Larry Klayman
How Trump can lose the election!
Larry Klayman says to the president: Act now or politically die
By Larry Klayman
July 1, 2020

Last Thursday, President Donald J. Trump gave an interview to Fox News' Sean Hannity about how to put down what has turned into a modern Bolshevik revolution – with leftists, militant atheists, anarchists, socialists, communists, radical blacks, radical LGBTQs, radical feminists and, of course, radical Muslims in full throttle mode and in full, living, primetime color, attempting to destroy our nation.

Likely financing these Bolsheviks are persons such as George Soros, and undoubtedly our enemies such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and, let's not forget, Venezuela. This is the real foreign collusion!

But where is the president as our nation is burned and looted, innocent people are shot and maimed, and the country is seen as a toothless tiger, laughing stock around the world? I hate to say it, but President Trump has been MIA – missing in action.

In his Hannity interview, Trump said: "If they don't do something with Seattle, we're going to do that – we're going to go in there. ... Because what's happening, they're taking over American cities."

At this point, the president's daily threats are becoming meaningless. And I am not the only one to think so. The other day, Tucker Carlson expressed the same views in a brilliant monologue that did not pass the buck to leftist state governors and local leaders in Seattle and around the nation.

But more importantly, the people I have come into contact with recently – conservatives, libertarians, people of faith and anyone who truly loves our republic – have all expressed the same thoughts: They say they support the president and that he has done some really good things while in office, but they are angry, like Tucker and me, that he appears to be playing political games as "Rome burns." Take a page from former and great president Ronald Reagan. He would not have failed to act under the current circumstances!

And the world is watching, including North Korea, Iran, Russia and yes, communist China. If Trump does not have the stomach and will to put down what, in effect, is an armed insurrection in his own country, then forget about threats from outside nations.

At 69, I am old enough to understand that deeds speak louder than words.

Mr. President, please act now or lose the election in the fall. Your political calculations will have backfired and the United States will be thrust into a death spiral under the likes of Joe Biden, who will then soon expire, only to have one of his socialist if not white-hating vice-presidential picks take the helm.

The Bolsheviks will have taken complete control, as your two-faced establishment Republican colleagues in the Senate and House will also have been shown the door along with you!

Put simply, Mr. President, you will have lost your base if you do not act. Already, one can see the effects, with only a third of the stadium in Tulsa having shown up to hear you speak. And, it is not enough to call the COVID-19 pandemic the "Kung Flu."

Why have you not taken aggressive action to make the communist Chinese pay for the massive damage they have caused to our people? Freedom Watch has, but you just call the CHICOMS names! Join our class action at

It is not too late to win back our trust and support, but this must be done without delay! Already, the Bolsheviks and the CHICOMS have left a trail of destruction, illness and death.

And heed the words of Larry Klayman, Tucker Carlson and millions of others who want you to succeed! Listen to my podcast last Thursday, podcast embedded below.

Go as well to to join and support our Justice League. We are not afraid to act to the extent we can. Freedom Watch does not have a government police force, or a National Guard, but we do have you, and we need your help and support to save our nation. Because if we do not now act, peacefully and legally, our republic will cease to exist.

And, we are dangerously close to this doomsday scenario as I write this column and call to legal and peaceful arms as a wake-up call to our 45th president.

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