Larry Klayman
Regardless of election result, we must wage a 2nd revolution!
Larry Klayman urges readers to preorder his latest book -- due out this month
By Larry Klayman
October 21, 2020

On Oct. 27, 2020, my latest book, "It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!" goes on sale with all major booksellers. As of today, it can be pre-ordered on the internet. For sake of abbreviation, in this column, let's call it "Revolution!"

"Revolution!" is a sequel to my autobiography, "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment!", which was published 11 years ago. The new book brings current the total collapse of our the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our federal government, particularly the judicial branch, and calls upon We the People to stop being entertained by the likes of Fox News, to get up off of the couch and get to work rescuing the nation from its near-fatal downward slide.

It is not enough that we wage a counterrevolution to vanquish the evil left, comprised of radicals of all races, ethnicities, colors, creeds and so-called religions (so-called relates generally to Islam, as genuine religion does not advocate killing non-believers), but also to take on those who profess to be on our side but who in reality are not, and are instead traitors who are "in it for themselves," not the American people. Again, federal judges have become the epitome of this.

"Revolution!" is totally different from other books now on the market, mostly all designed to profit off of the current political season, leading up to the presidential and congressional elections on Nov. 3, 2020. These books generally go through the chamber of horrors of the Russian witch hunts and, like Sean Hannity's book "Live Free or Die," offer up merely the "solution" of reelecting Donald Trump as president. But to any intelligent person who understands truly what the nation is now facing, and will face in the short, medium and long terms, this falls far short and is much less than sufficient.

The Donald is not the be all and end all, even if he is able to pull off what most think is an uphill battle to retake the White House. He is no political messiah, but would be only a caretaker to temporarily (for four years) slightly arrest the onslaught of tyranny being waged by evil leftist forces, the Deep State embedded in our executive branch, the court jesters and criminals in Congress and last but hardly least our compromised federal judges, who are simply the modern-day equivalent of King George III's cowardly yes-men on the Court of Saint James.

And even if Trump is fortunate enough to be reelected, it is likely that the generally do-nothing establishment Republicans will lose control of the U.S. Senate and not regain control of the House of Representatives. An even far worse scenario is for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, his hate-filled pathologically lying witch of a vice presidential candidate, to take control of the presidency and vice presidency. And let's not forget that a total takeover of government would set loose the leftist if not Bolshevik animals in the streets of our cities and your hometown to plunder and destroy what little is left of our once-great and powerful country in the wake of COVID-19.

"Revolution!" is thus a clarion call to legal arms to wage a second American revolution, before We the People are forced into using other means to put down the evil forces of the left and their comrades. In addition to the use of citizens grand juries, I put forth other real-world solutions to accomplish our rebellion. I do not want to give away the revolutionary store in this column, because I want you to read my book. If you do, you will understand fully that what I am proposing has to be considered and implemented with all due speed, in the context of the mess that got us to the point of extinction.

Given my years toiling in the bowels of our so-called legal system, reforming and reigning in the federal judiciary must be at the top of our priorities. In this context, "Revolution!" was inspired by the greatest of our Founding Fathers and presidents, Thomas Jefferson. Here is my dedication, which basically says it all:

"'It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!' is dedicated to our most farsighted of Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson's superior intellect manifested itself in many ways, as a lawyer, writer, politician, architect, farmer, educator, and most particularly in his common-sense understanding of human nature. He understood that the new republic would over time enter into another revolutionary state, thanks to the natural evolution of corruption in society. He forecast that the 'blood of patriots' would (again) inevitably have to be spilled, primarily as the result of a federal judiciary, which he opposed. Jefferson warned that if put in place by the framers of the Constitution, federal judges would become despots as they would be unelected by and thus not answerable to We the People. This especially rings true today. My book is thus a clarion call on ways to wage a peaceful revolution and try to avoid Jefferson's prophecy, which may yet come to pass."

So, fellow patriots, first read my book "Revolution!" – and then let us convene in the place where our once-great republic was founded, Philadelphia, to reestablish a "new capital there," with a government truly by and for the people, reaffirming our commitment to our Judeo-Christian roots, and get down to business before all finally slips way!

Go to to join our Justice League, sign up for our hard-hitting class actions against the Communist Chinese over COVID-19 and social media, to name just a few, and let's get down to business! And, listen to my weekly radio show and last Friday's podcast embedded below to get your revolutionary juices flowing in high gear.


© Larry Klayman


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