Frank Louis
Exactly what matters? “We don’t want no mo police.”
By Frank Louis
June 8, 2020

Just a couple of years ago, it was against the law to even wear a mask to a “protest.” Now, the government passes them out and they are required attire.

There are in-place, 14 day mandatory “quarantine” orders, across the nation, even in states like Texas, if you are exposed to COVID. Across the country, people are moving to defund the police. But the police continue to be sent out and get reprimanded, fired or arrested for trying to do their job. Congress has even introduced a Bill to defund the police nationwide. How can a complex issue like “defunding the police” be well thought out overnight? How foolish are we as a nation?

But I will also tell you that I am as tired as anyone of TV shows like “Live PD.” I really think that lots of local cops have begun to feel too empowered by these shows. I, myself, have gotten pulled over after almost taking a mistaken off ramp on a highway, cutting back into the lane rapidly (with no other cars around by the way) for not using a turn signal. I guess they were hoping I was a well disguised drug dealer or something. I mean, most of the crackdowns they make on these TV shows are over minor traffic violations, burnt out bulbs, etc. But still, in general, I’m glad to have the police around.

But what would it be like with no police? Let’s hope we don’t find out. but we just might… If you ask me (and you haven’t), it seems to me that the police just might decide to all stay home for 14 days. After all, its the law. Let’s be clear, by going to work this past week or so, haven’t they pretty much all been potentially exposed to COVID. By continuing to show up for work, aren’t they actually breaking the law? IE: the Dallas hairdresser and others nationwide?

I just read that Dallas and Houston have new spikes in COVID “amid recent protests.” Actually, nationwide. Yes, police might just decide to obey the law and stay home… After all, evidently nobody even wants them! Then we’ll see how many woke politicians may still want to defund the police or further curtail the ability of the National Guard to protect us.

Exactly what does matter? The 77 year old black police captain who was shot and killed (not by white police) and left to die slowly on the sidewalk? No protests for him? What about the dozens of blacks killed in the streets (not by white police) in Chicago weekly. These Black Lives do not matter? Not to mention the Black Babies Aborted. No protests to attempt bringing gang-bangers under control? These killings are ok? I don’t think so. But nobody, like I said, asked me.

Fuji will no longer make bicycles (more stuff not made in the US by the way) for police and even donut shops are canceling discounts for police and military in knee jerk reactions: “due to racism and injustice.” We’ve gone full circle if you ask me. I was already spit on years ago when I returned from Vietnam. Veterans, you better run to Home Depot quick before they cut of your “thank you for your service” BS discount there too. I’ll bet this is already being discussed in the boardroom.

If you want to fix this stuff, pay attention. Look at the records of the democrats in office and running for office currently. What legislation have they supported or introduced in their careers? Look at who is running the states, cities and towns where the protests and riots are the worst. Democrat governors, mayors, attorney generals, police chiefs etc: for decades. Let’s see, which party is for unionizing pretty much everybody?

What about unionized civil service employees who are not fireable… IE the policeman who killed Mr Floyd. Unionized. A history of violations. I have even read where he (Derek Chauvin) got off charges of misconduct in 2006 by Amy Klobuchar (then County Attorney) although she is running around trying to deny it. Biden: 1994 “Crime Bill?” Check out the records… check the records. What a great pair they would make!

You can’t have it both ways folks. Can’t do it.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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