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'America's Sheriff' takes on the radical leftists
Larry Klayman announces Joe Arpaio-led effort to defend law enforcement officials
By Larry Klayman
September 8, 2020

Last Wednesday, Joe Arpaio, "America's Toughest Sheriff," and I, "America's Toughest Lawyer," announced the formation of a new public-interest watchdog whose mission is to promote, protect and fight for the interests and legal rights of the nation's law enforcement, including but not limited to local police. By so doing, the American people's interests will be paramount.

In recent months, our brave law enforcement from all quarters have literally been under attack, with radical leftists looting, burning stealing, maiming and even assaulting and killing law enforcement officers, as well as innocent citizens. These radicals are comprised of socialists, communists, African American anti-white separatists, radical Muslims, radicals of the Jewish left, anarchists, atheists and other leftists of all races, sexes and persuasions. Their obvious goal is to destabilize and take down the creation of our Founding Fathers, and in its place install a Marxist state.

Furthering this Bolshevik-style revolution have been Democratic mayors and governors in many of the nation's largest cities and states, whose agenda is to use these leftist radicals to also remove President Donald J. Trump from office, paving the way for a Democrat socialist/communist takeover of all three branches of government. In this way, the radical left will be able to consolidate its power and hold over the American people.

The new organization, America's Sheriff, is nonpartisan, but it is founded to defend America's Judeo-Christian heritage as depicted in the Bible, where God looks to the counselors and judges to restore the Tarnished City to the Faithful City.

Sheriff Arpaio and I, a dynamic duo, are uniquely situated to protect and preserve the freedoms and liberties bequeathed to the citizenry on July 4, 1776, by furthering law and order in these perilous times.

Using Sheriff Joe's expertise as a America's Toughest Sheriff and my pursuit of the rule of law as America's Toughest Lawyer, America's Sheriff will take whatever strong and effective ethical, legal and peaceful actions that are necessary to protect and fight for the rights of law enforcement, which have been trashed, and battle the malevolent forces of the radical left exposing We the People to ever increasing violence and death.

Following the announcement of America's Sheriff, predictably some leftist haters of the sheriff and me, much more the police, predictably falsely claimed that our mission was racist and anti-Semitic. This did not surprise us, as the left will use whatever means are available, however dishonest, to justify their evil, nefarious ends to successfully wage their new Bolshevik Revolution. To call me anti-Semitic, as someone who is a proud Jew and a Christian, as well as a Zionist, is more than laughable. But I stand by my statements, as I have throughout the many columns I have written for WND, that the Jewish left – a la Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky and in the modern era Saul Alinsky, so bent on not just destroying this country with its Marxist agenda but also the state of Israel – is the biggest threat to Jewry worldwide. If you need proof, look to the biggest financier of the Jewish left and the left in general, George Soros. He is unabashedly an unapologetic self-hating leftist Jew who collaborated with the Nazis, along with his father, during World War II, by confiscating the hard-earned property of fellow Jews on their way to Hitler's gas chambers and ovens. And it is no coincidence that Soros not only donated millions to defeat Sheriff Arpaio's candidacy for sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, in 2016, but also largely funded the successful elections of many state and local district attorneys throughout the United States, DA's who are anti-law enforcement and support defunding police departments, leaving the citizenry defenseless against the leftist hordes that burn, loot, main and kill at will.

One really "bad example," is a leftist Jew named Larry Krasner, who was elected, with Soros' money, as the district of attorney for Philadelphia. Krasner, along with the corrupt leftist Philly mayor, Jim Kenney, and police commissioners Richard Ross, who was later fired over sexual harassment charges, and the now Danielle Outlaw, who was plucked from Portland of all places to replace Ross (and is not coincidentally an African American female), have engaged in systematic racism against white male Philly cops in general, having them fired or constructively terminated, without due process, over benign private social media postings. I am currently representing several terminated Philly cops in a suit filed in federal court in the "City of Brotherly Hate!" – my once-proud birthplace and the home of the Declaration of Independence.

Recently, when my process server sought to serve the complaint for civil rights violations against Commissioner Outlaw, she shouted to her daughter to slam the door in his face. And, when the process server politely called Mayor Kenney to ask him accept service, this hack leftist politician abruptly hung up the phone.

Such is the nature of the left: no respect for the rule of law, much less law enforcement, which stands in their way of taking total control of the nation under a Marxist state.

So, fellow patriots, rise up as We the People, through advocacy and activist groups such as America's Sheriff and Freedom Watch (, as we must now legally and peacefully seek to enforce the law. And, to do so we must stand up for and take action to defend our brave policemen and other law enforcement officers! Otherwise, the continued leftist violence, death and destruction will continue unabated, until the republic goes down in Bolshevik style flames.

We are on the verge of losing the great creation of our Founding Fathers! Join Sheriff Arpaio and me in preventing this from happening!

Listen my this week's radio show with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which is embedded below, and enlist in and support our fight by going to And pre-order my new book, "It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!", which can be purchased on, and through all major book sellers.

© Larry Klayman


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