Larry Klayman
Fox News' leftward tilt harms America
Larry Klayman drubs Chris Wallace over pair of interviews on Sunday show
By Larry Klayman
November 3, 2020

In the final days of the presidential race to the White House, it's not just social media companies that have set their leftist sails to take down President Trump and put the malleable and brain-dead Joe Biden and his evil witch of a vice presidential candidate in office to pursue their leftist agendas, but also the Lachlan Murdoch inspired new veneer of now leftist-oriented Fox News.

When I first conceived of this column – which I postponed for a few days over a development in my lawsuit over Joe Biden and his campaign's interference in Freedom Watch's YouTube Channel, which occurred after I broadcast over a year ago that we would commission a citizens grand jury to seek the indictment of "the zombie" and his formerly drug addict son Hunter over the Ukrainian, Russian, Chicom bribery money laundering caper – I thought I would embed just my weekly radio show, as WND is kind enough to allow me to do. But after watching Chris Wallace last Sunday morning on his show "Fox News Sunday," I find it incumbent also to showcase this leftist's treachery with both his vicious and hateful interview of Trump adviser Cory Lewandowski and the powder-puff interview of the two-faced and ever-phony-smiling Amy Klobuchar, the Democratic senator from Minnesota and a likely choice for a Cabinet position in the unfortunate event of a Biden/Harris presidency and vice-presidency.

As I predicted, Wallace, who literally foams at the mouth with a sick smile every time he seeks to damage the president, raked Lewandowski over the coals (of course, if Biden wins there will be no coal industry to rake anyone over in the future), but he allowed Klobuchar to trash the president over COVID-19 and a host of other matters. You have to watch these interviews, available here, to fully understand what I am saying. Yes, a picture does speak in this case more than a thousand words.

Notably absent from Wallace's questioning of Klobuchar was any inquiry into the new irrefutable evidence that has arisen over the Bidens' Ukrainian/Russian/Chicom shakedown and play-for-play scheme, which lined their pockets with millions of dollars and compromised national security to boot. No wonder Klobuchar was smiling as her half of the interviews ended. She happily walked off counting the days when she thinks she will be rewarded by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for her newly found loyalty to their cause – despite having trashed both of them during the presidential primary season.

The interviews of Lewandowski and Klobuchar are more than important coming just two days before the presidential and congressional elections because not only will they be used by the Democrats and the left against The Donald and his supporters, but if there are swing voters out there who watch Fox News, they could be highly influential in the closing days of the campaign, particularly coming from what independents incorrectly think is a pro-Trump Fox News.

Chris Wallace falsely prides himself on being a hard-hitting "neutral" journalist, but he is hardly either. To qualify as hard-hitting, you have to have your facts straight, and to be neutral, it's best not to gloat over every loaded question that lands a blow on the president's political jaw.

I have been constructively critical of President Trump myself from time to time. For instance I have questioned why he was not leading the charge to have the Communist Chinese pay dearly for the huge damage to our health, lives and economic well-being by supporting the class actions I have had to file, as our sitting attorney general, "Blowhard Bill," of our so-called Justice Department, hides under his desk. He also fails to lock up all the leftist hordes who are rampaging through our cities and towns pillaging, burning, maiming and killing like Attila the Hun. But I have never, repeat never, wavered in my support of President Trump and certainly do not want to see him taken down.

Unlike Chris Wallace, I am seeking to hold Biden and his equally corrupt son and campaign accountable under the rule of law. As I alluded to at the outset of this column, last Thursday I had a court hearing with a Florida state court judge – one elected by Floridians and not chosen as federal judges are through political influence and campaign contributions. I write about this in my new book, "It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!", which can be purchased from all major booksellers online. Quoting from the court transcript of a hearing over whether I could take the deposition of Biden himself – that is, his sworn oral testimony – here is what this jurist said at the beginning of the hearing to Biden's lawyer, who predictably opposed putting brain-dead Joe under oath:

"If you (Larry Klayman) represented Donald Trump here, we would get a different point of view from Mr. Barnhart (Biden's lawyer), so he is in lockstep with his client. … So let me ask this, guys, this question. I agree with Mr. Klayman that this lawsuit with respect to your right to take depos. I got that you (Larry Klayman) are right."

So in the final days of the presidential campaign, contrast the ability of yours truly to ask questions of Biden under oath, with the refusal of Fox News' Chris Wallace to ask even one simple question about this bribery caper to the candidate's surrogate Klobuchar. Disgraceful at the least!

As I write in my new book, it's time for you fellow patriots to stop being "entertained" and get up off of the couch and turn off the likes of Fox News, which has become the face of the despicable Chris Wallace, its "premier" host in its news division. Then join me in waging a second American peaceful and legal revolution!

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