Rev. Austin Miles
MilesTones - A new and improved Ten Commandments
By Rev. Austin Miles
November 1, 2013

Jerry Newcombe's current story, A Secular 10 Commandments ( index.php/more/469 ) unlocked the recesses of deep thought from years ago when some ideas hatched by MilesTones were posted about the 10 Commandments hooroar,(thanks to the old Pogo comic strip for that word) that was and still is taking place.

It had been widely reported that Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument had been removed from public view at the state courthouse in Montgomery which followed with a Sieg Heil March across America, vacating any stone monuments or even framed copies from public view. Except, strangely enough, on the front and inside of the Supreme Court!

The ACLU may have a point. The old commandments are not only restrictive and out of order, dontcha know, but personally oppressive for politicians. Such antiquated laws are a threat to freedom and must go. Power to the people!

To assist in alleviating this travesty of justice, MilesTones respectfully submits this re-worked more politically correct version of the classic text that will greatly satisfy the Obama Administration.,

May we approach the bench?

Thank you.

Here is our suggestion for the new improved commandments that will better serve the needs and desires of today's society:
  • Thou shalt not allow a baby of inconvenience to be born

  • Thou shalt not restrict your children's choice of association

  • Thou shalt not discipline your children

  • Thou shalt not interfere in your child's right to view porn at the library

  • Thou shalt not teach Scriptures to your children

  • Thou shalt not teach children that there is a right or wrong

  • Thou shalt not require applicants to the priesthood to believe in God or the Bible

  • Thou shalt not defend yourselves against Muslim terrorists

  • Thou shalt not demonstrate patriotism or respect for America

  • Thou shalt not allow the name Jesus to be uttered
Because these new commandments would undoubtedly pass muster with the ACLU, they could be posted immediately in public buildings across the country without a peep of protest. Problem solved! (Bow)..


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