonious son Hunter Biden and their equivalents in the establishment wing of the Republican Party.

We at Freedom Watch, with your strong support, have thus had to do what is possible for the American people themselves to enforce the rule of law. The only peaceful and legal means to do this lies in the citizens grand jury. As during the days of the Old West, We the People are legally empowered to enforce the law just as Marshal Wyatt Earp was forced to do. And, as I have preached many times before, backed up by the majority opinion of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in landmark case United States v. Williams, 504 U.S. 36 (1992), the grand jury does not belong to our increasingly compromised and corrupt government, but to the people themselves.

Last year, using our citizens grand jury, we at Freedom Watch indicted then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller for obstruction of justice and other crimes, and this year, just for starters, I will be seeking the indictments of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler and others who have subverted and violated our Constitution with the lawless impeachment of President Donald Trump. Others will be held accountable as well for their crimes, on both sides of the aisle.

Once indicted, these persons will be tried in people's courts, most likely convicted and then sentenced. We will then seek to enforce the sentences, through any and all peaceful and legal means.

In sum, the New Year must be now seen as a time to restore our legal system to what it was intended to be by our Founding Fathers and framers of our Constitution. Go to and join and support our Justice League, and do your part in 2020 to restore the rule of law to our great nation.

Listen to why Pelosi should be indicted:

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