Larry Klayman
The truth about the Roger Stone prosecution
Larry Klayman charges conservatives with presenting a misleading narrative
By Larry Klayman
February 20, 2020

Over the last several days, many on the right, some by design and others out of ignorance, have been furthering a false and misleading narrative that Roger Stone was a victim, rather than a convicted felon. Sure, it is an outrage that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and now his successor, Bill Barr, have taken dives and not indicted and prosecuted the usual list of Democrat leftist Deep State criminals, ranging from the Clintons to Obama, to former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and of course Obama's intelligence czars, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Indeed, Barr just took another dive, this time deep-sixing the prosecution of McCabe, following similar heavyweight dives against other card-carrying members of the elite establishment.

But the fact that these Democrat and Deep State criminals are untouchables with regard to our Justice Department – the reason being that everyone in the swamp known as the nation's capital has dirt on their actual and perceived adversaries, and they do not themselves want to be smeared with their personal secrets and follies, if not criminal activity – does not absolve those who are caught violating the law and subverting what we all strive for: an honest and effective system of justice.

A case in point: Roger Jason Stone. Although I fully support the president, my one criticism of him is that The Donald has associated with some rather unsavory people – Stone himself, Stone's former partner Paul Manafort and Stone's former employee Rick Gates, not to mention Trump's former fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen, being prime examples.

With regard to Stone, he has been the subject of much disinformation, if not right-wing feigned sympathy in the last few days. Understand, I do not believe he should do time for seven to 10 years. But I know Roger Stone very, very well. You can listen to my radio show this week, "Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman," which is embedded below and learn more. Or go to or and get my autobiography, "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment," and gain insight into my regrettable past and ongoing experience with him, not to mention my friend and client Dr. Jerome Corsi's equally unfortunate experience.

This being said, I attended the criminal prosecution of Stone on behalf of Jerry, who unlike Stone was not indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his partisan prosecutorial staff – ostensibly because when he was put under oath during the Russian collusion witch hunt, he told the truth. And Jerry did not hide subpoenaed documents, but instead turned them over as was required by law. In addition, when he was threatened by Mueller to commit perjury and implicate the president in crimes, Jerry, with my legal representation, held his ground and refused to lie, even though he risked retaliatory indictment. We also pushed back, filing criminal complaints at the Justice Department and a civil lawsuit against Mueller. While characteristically, Justice has done nothing, our civil suit is going forward.

To the contrary, Stone lied under oath, threatened a material witness and otherwise obstructed justice. These are not just so-called process crimes; they are felonies, worthy of Stone's having been convicted of seven separate crimes, with a maximum potential sentence of about 50 years. Yes, the federal judge who presided over the trial is partisan, and I myself have tangled with her over the years – and yes, the District of Columbia jury was mostly comprised of leftist anti-Trump persons. This is the District of Columbia, where over 90 percent of voters have cast their ballots over the last two presidential elections for either Obama or Hillary Clinton. It is a place where nearly everyone in a position of authority is leftist, the District of Columbia Bar being a prime example. I even recently had an avowed radical communist, Michael Tigar, sitting on a hearing committee that rendered an adverse recommendation concerning me, which is on appeal.

Why then, this being known, did Stone's lawyers not even move for a change of venue to a more neutral court?

Yet, sitting there for about two weeks intently watching the trial, I have to honestly say that the trial judge, Amy Berman Jackson, whom I do not care for, obviously, administered the case fairly. In fact, she bent over backwards to accommodate Stone, even looking the other way on possible violations of her gag order.

Most telling is that Stone's lawyers did not call one witness to the stand, not even the self-promotional and boastful Roger himself. Stone was convicted largely on seven counts of perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, based on his own words, contained in the emails and texts he himself had written, which were incriminating.

In short, Stone and his legal counsel have no one other than themselves to blame for their predicament and even any appeal of the convictions is unlikely to succeed.

And while I agree that seven to 10 years is too much a punishment even for this dirty trickster and certified liar – 18 months to two years is about right – put simply, to try to preserve any remaining integrity in our system of justice, he must pay some price and do time. As the old adage goes, "if you do the crime, you must be prepared to do the time."

Our legal system is a corrupt mess, but if we are to restore the tarnished city to the faithful city, as God declares in the Old Testament Book of Isaiah, the same biblical chapter that prophesied the coming of our Messiah Jesus Christ, we must, as the Lord ordered, look to our counselors and judges to effect this return to morality, ethics and respect, not just for God's law, but man's law.

We at Freedom Watch are doing our best to restore the nation to God's faithful city. Join our cause at

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